Sooo ahh...Hey Toei?

I hate writing about time-sensitive stuff, but this has been rattling around in my brain for a little bit.

What's going on with Toei Tokusatsu World's Youtube Channel?

As the 3rd subscriber I demand answers!

I genuinely loved the idea of Toei providing legally available Tokusatsu series on their centralized Youtube channel. I definitely watched a lot of series I otherwise never would've bothered to check out. I don't think I ever caught more than a few episodes of Exceedraft before this. Utau! Dairyugojo was also weirdly captivating... 

Maybe I didn't watch everything that was uploaded, but I caught up on a lot on Saturday mornings. The uploads were pretty regular until a few months ago.

When Toei released their list of shows at the onset of this project I spotted that the final Fushigi Comedy series, Shushutorian, was absent from the list. This isn't a huge shock considering it's ending song is Akiko Yano's Anata ni wa ienai (Can't Tell You), which is not part of the soundtrack and is probably not available to license for use. 

That's my theory at least...I can't imagine Ultraman's episode is that salacious.

No, the weirdness is beyond that. Just as Blue SWAT was rounding third base, the uploads ceased. Episode 38 was uploaded in late December and they didn't resume again until mid-April. 

At least Blue SWAT eventually completed. There are several series that seem to have been outright abandoned like Bycrosser, B Robo Kabutack and Robotack. Are those series *THAT* forgotten?

The only uploads that we've gotten in the past two months are trailers for Shin Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider Black Sun. The banner has also changed to something a bit more Kamen Rider-focused. 

I kinda wonder what the future holds for the channel. I hope that it can at least remain as-is going forward. It would royally suck if they pulled the plug and deleted everything!

Just a quick ramble. See ya.



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