The Top 7 WORST Kamen Rider Henshin Belts!

...and now the thrilling conclusion!

A month ago I posted my list of the Top 7 Best Kamen Rider Henshin Belts. Some of my choices may have been surprising. I'm not entirely sure why, though. I don't think everything Heisei is terrible...just the majority of it. A few good designs for suits and belts do manage to slip past the goalie. Believe it or not, I like to like things...

There are some outright terrible designs, though. Not even the Showa-era Riders got it right all of the time. I've taken a look at all of the primary Riders from 1 to Ghost to come up with both of these lists. As with the previous list, I am only looking at the designs and not taking the toy version into consideration.

So sit back...and prepare to disagree!


Honorable Mention: Drive Drive Driver/Shift Brace

Kamen Motorist strikes again. The show features some of the worst goddamn designs in Toei history. A 20-year old Honda with all kinds of crap tacked on to it? How about an old Mazda, too? The least offensive of the designs is the still-terrible Drive Driver. God, even the name sucks. I would like to say any momentum the Kamen Rider franchise had basically fizzled out with this show...but the effects remain to be seen since it's only been off the air for six months now.

Whenever I look at this belt...only two words come to mind. Futuristic Urinal.


07. Super 1 Cycloder

I think the cardinal sin of this belt is that it is bland...but it had promise. It is similar to Skyrider's Tornado, but a step backwards.

The biggest saving grace of this belt is that Demon Kogure of Seikima-II wore one on occasion in the 80s. He eventually moved up to Kamen Rider BLACK's King Stone, though.


06. Wizard Wizardriver

If Al Bundy had a Henshin Belt, for god knows what reason, this is what it would look like.

I get the idea behind it, but I can't look at this thing without it screaming "Here's my gimmick! Right here! Look at this out-of-place hand!". It's distracting. Not that the Wizard suit is all that brilliant to look at.


05. Kabuto Kabuto Zecter

I really don't like any of the designs of Kabuto. The helmet is always worse than I remember whenever I go back and take a look at it. My Figuart collection only goes up to Hibiki for a reason...

When it comes to the Henshin Belt from Kabuto, it isn't bad on it's own. Once the Kabuto Zecter with it's comically oversized handle/antenna is added, it becomes a mess. Nah...this one sucks.


04. ZX ZX Belt

This thing is so devoid of design that they didn't even bother to give it a name. It's the only Showa Henshin Belt to not have a name. I understand that Kamen Rider ZX never really had a chance, but this was the 10th anniversary Rider. Surely it could have been better!

Though it isn't as lacking as...


03. J J Spirit

Bad movie, bad Henshin Belt. I reviewed this one a couple of years ago and gave it praise for one thing...having a Henshin Belt. Was it really worth pointing out, though? The only Rider Belt of the 90s and it was a lousy belt buckle. What is this trying to be? My guess is a giant red horse pill being shoved up someone's ass. I don't know.


02. Faiz SB-555B Faiz Driver

I HATE THIS BELT. I'm genuinely confused at it's popularity. It's an overly technical disaster of a thing. Mobile Phone=Lazy. It also features the absolute worst voice I've ever heard from a Tokusatsu gadget. The "Stand By..." sounds like it was lazily shat out by someone wearing a sleep apnea mask. "Staan Beh..."

The thing as a whole has aged like a nice pruno... People like it, though. *shrug*


01. Fourze Fourze Driver

This belt...this fucking belt, excuse me, DRIVER encapsulates everything else prior to this on the list. Bland? Yes. In your face gimmick? The worst offender. Overly technical? Oh my god, yes. Futuristic Urinal? *zip*

This thing absolutely belongs in fucking space......hurtling toward the sun. I mean...slots for four other pieces of shit you have to buy. Don't forget the random joystick! What the hell was going on here? Otherwise I think the Fourze suit would have been kinda cool. This damn thing absolutely ruins it, though.

There are few things that I can only pray are the worst in my lifetime. I pray that this Henshin Belt is the worst we'll ever see the same way I pray that Beyonce's Single Ladies is the worst song recorded in my lifetime. It's that bad.....


The last time I posted a straight Top 7 worst list I got a lot of hate for my choices. Before you mash your keyboard in disapproval, keep in mind that this is my list. Your list is probably different. If you have no standards...you probably don't even have a list. Either way...I really don't like this group of Henshin Belts. Given the choice of being given one or fighting off enemies with my bare hands, I'd choose the latter.

Be sure to check out my list of Top 7 Best Henshin Belts along with the rest of my Top 7 lists.

I'll be back in the middle of the month with a brand new CD Collection post. I'm not entirely sure what the topic will be...but it'll be several 8cm CD Singles for sure.

See ya!



  1. Nice Top 7 list.
    I like that you posted Kamen Rider G’s belt image on top.
    Great choice. lol
    BTW, what is your thought of the special? Personally, I thought it was much better than DICKade (Decade) by mile and I wished that was the actual series; It’s still not too late!
    Regardless, that’s a very interesting choice for list.
    I pretty much agree with most of those choices.

    Kamen Motorist… makes me laugh. lol
    I agree that Drive Driver is pretty lame name; then again, “Drive Belt” wouldn’t have been better.
    I think “Driver” is used way too much for belt name.
    The belt is essentially a Black RX’s Sunriser (belt and wrist)… with really complicated gimmicks and mechanism. I do like design of shift car, which is somewhat decent (and cute).
    Bit surprised this one didn’t end up higher on the list.

    Can’t say too much about Super 1, but I agree that belt is bland.
    Didn’t know Demon Kogure wore it. I guess he’s fan of the show.

    Wizardriver is just… ugh.
    Among the list, this one I agree the most.
    Ring as collecting gimmick? Really?

    Kabuto (a.k.a KaBOOto) Zecter design reminds me of B-Commander from B-Fighter… except with very louse design and paint job. It looks too clunky and I think this is the point where Rider Belt’s concept/gimmick started to become more ridiculous (with few exceptions).

    Interesting how ZX and J is so close on the list; I personally think 1-shot Rider should deserves better belt.
    ZX Belt is just so generic and bland for 10th anniversary.
    As for J, it’s such a shame that’s the only Rider Belt of 90’s.
    Had there been TV series during that era, we could have gotten better belt.
    Poor Mochizuki stuck with lousy belt; at least he had better belt 2 years ago in other show. lol

    I had feeling Faiz Driver would end up on this list.
    Unfortunately, among the list, this one I disagree the most.
    (I will explain more on that in later comment.)

    Fourze Driver is really an unfinished mess without Switches.
    Not only I’m not a fan of the show, but I’m really not a fan of suit (CONEHEAD? REALLY TOEI!! Worst Rider Suit of 2010’s IMO).
    Even the sound is terrible, which is like gurgling mess.

  2. Here’s my Top 7 Favorite Rider Belt.

    Honorable Mention: 555 / Faiz Driver
    Let me explain; I’m NOT a fan of the show; I think it’s overrated and Takumi “Takkun” Inui is probably the overrated Rider ever exists (even Faiz suit is lackluster).
    This may sound strange, but belt is probably the best part about the entire show; not the writing, acting, villain…. but the belt (and henshin sequence).
    I like “Standing By…” sound, which I thought it was pretty unique.
    It’s really complicating to explain… but that how I feel (sorry).
    Nostalgia is what drove on to this list.

    7. W / Double Driver
    I like the show and belt. I’ve explained my thought on other post.
    2 people in 1 transformation is not something you see it every day; reminds me of Ultraman Ace henshin (Yuko! Seiji-San!), except done better IMO.

    6. BLACK RX / Sunriser
    While I did enjoyed BLACK RX (it had its share of flaws), I wasn’t a huge fan of RX’s belt design.
    I like the belt, but I’m not too into “2-circles” design belt (V3’s Double Typhoon and Amazon’s Condorer); though, Sunriser is best among those category I still prefer BLACK suit and belt.

    5. Den-O / Den-O Belt
    Like I said in other post, I like the design and simplicity. It’s a breath of fresh air from KaBOOto Zecter.

    4. Kuuga / Arcle
    It marked the return of Rider Belt after lackluster J Spirit. The design may be clunky and over-the-top, I liked that it has “Back to Basic / Classic” design.

    3: Agito / Alter Ring
    Truly end of the era for “Classic Belt”, where belt afterwards require additional and collector’s gimmick, that have become trends of franchise (for better or worse).

    2: Kamen Rider / Typhoon
    The beginning and classic. What more can I say? lol
    Still hard to believe Fujioka is still kicking as Rider despite 70s; he appeared in recent movie!

    1: BLACK / King Stone
    I’ve mentioned before, that I prefer this belt over BLACK RX Sunriser.
    I really like the overall look and tech-heavy details.
    It may not be perfect match for suit, but I prefer BLACK suit over RX.

    Top 3 was VERY hard to choose, since they were neck-on-neck; it maybe bit bias (and predictable), but this is my list.
    I REALLY hope Bandai Premium would release them as Complete Selection Modification.
    I really don’t like their most of their releases (DICKade Driver? KaBOOto Zector? REALLY BANDAI?); though, I might grab Double Driver and Faiz Driver at some point at some time (no way I would ever pay full price on those. lol).

    1. No need to apologize about the Faiz thing. I knew going into this that I was just about the only person on the planet who didn't like it. I always chalked it up to being a Sentai fan and how phones felt played out by 2003. Megaranger and Gaoranger did it...and we were in for several more after. I'm just sick of all the damn phones.

    2. LMAO!!!!! You know, Linkara also has a huge hatred towards cell-phone based henshin devices on his history of Power Rangers videos. So, HA!!!! The joke's on you, you're not the only one who doesn't like Kamen Rider Faiz, nor are you the only one who doesn't like cell-phone based henshin devices. So stop saying that. It's really annoying when people say they're the "only one who like or dislike something".

    3. You're assuming I've ever seen a Linkara video...or care about your feelings.

    4. But you aren't really the only one

  3. Here’s my Top 7 Worst

    Honorable Mention: Amazon / Condorer
    It may not be henshin item, but I really don’t like the handle design, which looks like a guy with red eyes and long mustache. lol
    While GiGi Armlet is a nice henshin item, I just wished belt was better, since I really like Amazon suits design. Amazons’ Amazons Driver (which has similar design) isn’t much better either.

    7. Stronger / Electrer
    While I like the suit design, I’m not a fan of belt design and henshin sequence.
    It’s also too flashy and fancy.

    6. Blade / Blay “Bleh” Buckle
    I really don’t like the name; why can’t it be “Blade Buckle”?
    I wasn’t fan of Ryuki V-Buckle, but at least deck had decent designs.
    The overall design is really bland without the card, more than V-Buckle.
    The card flipping is pretty boring. I’m also not a fan of card for henshin toy, so that doesn’t help.

    5. J / J Spirit
    1-shot Rider, ONLY Rider Belt of 90’s, forgettable design. Not too much to say.

    4. Ghost / Ghost Driver
    Rider Belt with EYE? What were they thinking?
    Bland color scheme, awkward handle position, and annoying-over-the-top-rap music (“Bacchiri Mina!” Seriously Toei?) that rivals Gaburevolver’s annoying samba music and Wizard’s Sabbadoobi, makes it into the list. Seriously, why does every henshin item need to be annoying? lol

    3. Wizard / Wizardriver
    “Hand” design on belt? No thanks.
    Ring? Snore
    “Sabbadoobi-doo”? Are you kidding me?

    2. Fourze / Fourze Driver
    Such a mess of design and unbearable.
    Switch could have been better gimmick than card and medal, but it was so rotten on execution.
    “3…2…1” (*destroys belt*)

    1. OOO / OOO Driver
    Probably my all-time least favorite Rider Belt.
    While Core Medals may by slightly interesting than Rings and Cards, the overall design is pretty bad. Why does it have to be tilted, every time you transform? Why need scanner?
    I really don’t like the ugly design and gimmick.
    How did Kushida Akira end up voicing it? Poor guy. He deserves in better henshin item.
    At least Ichiro Mizuki gets to voice on Custom Visor (Go-busters), which was decent.

    Top 3 was just as hard as picking Best; it may be biased, but that’s my honest feeling.
    It’s such a shame that recent Rider Belt have become more complicated and annoying.
    I miss the day when Rider Belt was more simplistic and didn’t rely on 9,000 accessories.
    At least, sentai has gimmick-less/no accessories henshin item on few occassion (ex. Go-busters Morphin Brace).
    Looking forward to see your next topic.

    1. Outside of people absolutely trashing me for including the Faiz Driver and Kabuto Zecter, the number one comment has been "How come the OOO Driver isn't on the list?". I'm not a fan of it, but I have to admit that it blends in with the suit pretty well. Balance is important to me, which is why I'm not a huge fan of tech belts...they just stick out most of the time. Condorer is pretty silly too, but Amazon's badass helmet really draws the eye away from it.

      So yeah, I totally agree that those two are kinda stinkers. Hahaa.

    2. the rap is more quiet if you put a eyecon that Makoto uses.....

    3. Ghost has to be on here for winning the MOST ANNOYING SOUND IN ANY HENSHIN DEVICE EVER sadly there are a few good sounds like Ryoma sound, the Boost sound, and the Mugen sound that are pretty good but are easily overshadowed by the SHEER AMMOUNT OF ANNOYING AS HELL SOUNDS
      TBH I actually like the majority of the belts here due to being a Heisei fan I actually like the many of the designs from Drive(despite not being a fan of the series)

  4. I think you should definitely put the Gamer Driver in the list. The show is not out, but the belt already earns a #1 in my list. The colors are terrible, the name is by far one of the most pretentious name I ever heard in Kamen Rider, and accompany by the awful party effect surrounding the horrible name make this toy look complete knock off belt that you get a cheap Asian market.

    1. I'm not exactly impressed by it either. Hahaa