Zyuranger--The Completist Edition (w/ Top Seven!)

I know, I know.

I talked about Zyuranger at great length a little over a year ago--but I feel the need to continue.

I wrote my massive Jetman write-up (Part 1, Part 2) not too long after I wrote about Zyuranger...and I kinda wish I dreamt up the format sooner since I didn't really get to talk too much about the Bandora gang...or even Zyuranger individually.

Before I get started I should probably mention why I am writing this now. I recently finished the excellent Zyuranger DVD set that Shout Factory! released in February. If you haven't purchased this wonderful set, you need to correct this sin immediately. It is the complete series at 1/10th the price of the Japanese DVD set that it's transferred from. The more they sell, the more likely it is we'll get more shows licensed in the future. You really have to be a complete tool not to get it.

Stay tuned for a Top Seven list of Zyuranger supercut fodder at the end.


Bandora Gang

There should have been more of this!


I mentioned in my previous post that Bandora was basically unstoppable from the onset. This has always bothered me. The only real turmoil she faced during the entirety of the series was difficulty reciting a spell this one time. Besides having Zyuranger kill off all of her Doramonsters on a weekly basis, she never really had it rough.

Why does this bother me? Well, if you look at the photo above there were a few times when she actually attacked personally them. Whenever she did, it always lead to this trippy series of visuals that really let everyone know that her magic was serious business. Outside of the first episode and the time that Burai flipped his shit and tried to attack her in her palace...we never got to see her personally attack anyone.

Despite being a great witch, some of her most ruthless moments were mostly messing with people psychologically. She absolutely tormented Geki when Burai was dying for example.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...it would have been nice to see her really torment Zyuranger more often with her magic than just sending another clay failure of the week.

Oh, and never forget...Bandora made this possible...


I like Grifforzer, but he was too strong. I can't think of too many times he was forced to retreat from battle because his defeat was imminent. Geki did manage to get in some good fights with him, but the craziness of the finale never gave us an awesome final fight between the two toward the end.


Lamy wasn't much more than Grifforzer II. Once again we have someone absurdly strong who never really had a losing battle. Mei did a good job messing with her in one episode...but that was it really. Most disturbing of all is how into the Bandora song she was. Seriously...she cranked the enthusiasm up to eleven whenever the song started up.

Buckback, Totpat, Pleprechaun

The background players of the Bandora Gang. There isn't too much to even say about them. Buckback had some funny moments...especially when he was bullied by kids. Totpat never did get any blood making him the worst vampire in history. Pleprechaun was kinda cool in his not-giving-a-shit-just-let-me-be-with-my-sculpting thing. He even came up with some cool Doramonsters...and some occasional WTF like Dorafranke.


Kai sucked. His arrival did give us some insight on Bandora's motive and background, but he was just a lame excuse of a villain. He died being a little shit twice. Burai was able to get over his beef with Geki over something he had no control over...so why couldn't Bandora get along with the dinosaurs? Granted, she sold her soul...but she was capable of having feelings. Kai was a brat and Bandora was a helicopter mom. Her little jerk could do no wrong...not even accidently killing himself was his own damn fault in her eyes.

Whatever. He'll forever be known as "Fancypants" to me.

See those broken shells? Yeah, he was straight up murdering some dinosaurs.


My favorite kind of comedy is done through assassins. You're not expecting it. You don't see it coming. It just happens.

This can be perfectly summed up about the Golem in the first episode. There was this extended puppet show on the beach before they decided to break loose and attack the unsuspecting Zyuranger. It's been well over twenty years since I saw this episode for the first time, but I vividly remember being absolutely puzzled at what was going on. Little did I know they were setting the stage for these random crazy entrances.

There is no reason for the Golem to have these bizarre arrivals outside of the writers being bored. There are the less funny ones where they appear through claymation, which were pretty entertaining.

Then there was times like when they rang the doorbell and kidnapped the kid-of-the-week when she answered it. How polite! Fearing the Zyuranger would catch on, they were forced to get a little creative by mailing themselves in cake boxes.

Happy BLERERERGH to you!

Or how about that time they got Burai...


The best part about the Golem are that they never acted overly silly at any point. They were pretty damn serious whenever they were on screen. They just knew how to make an entrance.

This was about as close to being silly as they got--cosplaying as Cotpotros.


As I mentioned before, the Bandora Gang was a little bit too strong to the point where they probably could've wiped out Zyuranger if they had gotten off their asses and done it themselves. There was a whole lot of wheel spinning with their plans. They had all of these great ideas that always had the teeny tiniest loophole for Zyuranger to beat them on. Looking past that, however, they are an extremely entertaining and likable bunch. I have a feeling that this is what lead to them being merely dealt with rather than killed off in the finale.




I've often praised Geki for being the solid leader we needed in a Sentai after the awful Ryu in Jetman--but now I'm not so sure about that. He was a good leader before Burai and after Burai, but was in various states of sanity after Burai's introduction.

Comparing him to the mentally unstable Ryu maybe isn't the best way to go about it, though. The better Reds to stack him up against would be Ryo from Dairanger and Sasuke from Kakuranger (I'm not comparing him to Tsuruhime.....bite me). Ryo was basically a shot of energy and extreme skill. Sasuke (leader: episodes 7-25, 27-50 or whenever they didn't pencil in a line about Tsuruhime being leader in the script) was another example of skill but this time teamed up with knowledge. Geki is...a leader in the purest sense. He is the best fighter by a slight margin since a lot of the glory goes to Goushi and Mei. He doesn't have any real outstanding talent other than being a leader.

I like the guy, but I really wish there was a bit more to him. Zyuranger was a pretty crowded show, yes, but the guy in red is the star. The closest we ever got to seeing him have a big final fight was when he fought Burai for the last time, which was a great fight since we also learn that Daizyujin is a psychopath.

I like him...but I wish there was more.


If you followed me on twitter during my recent marathon of Zyuranger you probably noticed that I posted pictures of Goushi pretty regularly. I mentioned previously that he was one of my Top 7 favorite things about the series. I mean...I even did this to my phone...

The hat? Allowance. Well. Spent.

So yes, I liked Goushi quite a bit. He was at the center of a lot of my favorite moments in the series and really deserved all of the glory he got in the show. Bandora even called him the glue of the Zyuranger early on in the series.

One of the things I love about Zyuranger is how it is devoid of any kind of icky relationship/feelings nonsense that frankly made Jetman unbearable most of the time. They did, however, give it a spin in their final character episode of the series. That episode was 44, and I recommend it. It was a last minute effort to play up the humanity of one of the characters and I'm really glad they did it with Goushi (really, none of the other characters could have pulled this one off......maaaaaybe Geki..but he was more interested in being friends with kids).


He also ended up on a Top 7...but not for the right reasons. This guy had next to nothing to add to the show. His name is even an anagram for "......and?". Example...

Nerd 1: Dan definitely saved the day when he figured out how to kill Doraskeleton in episode 2.
Nerd 2: .....and?

Case closed. The one time after that he even attempted to do anything after that he accidently stabbed Geki.

I always wondered what happened to the ramen shop that he worked in. He mentioned still having a job even after it was destroyed during the Dokita Clay/Dora Franke episode. I guess the ramen sadsack built a new house out of Dokita Clay.


It certainly feels like they gave Mei a lot of screentime. Even in episodes that weren't her focus episode, she seemed to end up on her own a lot. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Umm...ladies first? Also...Dan is on fire and nobody cares. Not even him.

This is another one of their seemingly deliberate choices that I really love about Zyuranger. Instead of the obligatory idol episode we were given episode 38, with her shichi change run against Lamy. I can't stand the idol episodes of any show (yes....even Dairanger). I'm glad they were about to forgo that here and give us an entertaining episode instead.


You may have noticed that I didn't have much to say about Mei. I probably have even less to say about Boi. He was an decent character, but had the misfortune of carrying on the tradition of being a forgotten yellow male.

He atleast added some flips and whatnot to fight scenes to change things up as give his character a distinct fighting style. Outside of this, his focus episodes were kinda on the weird side. The ninja one was cool, though.


The thing I like most about Burai is something that nobody ever seems to bring up. He is fast. His flips and jumps always seemed much faster than everyone else. Right from the start you could tell this guy was going to an amazing fighter...but little did you know, he would never be able to fight at his full potential.


Anyway... Burai is a character that has enjoyed a legendary status for bringing the most out of any sixth Sentai character in history. He arrived and left in a blaze of glory. The fact that he remained dead (oh yeah...spoilers) is a decision I'm glad they kept to the very endish.

Jesus Buraist

They definitely put this new guy in an unsolvable dilemma. He could help his team, but at a cost of his rapidly diminishing life. It was an interesting dynamic that worked better than Bandora taking him out before the finale. Sure, Bandora caused Burai to run out of his borrowed time and die--but she did little more than that, as his death was inevitable. Geki was able be with his brother for his final moments.


It's kinda funny to think that the most modern character in the group is the guy who can barely seem to move at times.

Barza is a guy who didn't seem to be used to his full potential. In my previous Zyuranger post I kinda mentioned that the Dino Denki was pretty much abandoned relatively early on. Barza should have been chained to that thing. It was basically their Google if you think about it. They find the Doramonster in the Dino Denki and then scour the library for a clue on how to defeat it. As their custodian, he could have done a bit more of the paperwork for the gang when he wasn't selling their treasures off-screen.

His situation with spells could have been explored a little more I suppose, but I'm glad they were able to retcon the first episode and have him finally be able to recite a spell by the end of the series to save the day. It seemed like an odd thing to gloss over, but I suppose it worked out in the end.


The thing that a lot of people seem to have against Zyuranger is the lack of charisma from the cast. Why? In fact, I would argue that they have too much charisma. These guys are born and bred warriors from 170 million years ago. They adapt pretty quickly to 1992 without losing too much of their identity (Dan whining about wanting a job/dog/computer not withstanding). After learning from their early missteps they were able to become a pretty solid team whose individual talents would shine through when needed.

I honestly enjoyed spending a year with this team back then...and a little over two weeks with them again in 2015.


Top Seven Zyuranger Supercuts (that I'm too busy to make)

This list is going to make a little bit more sense if you've already watched Zyuranger all the way through. If you haven't, go ahead and fix this. I've seen the series several times, so I know all of the more...unique Zyuranger tropes that exist.

Honorable Mention: Daizyujin, The Jerk

It isn't every show that the mecha is a living entity to begin with. Naturally you would make your living mecha creature helpful and sympathetic to your plight. Wrong. Daizyujin is a parent who would greet his child every morning with a "What's up, fatty?" and blow the school trip money at the horse track.

Maybe there isn't a whole lot of specific material to make a supercut for this one, but what IS there is pretty damning. While murdering Dragon Caesar he pauses to urge Geki to kill his own brother. Wow.

By the way, you can follow Daizyujin on twitter @Jerkjuujin if you need further proof of this.

07. Grifforzer Speaking

This is a supercut that would be a little offbeat since it wouldn't be a specific action or trope, but to emphasize how little Grifforzer spoke during the series. Bandora didn't give him a voice until almost midway through the series...and once he did get a voice he had like one line every fourth episode or so. I think his first or second line was him defending himself after Lamy accused him of making a comment about how she should be staying home doing chores instead of fighting Zyuranger.

Yet another example of the super-subtle humor that was snuck into Zyuranger.

06. Dora Scepter

Unrelated pic...but proof that Daizyujin has an ass.

It was kinda funny how they alternated between two (or was it three?) different sound effects for when the Dora Scepter hit the Earth. There isn't too much in the way of variety here since Bandora threw her scepter from her palace 99% of the time (one time she threw it from a hilltop I think). This supercut would have to end with the time she was too weak to throw it for Doracirce.

05. Dai Satan

Dai Satan is a creep. All of that creepiness would be amazing to see in one video. Especially this sequence...

This one too...

This one also has to be the most awesome AND creepiest still image in all of Super Sentai...

A fire is rising as Daizyujin has a sword at his throat and Dai Satan looks down in amusement...awesome...

04. Audio Issues

Zyuranger is absolutely riddled with audio problems. Without giving too many specific examples there are times when...

-Sound effects are missing
-New sounds show up in flashbacks to something that happened earlier in the episode
-The sound effect is corrupted
-Announcement chimes during a Goryujin combination out of nowhere

This does happen in some other shows, but not as frequently as Zyuranger. These glitches exist on my TV-recorded episodes and are still present on the Toei/Shout DVDs.

03. Golem Entrances

Believe it or not, this is a different screencap than the one I used earlier in this post.

I talked about this one quite a bit above. I would love to see their entrances all in one video.


02. Nii-san!

This one is pretty obvious. Geki addresses Burai as "Nii-san!" obsessively throughout the run of the series. There can only be one way to end this supercut. It has to end with Geki saying "BURAI!" when he was challenging him to their final fight.

01. Bandora Entrances

Bandora's Zyuranger clones were far less jovial than she was...

Bandora didn't have too much in the way of variety in her entrances...sometimes she was in a field, sometimes she was on her bike, sometimes she was on a roof. There is one common element to her entrances that exists from day one until the very end...the evil laugh. Correction--the perfect evil laugh. This would probably be the most difficult supercut to make since she does it every single episode...and it's probably the one I would love to see the most.


I guess I never really close the book entirely on a show once I write about it. No matter how many times I marathon the same show, I seem to pick up on something new or really get into different aspects. The last time I watched Zyuranger I was all about how every little thing they do was the result of some kind of test that they were tasked with. This time I was more into the character entrances and little details.

I hope you enjoyed this updated write-up and the new Top 7 list. I have many more Top 7 lists to choose from if you would like to check them out. There will be more in the future...

See ya next time!



  1. Never thought I get to see another Zyuranger topic. lol
    Then again, Shout released the DVD of complete series last month, so it make sense.
    I got mine as well and enjoying it a lot.
    It's one of sentai series I enjoy more and more, as I watch it.
    Hopefully, DVD sells well enough, so that more series will get release (I want Dairanger and Kakuranger!).
    IIRC, Shout announced that they are thinking about releasing pre-Zyu sentai series in future, which I'm also looking forward too.

    I really like Bandora Gang, despite being bit too strong.
    They are probably one of the most creative and original villains at the time.
    They were practically like family, which was very nice.
    I'm impressed how well their suit are designed, despite the low budget; maybe that where most of the budget went.
    IMO, I like their outfit/costume better than Jetman and Dairanger, where they were bit generic and bland (with few exceptions).
    The claymation of Golem was very creative and well executed; far better than CGI.
    They were very intimidating and entertaining to look at.
    Never noticed how they foreshadowed Cotpotros. lol
    Not too much to say about Lamy, Buckback, Totpat, and Pleprechaun, but I really like Grifforzer.
    He was awesome as villain and had great action; he even came back in that god-awful Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters (featuring Zyuranger and Abaranger) movie, which was somewhat decent.
    Bandora was very interesting villain, where it was revealed later that she’s immortal/invincible, implying that she CANNOT die (which IIRC, first villain in sentai to have that ability).
    Her song may be lame (but somewhat addictive), but I really like her magical power.
    They are also the first villain organization in sentai (or maybe tokusatsu TV series), where none of the original members die at the end, where they were sealed.
    If Toei ever publish a sequel novelization, I think it would be awesome to see Bandora Gang (along with Grifforzer’s son) gets released once again and Zyuranger would make its come back; but’s a wishful thinking.

    1. The thing about the sealing is that Bandora was immortal. They never mentioned anything about Grifforzer and the others being immortal... It probably would've been a much worse fate for her if she was sealed and tossed off into space on her own.

  2. I really like Zyuranger as a team, where they don’t fight each other too much and get along very well. They are like family IMO, where they are like brothers and sisters.
    I find it interesting that 3/6 Zyuranger, appeared in sentai, whether as regular or guests.
    Mochizuki (Geki) and Fujiwara (Dan) appeared in previous show Jetman as guests, where no one at the time ever guessed or expected that they would appear in next year show.
    Interestingly (or ironically), Mochizuki played as “leader” of Neo-Jetman, while Fujiwara played “Dan” (coincidence?). I wondered if Zyuranger was already in Toei’s mind at the time?
    It’s just too good to be coincidence. lol
    I like Geki as the leader and I really like the brotherly conflict between him and Burai.
    Mochizuki did great job and it was nice the he played Kamen Rider J; making him one of few actor who played double-hero (other is Kane Kosugi who was Ninja Black and Ultraman Powered).
    It was nice that he appeared in Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters, where he was still looking good as Geki; too bad he was wasted for most time.
    I’ve mentioned before, but there’s not too much to say about Dan, since he was pretty forgettable. Lol
    Shougo B’Stard mentioned that Fujiwara auditioned to play Yuji/OhBlue in Ohranger, but I’m glad he didn’t get the part; as much as I’m not a fan of Yuji, Goda did a decent job with his character.

    I like Boi as a character. Among the Sugimura’s Yellow Rangers from Zyu~Oh, he’s the best IMO. I really liked ninja episode, which somewhat foreshadowed Kakuranger! lol
    I noticed that Hashimoto had a nice records of how many toku series he appeared; Jiraiya, Jiban (cameo), Zyuranger, Ohranger, and Megaranger.
    It was nice that he provided voice for Riki in Ohranger; wished he was casted though.

    I kind of find Mei to be bit annoying and obnoxious.
    I didn’t like her “voice” too much, but that’s just me.
    Or maybe I’m not really into princess character in sentai.
    Her shichi henge was very entertaining IMO.
    It was nice that she guest starred in Kakuranger, as somewhat similar character (and name). lol

    Burai is what made Zyuranger more interesting.
    I think I’ve mentioned that Burai is what made the series more watchable and entertaining, where it was an important addition to the series.
    He’s one of the few 6th/additional rangers that played important role in the series.
    It’s kind of weird and bizarre regarding casting of his character.
    No one ever expected at the time that Shiro Izumi, who played kind, gentle, and goofy character in Changeman (which I’m currently watching and enjoying) as Yuuma Oozora/Change Pegasus, would get a role as tragic and villainous character of Burai/Dragon Ranger.
    Shougo also mentioned that Toei was planning Burai to be played by Kenta Satou (Riki Honoo/Red Turbo), which would have been nice, but Izumi did a great job as his character.
    I really loved his story arc, which was masterpiece.
    I lol’d at Jesus Buraist.

    Barza was more like grandpa figure than mentor IMO.
    It was interesting to have mentor played by 74 years old man!
    I wonder how did he get his job as custodian? lol

    1. I've always said that Zyuranger is probably one of the laziestly casted series in history. All but two of the main cast (Goushi, Mei) had previously worked for Toei. Seeing that Seiju Umon had a motorcycle license it's easy to see why he was cast as Goushi. So really, the only tough casting choice they had to make was for Mei.

      I think Barza was able to get a job as custodian because it's one of the most anonymous jobs out there. You always expect the janitor to be an old guy...and well, he's always an old guy. Hahaa.

  3. Nice Top 7 list.

    Didn’t noticed how jerk Daizujn was. lol
    I checked the twitter. Hilarious.

    While I did prefer Grifforzer to be mute (or only growling), his speaking was OK.
    Although, it would have been nice if he had more lines, since he got his voice.
    It wasn’t too annoying though. The humor still worked well nonetheless.

    Dora Scepter was a nice method to grow the MOTW.
    Bandora must have very good aim to hit the target, every time she throws; you know, in case if Moon is not facing Japan… but I digress.

    I remember getting goosebumps every time I see Dai Satan!
    Have I seen this show as a child, it would have given me a nightmare for week!
    Great make-up and prosthetic, once again showing how well villains are designed.
    That “image” still creep me to this day. lol
    You don’t see white flying head in sentai anymore, because it might get complaints from parents, for being too scary.

    Regarding audio issue, I first thought it was glitch/error of mkv file I downloaded from GUIS, prior to DVD release.
    It makes me wonder what happened during production and editing.

    I still like Golem effect, which still holds well to this day.

    “Nii-san!” was such a memorably line in the series.

    I really like Bandora Entrance, especially with her infamous trademark laugh, which can be very menacing. One of the best evil laughs in the franchise.

    Looking forward to see more Top 7 in future.

    Take care.

    1. I imagine that Grifforzer getting his voice was in response to letters that they probably got asking why he doesn't speak. Making him really not have much to say once he did get it back was probably a subtle way of trolling the people who wrote in.

      I used to think Dai Satan was pretty stupid. I've come around to think he is pretty cool even if he didn't do much of anything other than look scary.