Power Rangers 2017 Japanese Theater Program

There are many different versions of CCLemon99. Today you're getting CCLemon99: Book Collector. I've talked about books on occasion. It usually stems from me trying to clean, but really thumbing through books for a few hours. This time around came across a book for a movie I've never seen, nor have any real desire to see. I decided to give the book a whirl anyway.

This is the Japanese theater program for the 2017 Lion's Gate Power Rangers film. Power Rangers has been an underground companion to Super Sentai basically since Power Rangers' inception. It's really cool that they even got Machiko Soga back to dub her Rita Repulsa lines in a weird turn of events.

Anyway...the 2017 movie did get a theatrical release a few years back in Japan, I collect theater pamphlets, so I ended up bringing this into the collection awhile back and never really cracking it open.

It's a more comprehensive guide than I was expecting. There are cast bios, Power Ranger History to (then) present, a color insert, a page on Kyoryuger Brave, Super Sentai history, and even a merch guide. Oh yeah...and interviews with the seiyuu cast.

It's definitely more than I was expecting. The photo spreads look great as well.

...and now the merch guide. I am always amused at what ends up in Japan from the former Bandai America and now Hasbro. This guide is pretty useful...it even includes the prices. Kinda painful to see them since, well, we all know these toys ended up in the clearance bin.

By all accounts the movie was a dud in Japan, so I think this may be the closest thing to a full guide that we'll ever get. It's a great effort and I totally recommend it if you're like me and a fan of curiosities, or are just a fan of the series. 

Right...back to the library!


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