It's August 2022 and The Kakuranger Cast Got Back Together...

Normally I wouldn't write about something this trivial, but seeing these photos the other day had me pretty hype...and I am FAR from alone.

WOW! Seemingly out of nowhere the main cast of my all-time favorite Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, got back together for...(merch) reasons (probably?)! Even if the only thing we're getting out of this are a handful of photos, I'll take it! Who knows? It could be more!

I gotta say...everyone is looking really sharp as well! The main photo has a vibe of legitimacy that is missing from a lot of reunion photos. The pose is only part of it...you can really tell these guys are still into it!

Seriously...so cool. 

Even if this was just a little get together was timed conveniently close to the new wave of merch on Bandai's site (available until September 19th for preorder), I still dig the love that this got.

Toei...please...make a 30 years after special. Look at those Likes...Just look at them...

I will buy a dozen copies of the BluRay...promise. I was going to buy all of those keychains anyway! This gang has to be down for a reunion movie!

Anyways...I know you've probably heard about this in your own Twitter feed, so I'll end it here. 



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