My favorite Super Sentai suit designs...

A few weeks back I posted a list of my favorite Super Sentai themes in five blocks of seven shows. I decided to go back to that concept and apply it here to suit designs. I get asked about what suit designs I like enough to warrant this topic, so let's get to it. Same rules apply, so here goes.

Oh, and i'm a little bit strapped for time so no pictures. If you don't know what each Sentai team looks like at this point, why are you even reading my blog?

Best Design, Goranger-Dynaman: Himitsu Sentai Goranger

Easy choice for me and probably a lot of fans out there. The suits may be a little mismatched (inconsistent glove/boot colors) but they are the perfect launching point and standard for Sentai suit design. Not too complicated, individual yet falling into a pattern. Definitely to best of the bunch. JAKQ and BFJ went flamboyant, and Denjiman-Dynaman was a little too uniform. The Goranger suits really are the greatest design.

Worst Design, Goranger-Dynaman: Dai Sentai Goggle Five. Bland and not particularly good looking.

Best Design, Bioman-Fiveman: Hikari Sentai Maskman

I'm not sure why I love these suits so much. Their design is a kind of sleekness that hadn't existed to that point. It was as if the helmets were designed in a windtunnel or something. Add that to the gun slinging with the Laser Magnum and we're all set.

Worst Design, Bioman-Fiveman: Bioman. I might catch some shit for this, but their helmets look absurdly large on their bodies. The suits themselves look like pajama onesies...

Best Design, Jetman-Megaranger: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Along the same lines as Maskman, the Kakuranger suits are sleek and smooth. Each shape used for the visor is very simple to differentiate from each other, which is a nice touch. It's a suit designed for great action. No frills, just a sword and a dagger/gun. Love it.

Worst Design, Jetman-Megaranger: Megaranger. This is another one I know people might disagree with me on. Every suit is the same and the helmets look very similar to each other. They get the job done...just.

Best Design, Gingaman-Dekaranger: Hyakuujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Each of these suits is well done and has a nicely sculpted helmet. There is a lot of detail throughout. Just looking at the suits, they just scream the word "Wild"...

Worst Design, Gingaman-Dekaranger: GoGo Five. I looooove GoGo Five. Love it. The suits, however, are like a peppermint-clone fest.

Best Design, Magiranger-Gokaiger: Engine Sentai Go-onger

I don't care for the show at all, but the suits look fantastic. Bright, plenty of detail, and work nicely in conjunction with the mecha. They seem a bit on the bulky side, but that's OK. They look nice.

Worst Design, Magiranger-Gokaiger: Magiranger. By default, Magiranger gets "worst" anything. Fuck Magiranger...


That is all I have to say about suit designs. It's a pretty straight-forward question that seems to find it's way to my inbox every so often.

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See ya next time!


  1. Actually I kinda see what you mean regarding Bioman. They do look kinda goofy. What ought to have been a touching scene in episode 10 - not gonna spoil it for those who havn't seen it - was hampered by the senshi in question having an early-90s PC on her head. -.-'

    And I love the Maskman suits too. I'd go as far as saying they're the best suits of the 80s.

    1. I'd agree that they were probably best of the 80s. Atleast they were waaaay ahead of their time.

  2. *K.M.* 2017 is year the changed my life for the better, It's more than just my school days so do you like the individual Kyuranger's suit designs? (Shishi Red,Chameleon Green,Oushi Black and more).

    1. I'm not a fan of them. At least...they aren't memorable at all to me.