Twin Top 7: The Best & Worst Super Sentai Henshin Items

It's back!

This week I've decided to go old-school and do a straight Top 7 post instead of weaving one into a long-form entry. Then I decided that there really isn't too much to a Top 7...so I am doing two! This is the best and worst of the Super Sentai Henshin Items.

Before I get started (I really need to copyright that phrase. I seem to start every entry with it) I just want to explain my criteria for something to make either of these lists. I factor in things like...

-use in the show
-how it was translated to toy

Henshin Items of all kinds (well...not so much Rider Belts/Drivers) are something I live for (I own the toys of every Sentai Henshin Item to date). I'm not basing these lists on whether or not I liked the series that they belong to (even if it might seem that way...) These lists are mine and probably don't represent anything close to your list. Keep that in mind when you're reading--I'll be sure to explain each choice.


Top Seven Best Super Sentai Henshin Items

07. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Shodophone

The show was possibly the most boring of any Super Sentai I tried to unwillingly slog through and quite a few of it's designs were straight-up failures. I like the Shodophone, though. It doesn't go from brush to phone...it goes from phone to brush. It's probably the most unintentional ultimate hipster statement ever.

In all seriousness, I really liked the design of this one. The toy turned out to be pretty great as well.

06. Dengeki Sentai Changeman: Change Brace

This is the fourth Super Sentai Henshin Brace (Denjiman would've been the first, but they used their rings) and the first one that really took itself seriously. This addition is mostly based on the toy, but it also fired a laser in the show which is more any of the previous arm candies did.

The toy does quite a lot, even by today's standards. It is a functioning digital watch with a sweet animation AND has a completely hidden missile firing feature. I never had one of these when they were cheap and plentiful, but I could imagine causing all kinds of havoc with that missile. The little compartment hides away to remove yourself from the suspect list of shooting a tiny plastic missile at your teacher's ass as she/he writes on the blackboard.

05. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: Doron Changer

This one is mostly out of nostalgia. Kakuranger is my favorite Sentai and it happens to have a really cool Henshin Item. It's a much better version of the Dyno Buckler from Zyuranger (c'mon...it just opens a little bit. Not that cool!) and one I found myself buying several of just to confirm my own excellence.

In the show it doubled as a communication device and GPS. The toy wasn't nearly as clever, but it did have a VERY useful slot of hold the other four medals (which were made of metal). I love the Doron Changer...

04. Engine Sentai Go-onger: Wing Trigger

This one caught me off guard. Go-onger was a series that I did not want to watch...but was kinda forced to by outside forces (long story). The Go Phone...eh. Shift Changer was a step in the right direction in creativity. The Wing Trigger really was a clever toy. Not only did it function well as a Henshin Item but it was a stem for the Go-On Wings gun, the Wing Booster. On top of that, it was used as the control stick for their mecha. The finishing touch of using the little red button is what made it magically.

The toy is really one that motivated me at a time when I wasn't really sure if I wanted to continue my Youtube channel. At that point (August 2008) I had been working on my channel for over a year and I was kinda burnt out with the new toys. I had reviewed all of the Sentai Henshin Items from 1982 to that point, so I didn't see the need to carry on if the future was going to be all crap. The Wing Trigger really kept me going. As it turned out, the future was only mostly crap.

03. Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Accel Changer

I'm sure it's pretty clear, but I should probably say it once more--I love cars. When I first saw the Accel Changer back in 1996 I uttered a single word. "Genius..." It's also amazing that it took them until the second car-themed Sentai to come up with the concept of using a key to "start" the changer. This is a design that could've easily have been from 1989, too. Luckily the better show got the better design.

The toy is the same as it is in the show. Still great.

02. Denji Sentai Megaranger: Degitaizer

Now we're getting really serious. I love the Accel Changer...but the Degitaizer came along and destroyed it. On top of being the first changer to have a voice (which may have been more of a curse than a blessing in retrospect) it also has some interaction to it. No changer before it has a keypad where you can punch in a code to call on your Cyberslider. Not only that...but it would be four years until Sentai would catch up to this and Megasilver's Keitaizer in terms of interactivity.

Bandai did a fantastic job on the toy version of the Degitaizer. In lieu of being able to use it as a communication device, they tacked on a great game. To date it's probably the most challenging and addictive games ever included on a Sentai toy. My high score is 73...and I think the stars lined up for me to achieve that.

01. Chojuu Sentai Liveman: Twin Brace

A Henshin Brace with a name that says it all. The toy version is one of the first Henshin toys I ever bought and the one that inspired me to start my Youtube channel waaaay back in June 2007.

This ticks all of the boxes for me on my perfect Henshin Item checklist. I like that it's a Brace-type Changer. I like how it has some individuality to it, which is something that hadn't been done since the Dyna Brace from Dynaman. I like that it is deceptively basic through it's slick design.

The toy took it one step further. In addition to having a button that you would press to get the new-for-'88 beeping/lights, it has a buttonless sensor feature for your re-enactment of the Henshin pose. Sure, you do need to get the two very tiny sensors in close proximity to each other, but you would look like less of an idiot failing with this one over Ohranger's Power Brace or, especially, the aforementioned Accel Changer from Carranger. Bonus: Missiles! Plus there is the whole chip-swapping which helpfully leaves out the two lame members of the team.

If you own a Twin Brace, you probably understand where I'm coming from.


Top Seven Worst Super Sentai Henshin Items

07. Kagaku Sentai Dynaman: Dyna Brace

Here we have an example of Toei just not trying. This is the fourth Henshin Item from Super Sentai and the least exciting of the decade. Even if Denjiman's ring was just a ring with their "D" logo on it, the Rick James story from Chappelle Show has made any crazy ring hilarious. I'll even go a step further and say that I love Goggle Five's disco-rific Henshin Brace. This is just...bland. The only bit of excitement was that they atleast did them up in individual colors.

The toy is alright and functional as a watch. Only available in red...but it has that killer animation once you pop in a battery. I've told people that if I ever go to a con (don't hold your breath) I would wear one of my Dyna Braces. So be on the lookout for a guy wearing a Dyna Brace at your next con.

06. Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Gorai Changer

This is another one that just failed for being bland...but it also had an extra layer of blandness since it was sandwiched between two cooler Changers within the same series. The Hurricane Gyro was a neat concept with a great Henshin feature along with the Shuriken Ball. The Gorai Changer is just a reused concept from the infinitely cooler B-Commander from B-Fighter, but on a brace.

The toy doesn't add or take anything away from the lameness of this one. It's just as lame. Lamer possibly...since you have to pay money to get one.

05. Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Saiblade

If I were to chose one Henshin Weapon to pick on, it has to be this one. The concept in general irks me greatly since it never translates to toy well. It just seems...last minute. I mean...Kakuranger managed to have a huge arsenal AND a Henshin Item. They could've easily made the Kakuremaru their Henshin Item, but wisely didn't.

Anyway...yeah. As a weapon, the Saiblade is pretty cool. I just wish they could've done something cooler for Gekichopper. He activates his Henshin by pressing a non-descript red button on top of it...I mean, not even that is cool.

Toy wise... Again, cool as a weapon but lousy as a Henshin toy.

04. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Gokai Cellular

I wasn't thaaat big of a fan of the Mobirates and it's godawful annoying voice, but I have to give it credit for being a creative design and making the best use of the series gimmick--the Ranger Keys. The Gokai Cellular is none of that. It's an unsightly wart of a thing that fittingly belongs to possibly the worst character in all of Super Sentai (seriously...that kid belongs in an anime about taking bath salts, being sent off on a naked rampage, and coming down while hiding from the cops in the ventilation duct of a Waffle House for 36 hours). It is nothing more than a coffin for your Ranger Keys. They don't even go in the key position. You just toss them in there as they are. The key slot at the bottom is reserved for that ugly anchor key.

The toy takes it one step further by not using the clever electronics found in the Mobirates. You have to press the right button. It also kinda pressures you into owning all of the keys featured on it. PLUS, the thing is very quiet. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing since it features the same obnoxious voice.

03. Chikyu Sentai Fiveman: V Changer Brace/Compact

Starting the 90s off wrong we have not one, but two lame Changers from the same series. There is a reason why I did both as number three rather than picking the worse one (it's the Compact, FYI). Why why WHY did they feel the need to give the girls their own Henshin Item for this series? Not only that...but a Compact? I mean, this would be more at home in a Fushigi Comedy Series...but what was wrong with the V Changer Brace that it couldn't be the Changer for all five? What DOES Fiveman have against the number "5" anyway? Their mecha is made of three pieces even!

The Compact is an ugly brick of cheese and the Brace is a chunk of silver with a "V" carved on it.

The toys are worse than they appear on the show. I could go on and on, but I'm becoming more and more distressed the closer I get to number one on this list...and I have two more left...

02. Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Tensouder

I've always said that Goseiger was an entire year of filler while Toei got it's act together for Gokaiger. It's amazing that the show was only five years ago and has gone virtually forgetten by most. Their Gokaiger Idea Bank hit Goseiger the worst when it came to designs. They're all over the place. You have two different gimmicks going on (Headders and Cards) and all kinds of themes.

I wanted to like the Tensouder for how off-the-wall it is, but time really hasn't been kind to this one. It is a head. Toy wise, it's one that wouldn't impress your non-fan friends if you were a kid. It REQUIRES paper cards that even the most protective kid would end up damaging or losing (seriously, good luck!).

This thing is just a storm of bad ideas rolled into one unengaging design. Atleast it makes the Seaick sound...I liked the Seaick sound...

01. Mahou Sentai Magiranger: Magiphone

It's always Magiranger...

I legitimately don't like anything about the series. The cell phone changer had really overstayed it's welcome at this point (and yet...still carries on to this day) and it managed to take the concept to a new level of shit.

Putting this at the top (or is it bottom?) of my list is mostly based on emotion and how godawful the toy is. As a design...meh. It sucks, but it atleast they tried a little bit harder than some of the blander entries on this list. It's a black and gold phone with some glittery bits on it. You can fold it out to become a wand with the weakest light ever in the tip.

If you are tempted by how cheap this toy is ten years later, don't be fooled. It's garbage. I mean it. It has no weight to it and features those poorly cut cardboard discs for each character. The toys from Dekaranger and Boukenger have gone on to become collector's toys. This one has remained rightfully ignored by all in the years since.


Thank you for reading my latest Top 7 list. The rest of my Top 7 lists are available on this page if you want to check them out. The topic this week was a suggestion from @toku_gami on Twitter. If you have a suggestion for a blog topic or Top 7 list, either hit me up on Twitter or leave it in the comment section below. While you're at it, tell me what you think the best and worst Sentai Henshin Items are. Just don't tell me that I'm wrong...because I'm not. : p

I'll be back in May with a review of the brand new Kamen Rider BLACK and BLACK RX 3-Disc CD Sets.

Thanks for swinging by. See you next time.


P.S. I did a video a few years back of all of the toy Sentai Changers between 1982 and 2012. Check it out if you want to see some of the aforementioned toys in action.


  1. It’s about time you did Top 7 of Henshin Items.
    I’ve been wondering why you haven’t done it for long time.
    I also like the list criteria you got there. It’s very interesting.
    I find it interesting that you didn’t put Masking Brace (your channel’s logo) on the list.
    That’s a very solid list you got there.
    It has a nice balance of different era with different styles.

    Here’s my response for Top 7 Best.

    7. Shodophone
    I really like the concept of phone turning into brush and vice versa; even though I find it weird that it existed way back in Edo era.
    It would have been nice if Bandai released wooden-effect Shodophone as limited-run in magazine give-away (ala Fire Wolzaphone).
    The design may bit tad generic and painting could have been better, it’s a huge improvement from bland, boring, and clunky Go-Phone from previous year.
    It’s a nice way to teach kids how to write with brush.

    6. Change Brace
    The missile firing feature is really nice feature.
    I lol at shooting at teacher.
    If this was released in U.S., there would be disclaimer of “Don’t try this at home” or something.
    I also like the illustration of anime Changeman from instruction, which I find them very cute.
    The fact that EVERY recruit in Earth Defense Force had one in premiere episode (look closely at their wrist) makes it more awesome!
    Definitely one of the best in the 80s!

    5. Doron Changer
    I saw this coming from miles. No surprise there. lol
    Probably one of the most original designed henshin items of era.
    It’s interesting that it doesn’t attach on your wrist or have any clip; you just put in your pocket.
    I really like the design and coloring.
    It’s one of the few changers that served its importance in story, especially towards the end which I thought it was unique and interesting, since henshin item rarely serves its purpose outside of transformation.
    It’s also one of the few henshin items that never got Western release for obvious reasons, making it more unique IMO.

    4. Wing Trigger
    It such a shame it belongs to 2 of the most obnoxious and terribly written character of the franchise, where it should have belong to better show (and characters).
    IIRC, this is the first “trigger” activated sentai changer; which will follow with Morphin Blaster (Go-busters) and Gaburivolver (Kyoryuger… which I have few things to say about).
    It would have been nice if key pad portion was real, instead of stickers, so that there would have been more features; though it could have been more expensive.

    3. Accel Changer
    Another interesting concept from one of the best sentai of 90’s!
    While I do like Turbo Brace from Turboranger (which has nice spinning action of Turbine!), it’s very clever that this utilize key to start the changer, like car.
    I really like the design and feature.
    Although sentai in later year utilizes keys in some way or other (Dino Commander, Mobirate, and Gokai Cellular), this one is the best and did it right.

    2. Degitizer
    I agree that this destroyed Accel Changer.
    I really love the design and it’s easily my all-time favorite (more on that later).
    It has numeric keypads and game!
    I really love the design where it looks retro and futuristic.
    “335” is such a weird and random number to activate transformation.
    Whoever came up with that was so… ingenious. lol
    Hard to believe toy like this has game that’s challenging for kids and adults!
    That’s a nice high score you got there.

    1. Twin Brace
    I knew this was coming; especially you did whole blog dedicating to it, few years ago.
    Button-less sensor feature still ages well and I really wished Bandai made more of those in 90s; although, I can’t think of any sentai of that era to utilize that feature.
    Unfortunately, we may never get to see this kind of changer, let along dual brace changers, due to the fact changer these relies too much on collector’s gimmick and have WAY too many complicated features.
    Like Change Brace, it has missile; I guess henshin item with missile makes it a win in the 80’s.

  2. Here’s my response for Top 7 Worst.

    7. Dyna Brace
    This was the time where henshin item were still in experiment era, where it got it right when Changeman came along with Change Brace.
    I would love to see you at con someday. lol

    6. Gorai Changer
    I agree with B-Commander similarity.
    It just looks too generic and bland IMO.
    Even package art is bit disappointing. Overall, it felt too short.
    I personally think this marks the beginning of the trends of lackluster additional ranger changers.

    5. Saiblade
    Gekiranger is somewhat of weird, unique, and underrated gem of the franchise.
    It’s the first sentai team not to have belt on their uniform, no long gloves or boots and the patterns on each suit are different as opposed to being the same with a simple color swap.
    Even their changers were unique and original, where there were 3 different changers (gauntlet, brace, and blade) for 5 rangers, which is impressive; just imagine what would happened if Mele and Rio had their own.
    Unforunately, Saiblade is the weakest in terms of henshin item.
    While I like the design (better than something like Bull Riot which was bland and generic), it was just *too* big and cartoonish as changer.
    It would have been better if it was just a weapon instead.

    4. Gokai Cellular
    While I’m also not a fan of Mobirates (and the series), this was just unexclusively lackluster; then again, most of the sixth/additional rangers changers were very lackluster so I wasn’t expecting too much. I also didn’t like the fact it didn’t came with Anchor Key right off the bat.
    The sounds quality was a biggest problem with this toys, where grinding of the "scanning" piece was so loud that it ruins the sound.

    3. V Changer Brace/Compact
    A lackluster series comes with lackluster changers. What else do I expect? lol
    Although, I do give a credit for coming up with two different changers for different genders, but it just didn’t translated well to 5 men team.
    Even the designs are ugly, which doesn’t help.
    If this was 3+2 men team like Liveman (give Bison and Sai a different changers), then maybe it could have worked better (with better design of course).

    2. Tensouder
    I knew this was coming, since you rambled a lot back then.
    While I do think card gimmick could have translated well in sentai (even though it’s annoying), it just didn’t worked very well in execution.
    I give a credit for being a first changer in a while that is not brace or cellphone, but it just lackluster overall. It’s very uncomfortable to hold and overall design is just ugly.
    At least the sound is not too annoying compared to some of the later changers (e.x. Gaburivolver).
    Interestingly, this toy seems to be very popular in Western audience because of PR, where cards (ACG) sold pretty well. It also came in Limited Edition 24K “Gold” plate version (Cons exclusive) which I find it baffling.

    1. Magiphone
    Didn’t see this one coming. lol
    Magiranger got the #1 worst once again.
    I like the concept of phone turning into wand, which is somewhat interesting.
    But the execution felt really short IMO.
    At least the repaints (Silver and Wolzaphone) is somewhat decent; especially for latter.

    Overall, it’s a great list.
    I noticed that most of the worst list comprised of additional ranger changers, which I find it interesting. It seems that most additional ranger changers tends to fell short ever since 00s.
    Looking forward to hear your thoughts on Ninninger henshin items (especially for StarNinger’s “hamburger” changer… something tell me that might change this list).

  3. Here’s my Top 7 Best (it’s almost similar to yours though):

    7. Accellular (Boukenger)
    I really don’t care about the series, but I really love the design of changer.
    It’s a breath of fresh from Magiphone and it has very nice features (it even comes with backlight!). It also came with one of the coolest holder (sold separately), which was also nice. Such a shame that phone changer hasn’t been this cool later on.

    6. Twin Brace (Liveman)
    The button less feature makes it very unique.
    It’s also marked the last changer to have missile.
    It would have been nice if later re-release comes with Sai and Bison chip.

    5. SP License (Dekaranger)
    Like Magiranger and Boukenger, I don’t care about the series, but I really like the originality.
    It’s nice that we get to see something fresh, after the long run of brace and cellphones.
    This changer screams police all the way!
    Such a shame that show really sucked.

    4. Doron Changer (Kakuranger)
    It’s the first thing you see on the show opening, which shows how awesome it is.
    Not to mention, it served its importance in the show, more than any other changers that comes before and after, which makes it more awesome.

    3. Change Brace (Changeman)
    First sentai changer to have missile. Why else? lol
    It also marked the era for great sentai series run of the 80s.

    2. GoGo Brace (GoGo Five)
    I love GoGo Five.
    It’s the last sentai to come out in the 90s and marked the end of the era for great sentai.
    Like Degitizer, it was a very retro and futuristic look, which was very nice.
    It comes with 2 games which is another reason to deserve on the list.

    1. Degitizer (Megaranger)
    I really don’t have much to say, since you pretty much summed up how great it is.
    I really love the design and feature.

    Honorable Mention: Morphin Brace (Go-busters)
    This was such an underrated gem from underrated series.
    It’s one of the few changers in post Go-onger series, not to utilize any collecting gimmicks to unlock its full potential, which is somewhat of a nice throwback to 90’s changers.
    I really like the glass pop-up action, which is pretty neat.
    While it may not be perfect, it is a very unique entry to henshin item IMO.
    I also like that it later comes with attachment, Custom Visor, that increased the playability, which was also nice.

    1. The only thing I have to say about the Gogo Brace is that the sound could have been better. The animations were fun, as were the games. Being two years more modern than the Degitaizer means it should have been more than a repurposed Tamagotchi chip.

      That said, I do like it a lot. It's probably the next best 90s one to me outside of the others on my list.

  4. Now for my Top 7 Worst (pretty similar to yours):

    7. Techno Brace (Bioman)
    Bit generic in terms of design (bit too blocky) and not a fan of color changing wrist band (I do give a credit for being creative).
    6. King Brace (Ohranger)
    Power Brace was OK, but I felt King Ranger should have had better changer. It’s just too similar to Power Brace. I personally think King Stick should have been his changer.
    5. Go-Phone (Go-onger)
    This pretty much marked the beginning of the trends of lackluster cellphone changer. It’s pretty useless without Engine Soul and overall design is bland and generic. It also marked beginning of changers that will require collecting gimmicks, which has become overrated these days.
    4. Gokai Cellular (Gokaiger)
    3. Magiphone (Magiranger)
    2. V Changer Brace/Compact (Fiveman)
    1. Tensouder (Goseiger)

    I pretty much agreed with Top 4, where it’s mostly unchanged; don’t have too much to about them.
    I personally think Tensouder is worse, since it’s just uncomfortable and unappealing to look at almost every direction. The card gimmick just felt too short.
    Notably, most henshin items from this list comprised of cellphone changer, where most of them has become lackluster since Go-onger.

    Honorable Mention (?): Gaburivolver (Kyoryuger)
    If you’ve read my comments on your review, you now my thought on overall toy of that show.
    I really *HATE* the show, and I remember how appalled I was when I first saw this.
    I’ve mentioned how this changer were bulky and cartoonish, and has that horribly annoying Shigeru Chiba’s voice, that was really a big problem.
    If this topic was posted during the series or right after it ended, I would have put this on Top 7, but as the time goes on, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.
    I wanted to hate it (a lot), but at the same time I couldn’t, and my felling has become somewhat mixed.
    I give credit for originality, where this is the first gun changer for main rangers, and it can contain TWO collector’s gimmick (Zyudenchi) to unlock more playability, which was pretty nice; something Gokai Cellular should have benefited more.
    I also like barrel spinning action, which was nice.
    I just wished Bandai released separate holster in retail store, instead of resorting with magazine/mail-in order though; or go to Bandai Premium to pay outrageous price.
    It’s one of those toys that would have benefited holster better, but I digress.
    I still don’t like the dancing (even though it’s optional).
    Overall, this just BARELY dodged the bullet.

    To conclude my long response, here’s my suggestion for future Top 7 list:

    Sentai Roll-call
    Sentai Mecha Cockpit
    Sentai Vehicles (bikes, cars, vans, etc.)
    Sentai Weapons (sidearms, swords, etc.)
    Suit design for Kamen Rider (Ishinomori Era) and/or Metal Hero
    Rider Kicks
    Album art cover

    Take care.

    1. I actually drafted a couple of the lists you suggested...one of them even (vehicles) made it to draft form on the blog (decided not to post it as I wanted to be all-inclusive to all of Tokusatsu rather than just Sentai).

      I have an ongoing list of topics. I'll add yours to the document. Thanks ^^

  5. I have a question. You don't seem to like modern Super Sentai, why is that? Could you perhaps write a blog post about it?

    1. I'm pretty sure I have written about it before.

    2. Would you be kind enough to send the article regarding your comments of modern Super Sentai shows pls? Thx. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. So why even comment on this post?

    2. just felt like it I saw the Magiranger review CONGRATULATIONS LAMMEST PHONE GIMMICK ever not that it was lame but there barely was any light

  7. ok while not a collector here is my top 7 god this is going to be harder unlike that franchise where there are some really good ones but there are bad, mediocre, cool, great, amazing here is my list

    7. the Gekiranger one(not the wolf, and blade) I don't collect stuff IRL but this is pretty cool I like how it works like a claw attack
    6. Doron Changer just because A that Sentai was good, B The design is cool, and C I like how it goes inside a pocket which is appropriate because ninjas,
    5. the Gobusters one I don't know names and stuff but I like the voice and the glasses is pretty freaking cool
    4. Accel Changer before I saw this I never really thought how cool of an idea it was for them to have a key to transform I really wish Kamen Rider Drive did this where turn the key flip the car go from there
    3. Sodophone just wish for more lights but still(I prefer flashier devices)
    2. Bouken Changer just a cool little thing
    1. the Degitizer from Megaranger(pardon if I spelt it wrong) just a cool designed thing all around

  8. So, who or what were these "outside forces" that forced you into watching GoOnger? Family, friends? Also, did you like RPM- the toys may have sucked, but the adaptation they did was damn clever. It's sardonic tone toward normal Toku traditions, Sentai mods and serious plots seem right up your alley.

    1. Never saw it. I'm not sure just any old thing can be up my alley. A lot of nostalgia factors into what I like. Watching one of my favorite series brings me back to the time and place I originally watched it. The way Sentai/Rider are presented now are just too different for me to have any feelings for them. Something like a new James Bond movie or Tron Legacy still had that essence that brought me back.

      Kinda rambly there, but I really don't have a type of show (comedy, serious, etc)--it's more nostalgia.

    2. Trust me dude- it was a pretty fun show- it took a goofy series and made it both serious and goofy at the same time. For example, in one ep they had to venture out into the wasteland beyond the Corinth dome. What do they take? The Project: GO-ONGER RV; GO-ONGER here standing for the Ground Outdoor Operational Network General-purpose Explorational Rover. It's kinda like the Ginjiro, only not huge inside (and Venjix in his new body ended up wrecking it). And it and all the other PR series are currently streaming on Netflix, giving you and other people a chance to see it; thankfully because most ABC stations preempted the show and Disney soon sold the franchise.

  9. Ok! Okay! Okay, we get it!!! You hate Magiranger, GET OVER IT!!! SHEESH!!!!

    1. Nah, dude. According to the URL I'm at CCLemon99.com. I can say what I want.

  10. Would you like to let me know, where can I buy V changer compact? or V changer brace?