I will not make a list. I will not make a list. I will not make a list.

I realize that I have typed up two list posts pretty close together. I'd apologize, but people seem to enjoy this. Meh. I feel bad for the lack of genuine content, though.

Here is what has been going on recently...

When I make a video and it goes seemlessly, I am in heaven. I've been doing this for over four years now and still get a great feeling when I export a video that is, in my opinion, as good as it can be. I really get a kick out of making videos of toys for the enjoyment of fans and myself alike. This has, and will forever be the reason I make videos.

The problem is obstacles.

Youtube makes it difficult to upload the videos that I really want to upload with their "brilliant" updates. I really think that being the only game in town [face it, they are] they have no time to properly test or even think their updates through. It used to be "Hmm. That's new." but now it's "What now?". This may be an old complaint, but the whole "random thumbnail" bullshit is a drain on my time and disk space as well as bandwidth for Youtube. Lose-Lose situation. It always feels like it gets less and less user friendly in each iteration.

Another problem I seem to be having is energy. I have officially fallen into a slump. I hate Gokaiger. With a passion. Going back and reading my entry where I seemed to be full of optimism stings a bit. I wanted to show to pan out. It's almost at the midway point, and i'm very slowly getting back to speed. It's a very hard watch for me now. Zangyack is a virtually threatless enemy, Basco is a dick with a perm, and Gai is a retarded man-child who somehow escaped from his beaten-down-single-mother's leash [his father, ofcourse, died in a mine collapse]. BTW, I say that based on nothing...but it might as well be his official back story considering they haven't given him one opting, rather, to turn the "annoying" dial up to eleven to make up for it. Hell, maybe I need to make an update blog on Gokaiger...in time.


My point is this: When the shows start to suck this bad, I lose interest. It pains me to say this, but Gokaiger is the tipping point. It's especially bad with this one since you want to tune in to see how the old shows are incorporated. If I lose interest like this, it's a chore to make reviews. Not just for the current show--all reviews. I have been biding my time with the monthly car review, but anything beyond that is difficult. Like the Gokai Cellular. I've had it for quite some time now and don't want to review the thing. I don't want to look at it. It's still in the shipping box it arrived in. You don't want me to review something I don't want to review. It won't go well. Infact, let me break it down...


Youtube people: Review the Tensouder/Mobirates/whatever already! It's been out for seven hours and i've seen twelve reviews on it!

Me: I need a song, and I need to be in the mood or the review will suck.

*Upload the review*

Youtube people: WTF! What do you mean two stars!? You're biased!

Me: Hey. Who wanted me to review this toy? Wasn't me, so why are you pissed that I didn't like it?

Youtube people: You're so rude! No wonder nobody likes you! When are you reviewing Leon Cellular/Gokai Cellular/whatever?


I have that kind of exchange to look forward to everytime I upload a review of the newest toy. Demotivational much?

I truly, truly, truly appreciate anybody who takes the time out of their day to watch one of my videos. It's a nice feeling knowing that any given moment several people are watching my videos. My latest insight stats have me very close to breaking the 50,000 views/day barrier on my strong days with the lightest being about 38,000/day. Almost 2,000 views an hour. Amazing. I love the feeling that I can turn a toy, the backside of a large poster, sunlight, a five year old camera, and my laptop into something people really enjoy watching.

It pains me when the same people rail against me constantly. Or they make demands. Or they make requests. Or they can't be bothered to do some searching on their own. As someone who is tettering on the brink of losing complete interest in making videos, you're lucky to get anything, bitches. Let me do my thing and i'll ride out my lack of interest and find a groove that I can lock into.

That being said, I really had fun making the Uchuu Keiji Action Works figure reviews. I took a lot of the pictures months ago and never did anything with them. I recently did some pick-up shots and am finally in the middle of uploading them. It's a good way to get back into the swing of things by finally getting to do something I want to do. It's therapy for me, and content for those who seek it. This time...it's a Win-Win.

Enjoy the Sharivan review. I'm pretty sure Shaider will be next week. After that, I have two more videos to close out the Action Work Uchuu Keiji videos. The first is Saibarian, Gavan's motorbike. The second is a mail-away exclusive set that is too awesome to explain now. All I will say is... You'll see~!

So long for now. Take care.


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