Theme month two: Gokaiger Catch-up

So now that my five-week ACTION WORKS reviews is in the over, it is time to play some catch up with Gokaiger releases. In the month of September you can expect to see...

04.September - Gokai Cellular Part 1
11.September - Gokai Cellular Part 2
18.September - Ranger Key Set 04
25.September - Ranger Key Set 05

I wanted to make the Gokai Cellular into a singular review, but it just wasn't working out. Oh well.

Is this it for me and Gokaiger? Nope. There are two future items that I have secured and plan on reviewing...

-Ranger Key SP Set
-Gokai Treanger Box

The Ranger Key SP set comes with the remaining DX Red Ranger Keys and the Treasure Box comes with the Ninja Red that isn't included in the SP set--or any other previous set for that matter.

Anyway, that is my brief update. October will have some fun videos.

I will be back soon with a report card blog on Gokaiger now that more than half of the series has aired... I have a lot to say...

See ya!


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