It's been awhile. How about some content?

September was a busy month for me. I managed to finish out a nine week stretch of videos...two whole theme months! I also had quite a lot to do with work and real life stuff. So how about another round of housekeeping?


I don't want to jinx anything, but I have something HUGE coming. Actually, a bunch of huge additions to my collection. This haul is made possible by Kingranger NOT the TV-Nihon guy. If you haven't seen his incredible customization/fabrication work...you're dead to me need to check out his Youtube Channel and also my video on the fantastic Fire Wolzaphone that he created for me...box included! If you're on the loathed forum circuit chances are you've also seen his work on Rangerboard. He truly lives up to the Kingranger name (that other guy...doesn't come close).

More details soon...


I do have some car reviews on the horizon. I was tempted to put up my Honda NSX video this weekend, but decided to hold on to it for a little while. I might want to tweak the music and tighten some editing. It looks good, but not quite at the level I want it to be.

I also have some other cars I want to have reviewed by year's end. It's looking like only two more car reviews will be done in 2011, though. Maybe we'll get another Ferrari video for Christmas... Batmobile in 2012...?


Gokaiger...the series that I can't seem to escape. I am in the process of writing a blog about the series, but I can't quite seem the words to adequatly sum everything up. It'll happen soon. In the meantime, I have a grand total of five toys coming my way for the series. In addition to a ton of Gashapons that I haven't put together yet (I have sets 1-4 and see no reason to stop getting them). Here are the toys I have...

-DX Treanger Box w/Ninjared Key
-Ranger Key SP Set
-Ranger Key Set 06 (Go-onger)
-Ranger Key Set 07 (Shinkenger)
-Ranger Key Set 08 (Goseiger)

Videos for all? I might. This would lead to another full month of Gokaiger videos (November?). Who knows on RK Sets 06~08, but I will DEFINITELY be doing videos for the SP Set and Treasure Box. I have some tricks up my sleeve for the Treasure Box video. The SP Set...i'm still working the logistics out on (It's gonna be a long video).

Stay tuned for that~!


New review series...?

Sure, I plan on making atleast one video on one of my favorite parts of my collection...my near-complete 8cm/3inch CD Single collection!

I currently have every 8cm/3" CD released by Nippon Columbia for Sentai, Metal Heroes, and Kamen Rider except for one. The one i'm missing is the Kamen Rider no uta 99/Mahou Suka Sally no uta 99 single from 1989. It's super-rare, but not all that interesting IMO. KR no uta 99 and it's karaoke version are included on the Kamen Rider BLACK RX Complete Song. It's a song about...multiplication tables. If you want to learn your multiplication tables in Japanese and hear what Ichiro Mizuki sounds like when he's out of breath then check it out. Very little to do with Rider, though.

There are also two CD Singles put out Nippon Columbia's crappy mini label called Forte Music that I can't seem to track down. I'm missing the Blue SWAT single (I have the Janperson and B-Fighter ones that Forte put out) as well as the single for Yugon Jikko Sisters Shushutorian...Grrr...


I've reached a level of super-nerd that I feel a video needs to be made. I made a post months back about how I collect CDs and that the music in my videos comes from said CDs...well I think I need to put my money where my mouth is.

I haven't quite figured out how I will be doing it, but I will be making a video of all of my Nippon Columbia CD Singles starting from Kidou Keiji Jiban (February 1989) all the way to the last of the Kamen Rider Kuuga Singles (October 2000).

...stay tuned!


In other review news, I will be featuring some weapons coming up. I will try to throw some figures and Changers into the mix as well. There is always something to look forward to on my channel~!

I'll be sure to write more, I promise!


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