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Welcome to the third installment in my new series detailing Tokusatsu song collection. Today's topic should come as no surprise as I previously looked at the two preceding Metal Hero series, Tokkei Winspector and Tokkyushirei Solbrain. The three series are considered the "Rescue Hero" trilogy of Metal Hero and are directly related. While not as tightly woven together as Winspector and Solbrain are, Exceedraft does feature guest appearances from Hiroshi Miyauchi's Shunsuke Masaki character. The bigger link to the former series is here, the Song Collection. Takayuki Miyauchi provides vocals on the bulk to the songs with some assists from Kenji Konuta, Yasuhide Sawazaki, and...Ushio Hashimoto? Hmmm...I know that name from somewhere...

For this review I'll be using my copy of Superhero Chronicles Metal Hero III. Yeah, it's kinda weird that they broke up Winspector and Solbrain from Exceedraft, but I suppose they had to if they wanted to keep things chronological. Unfortunately in 2019 you can't get a new copy of this set from Amazon. If we can be totally honest, Exceedraft is the only song collection here that is really worthwhile. If you happen to love the just-alright Janperson-BF Kabuto songs as well, then it's totally worth the buy. If you're only looking for Exceedraft...it's kind of a harder sell.

Oh, I should also note that it isn't even all of BF Kabuto's song collection. Superhero Chronicle Metal Hero IV starts off with the remaining tracks that they couldn't squeeze into III. What an odd choice...


01. Tokusou Exceedraft / Takayuki Miyauchi

I mentioned previously that the Solbrain theme is my least favorite of the bunch. The Exceedraft theme song slots in comfortably at number two. It has all the required catchiness of a Tokusatsu theme song and kinda sets the tone for the rest of the song collection. Expect a lot of rock and restraint.

Redder, Bluuuuuues, Keace!

02. Jissou!! / Takayuki Miyauchi

One of my favorite songs from this song collection. While it's a little bit on the lighter side, this is the kind of song that Miyauchi's vocals were made for. The pacing and mood are just perfect. It's kinda weird that he gets lumped in with a lot of more powerful songs when this is where he shines.

I like the whispiness of the music here. It's a great way to kick off this song collection.

03. Scrum! Exceedraft / Yasuhide Sawazaki

The lone track from Yasuhide Sawazaki. While he did sing my favorite Metal Hero song ever (Rescue Action Kokoro o sukue from Solbrain) he is hardly my favorite singer. You know what, though? I like this song. It's also a light track, but it's perhaps also more Sawazaki's speed. It isn't too far off from the previous track in tone. That's actually a really good track record on his part. Of his four Tokusatsu songs, three of them are actually really good.

Let's not talk about his live version of the Dairanger theme song from Columbia Anime Fest '93 though...then again, I may actually get to that one some day...

04. Tayori ni shitemasu honbucho / Ushio Hashimoto

Another lighter track from a surprising singer. This is the lone Tokusatsu song from Ushio Hashimoto, who is most popularly known for the Dragonball Ending song Romantic Ageru yo. While that song has lived a very long and popular life in the 30+ years since that series debuted, I don't think this song of hers on the Exceedraft song collection is as memorable. It is a nice break in the action, however. We haven't had a song from a female vocalist since Jiban's song collection.

I just wish they gave her something more upbeat to sing to...

05. Sore wa inochi / Takayuki Miyauchi

Another song of the lighter persuasion. Miyauchi's vocals are on point here as well, even if this is a heavy ballad. I can't since I listen to this one very often, but it was a nice treat to listen to this time around. This isn't a bad song at all.

06. LAST FIGHTER / Takayuki Miyauchi

Alright, the first rock song of the collection. It makes it's point very obvious from the start. While it is the upbeat action song that any Metal Hero series deserves on it's soundtrack...it's a smidge generic. There is a Miyauchi song of this ilk that accomplishes so much more later on in this collection.

I do love the headbanging nature of this one at least!

07. Yuuki o mirai ni mukete~ Exceedraft kagiri naku~ / Kenji Konuta

Another great rock song. It does it better than the previous track. It's a nice return to the prog rock flavor that was splashed in the Solbrain song collection--complete with distortion on the organ solo! This is the sole track from Kenji Konuta here and like Yasuhide Sawazaki, it's his last appearance on a Tokusatsu song collection. It's a great rock song to go out with. I have this one on regular rotation.

08. Seimei wa hitotsu / Takayuki Miyauchi

Can you believe that this song is the halfway point and that all of the remaining songs are by Takayuki Miyauchi? Heh.

It's time for a ballad break. This one is kind of the polar opposite of the earlier songs on this disc. The music is good, but Miyauchi's vocals range from weird to great. He has proven that he can handle ballads really well on past soundtracks. When the music is too slow, however, he kinda stumbles on this song.

The sad thing is, after this song collection he doesn't really have too many ballads. He has a faux-ballad on the B Robo Kabutack song collection, but otherwise only ever got the call for the obligatory mecha and/or action song.

09. Mirai o mamoru kishi-tachi / Takayuki Miyauchi

This is the song chosen to represent Exceedraft on the Metal Hero Karaoke Vol.2 CD. It probably wouldn't have been my choice, but I imagine it's short length is why it was selected.

This is a solid rock song with some light vocals. The mixed used of reverb and backing vocals at different points is an interesting choice. I keep this one on rotation too.

10. Arashi o makiokose! / Takayuki Miyauchi 

I love this song so much. It's likely my second favorite song from this series.

Again, Miyauchi is handing in some excellent singing. The music is best described as the slickest beat ever with a light stabbing of guitar and synth horn. Like Jissou!!, this song is Miyauchi at his finest.

11. Shiroi Inazuma! Barius 7 / Takayuki Miyauchi

Isn't it kinda weird that Exceedraft has a newer Corvette than Janperson's turd?

Heavy rock theme song for Redder's wheels. While the bulk of the excitement in this song lies in the intro, the energy is great throughout. It's a little generic in the "Let's sing about how awesome this car is by listing all it's James Bond features" kind of way, but it has some great guitar work peppered in to make it memorable enough. White Lightning!

12. Yuuki to yuujo no Battle / Takayuki Miyauchi

Another belter of a song from Miyauchi. It's a bit rockier than Jissou!! and Arashi o makiokuse!, but is along the same lines. A lot of it's liveliness comes purely from tempo. The elements are all the same from the two songs mentioned...just faster.

13. Yuuki yo isoge! / Takayuki Miyauchi

Another rock track that borders on being heavy. It's not all that great outside of it's speed metal guitar solo early on. It reminds me of the swaths of anonymous songs from the BF Kabuto song collection. In a song collection as crowded as this one, it really needs to do more than this to stand out.

14. Exceedraft Grade Up! / Takayuki Miyauchi 

Yes! THIS is my favorite song from this song collection...and it's at the very end.

Start to finish this rock track is just perfect. The guitar work is supreme and Miyauchi just sells the hell out of it. The way he sings the title of the song is the coolest. It's really a shame that this song is the theme to Redder's doofy upgraded look. Feh. If you can isolate this song from that like I do, it's all golden,

Ex-Cee-Draaaf-to GRADEUP!

15. Goal wa mirai / Takayuki Miyauchi

Ehhh. This isn't a bad song by any stretch, it just isn't on par with the ending theme songs from the previous shows. It's a nice bookend to the opening theme song, but it just doesn't really go anywhere. A tad bland, but it does manage to sneak a big mention of the show's name...something not many shows did prior to or after this.


Another awesome song collection to finish out the Rescue Hero trilogy of Metal Hero shows. This is really the last time we heard from Takayuki Miyauchi in any significant quantity. He has shown up here and there to provide a song or two, but that's really it. Outside of Shinichi Ishihara's B-Fighter song collection, there really hasn't been too many song collections owned by a single singer.

If I had any complaint about this song collection it would have to be it's pacing. All similar songs were pretty much lumped together. It's a lot of really good songs in an unbalanced mess of a collection. In the age of playlists this isn't an issue, but they could have been more mindful of how the songs were presented on this disc. As long as they keep the first and last IN songs where they were, it would have been worth balancing out.

Thanks for swinging by and checking out my latest series. I know these were random series to start off with, but these have been long time favorites of mine. Are there any series with sizable song collections that you'd like to see reviewed here? Let me know...I have them all most!

See ya soon!


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