Song Collection: Tokkyushirei Solbrain

I'm back again for the follow-up to my previous post...which coincidentally is the song collection to the follow-up from the previous post's series. Confused? I'm not!

Tokkyushirei Solbrain is the 1991 more/lesser than equal sequel to Tokkei Winspector. In my previous post I took a more detailed look at Winspector's entire song collection since I had only ever summed up it's entire fifteen song set into a single paragraph. The same goes for Solbrain...and pretty much every Metal Hero song collection for that matter.

As with the previous post, I am reviewing these songs from my copy of Superhero Chronicle Metal Hero II.


01. Tokkyushirei Solbrain / Takayuki Miyauchi

Another great theme song by Takayuki Miyauchi. It may be my least favorite of the three Rescue Hero theme songs, but it's still really good. Really, there could be no perfect follow-up to the Winspector theme song. It has a little bit of restraint, but also dashes of urgency with lyrics like "BURNING!" Heh.

It may be my least favorite of the trio, but it's still a fantastic theme song.

02. Rescue Action kokoro o sukue! / Yasuhide Sawazaki

This...is my favorite Metal Hero song.

I have to admit, it's far from perfect. Yasuhide Sawazaki was a short-lived Columbia player whose voice...is lacking. It somewhat fits this song, though. It has a dash of prog-rock flavoring which is fertile ground for singers with unappealing voices. This type of music was actually pretty trendy in Japan around 1990~1991, so it isn't totally random.

Start to finish this song is just awesome, but the hook is just so damn perfect. Then there is that weird violin solo. Call me crazy for loving this one, but it's just a storm of odd concepts that just...works. Perfectly.

03. Fighting Solmachine / Takayuki Miyauchi

A short little action rock song that ended up being selected for the lone Solbrain IN song on Metal Hero Karaoke Vol.2. A solid choice, but I feel that it was likely selected due to it's brief duration. The intro/outro are really cool.

04. Bokan Solid States 1 / Takayuki Miyauchi

The theme song for the giant shuttle of the series. I used to own the DX version of Solid States 1, but ended up selling it before I got into the Youtube game. Bummer since it was a pretty rad toy.

Oh right, the song. This song is more on the slower/serious side. I'm trying to liken it to another mecha theme song...but I can't really think of a simile. Even the understated Dolgiran theme song from Uchuu Keiji Gavan is more lively. The organ at the very end is an awesome prog-rock touch. Awesome and weird...

I dig it. While Miyauchi has some memorable mecha theme songs, he tends to have some odd ones peppered in.

05. Plus Up! / Kenji Konuta

This is the first Solbrain IN song I ever heard...and probably the most generic. It's really good as a fast-paced action track, but it feels like it was a Winspector leftover. The singer of this song, Kenji Konuta, is a bit more competent than Sawazaki, but is also another short-term Columbia singer.

06. Ashita e no kizuna / Takayuki Miyauchi

This almost sounds like a much faster version of the Solid States 1 theme song at times, but it does occasionally take a turn for the upbeat. For being one of the more anonymous songs on this song collection, it's still really good.

07. Kokoro ni boken o / Takayuki Miyauchi

The slowest of slow ballads. Takayuki Miyauchi definitely has the chops for such a song, but if I had to compare it to his ballad on the Winspector song collection...that one would win out. It's a shame, though. If you're listening to these songs in order this would be the perfect spot for a ballad break. This one...just doesn't have anything special going for it.

08. Heart wa Diamond / Yasuhide Sawazaki

Another Yasuhide Sawazaki rock song. This one is also quite good for all the same reasons that Rescue Action kokoro o sukue! is. It's probably also the first time any Metal Hero song has any kind of distortion worked in. Clearly I don't think it's as good as his previous effort, but this is still a damn good song.

09. Shutsudo! Solbrain / Takayuki Miyauchi

This reminds me of a Jiban song...two of them actually. Hahaa. It's very catchy, but it is like a weird combination of Jiban's ending song as well as the IN song GOYO da!. This is certainly the light-hearted yet upbeat song that this series needs. It certainly pulls it off better than a song that is coming up in a bit...

10. Mae e dero! / Takayuki Miyauchi

Another generic-ish rock song. It's good, but doesn't do enough to stand out on this loaded song collection.

11. Kizutsuita chikyuu no tame ni~ Seimei no mecha Pile Tornado / Yasuhide Sawazaki

Of the three Sawazaki songs, this my least favorite by far. He's out of his element here. This one would actually be more at home on the Janperson song collection with it's horns and blah. Bring back the prog rock. The janky guitars...the organs...the weird violin solo. This song is just too normal.

12. Kimi mo Solbrain / Takayuki Miyauchi

I was alluding to this song at the end of my review of Shutsudo! Solbrain. This song...what the hell is this song? It borders on the extreme tackiness of sounding like a bastard hybrid of the Ultraman Great theme and the John Williams Superman theme. Then it almost devolves into a weird tango for a second. I typically skip this one, but actually listening to it for the first time in years has me wondering how the hell this ended up getting released. Mercifully it barely passes the three-minute mark.

13. Wasareruna kimi mo / Kenji Konuta

Hey, this isn't a bad song to finish of the IN/IM song set. It's an upbeat song that really sees this whole affair off on a pretty positive note. It's a really good song and well-placed on the CD.

14. Ai ni dakarete / Takayuki Miyauchi


Great ending song. Much like the opening theme song, it's really just a more subtle version of it's predecessor. Catchy, but not over-the-top. If you listen close enough, you can almost place the bass from Winspector's ending song in here.


Despite having my all-time favorite Metal Hero song, I can't really say this is one of my favorite Metal Hero song collections. The songs that are great work well, as do the generic tracks. The stranger songs almost detract from the awesomeness of the good stuff, though. It just kinda throws the whole thing off-balance.

For years I've always come into this song collection and cherry-picked my favorite songs to listen to while skipping the weak stuff. I...don't see this changing. Kimi mo Solbrain will never work it's way into my regular rotation...


There is my look at the Solbrain Song Collection. Next up I will be taking a look at the follow-up series Tokusou Exceedraft's song collection to round out the trilogy debut of this new series on the site.

See ya there!


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  1. I like seeing you overview all the songs individually. I like most of Solbrain’s songs overall, but I think Winspector’s are much more consistently good.

    I also love Rescue Action kokoro o sukue, but my favorite parts are the drum bridges in the middle and at the very end. I certainly hope then session musician got a bonus for that.

    I also never listened to Kimi mo Solbrain the whole way through until reading this. I had always skipped it after the first few opening notes. It sounds like a random piece of BGM with vocals slapped on top.

    I’ve also been a little less favorable to the Solbrain OP due to the annoying children’s choir. Is there any Toku song you think actually works well with one? I think it works for the 2nd Ultraman 80 OP and ED and maybe Ginga no Hate made from Shaider. I can’t stand the Battle Fever J Opening at all.

  2. It's always a trip going back and listening to the songs you typically skip over. Haha.

    Honestly, Children's Choirs never really bugged me in songs unless they were bad songs to begin with. Considering the second Ultraman 80 ending song is one of my favorites, I have to agree there. It totally works!