News. Figuarts. Throwbacks.

I spent some time working on my channel and blog. Here is what I managed to accomplish...

-All new videos through November have been pre-uploaded to my channel.

-I have added videos from December-April to my Google Calendar. (Dates subject to change)
   -Sidearm Month 2 is January with Flashman, Maskman, Fiveman, and Megaranger
   -B-Fighter Month is March

-Also added six new Figuarts to my list of Figuarts.
   -I added notes as to whether or not the figures were gifts or not (Hime Shinkenred is an early Birthday gift--thanks, you-know-who-you-are!)


I also added a new feature to my Twitter account. Every Wednesday at 12AM and 6PM EST, my account will tweet out a random link to an old video of mine. I have reached a point where I have created well over 400 videos and chances are that my followers haven't seen every single one of them. So this will give an old video a brief new life.

Again, the videos are completely random and chosen by a random number generator. Give me a follow if you would like to relive some of my past videos.

I kinda want to live my life on autopilot for awhile. Bare with me.



  1. Happy Labor Day!
    What a perfect way to start a month with blog entry.
    That's a nice schedule you got there.
    Looking forward for Sidearm Month 2 (those series had nice designs) and B-Fighter Month (20th anniversary of the series!).

    You got Hime Shinkenred Figuart as gift? Nice!
    An AEON exclusive figure.
    It's nice to have Female Red Ranger in your collection.

    1. Yeah, Hime Shinkenred was a nice surprise. The clues I was given were that it was a figure I would enjoy but likely one I would never buy myself. On the money, I'd say!

      I finally found myself a Laser Magnum for a reasonable price and in really good shape. Kinda a birthday gift for myself. I look forward to slinging it soon.