Goggle Five-Go-Go + December Schedule!!!

I'm back for another round of...complaining! That's right, I have a chip on my shoulder about something once again...

Most people out there know the theme song from Dai Sentai Goggle Five. It's tolerable, but definitely the worst Sentai theme song of the 80s. I covered this previously in my list of best Sentai theme songs, so check that out if you want to know why I don't get along with this song.

What I didn't mention previously is how much of a mess this song is. If you listen to the beginning, there is a little synth bit at the intro--before the main song kicks in. The trouble is, it doesn't match the synth at the outro of the song. For reference...here is the original:

Being the intense Sentai Music fan that I am, I own the Dai Sentai Goggle Five Complete Song Collection. On it, there is an alternate version of the song which goes something like this...

Did you hear it? The intro matches the outro in the Alternate version! The trouble is, they also tacked on that awfully recorded "Goggle Five-Go-Go" bit. This is where the SUPER intense Sentai Music fan in me comes alive. I made a version of the song that makes sense. This is the version that resides on my mp3 player and this is the version that I start my Goggle Five playlist with. Here is...the CCLemon99 Version of the Goggle Five theme.

If you think i'm crazy in this post--fine. This is just something that has bugged me for a long time leading me to take action into my own hands a few years back by creating my version. It just sounds whole, doesn't it???


The TENTATIVE December video schedule...

I am still working on the order that I want to put the remainder of my November videos. Keep your eyes glued to my channel for that. This is what can be expected in the month of December...

04.December.2011: Ranger Key Set 06
11.December.2011: Ranger Key Set 07
18.December.2011: Ranger Key Set 08
25.December.2011: Ranger Key Set SP
01.January.2012:Gokai Treasure Box

The last two videos are locked-on to those dates. It's gonna be an SP Christmas and a...Boxy New Year wha? so yeah. Ranger Key Sets 06~08 really depend on how the weather cooperates between now and then. If they don't happen on those dates, expect them to carry over into a January theme month instead with Set 06 airing a week after the Box video. Excited!? I...um...am!

So that's that for now. I have some more stuff to write about so come back to my blog soon. In the meantime, hit me up on my Youtube Channel you know, the place that probably sent you to this blog or on Twitter.

See ya next time~


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