CCLemon99 FAQ Vol.2

I'm back for more! More A's for your F'n Q's!

So...let's just dive right in!

Why the name CCLemon99?/Is "CC Lemon" a real drink?

I'm not sure why I started using the handle. I've gone by numerous handles on the internet, each is quite different from the other. The seed of "CCLemon99" started long before I even had the idea to start a Youtube channel. When I first got my trusty Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 in 2006 (I still use this camera for my reviews, 20,000 pictures/videoclips later!) one of the first pictures I took was of a case of CC Lemon. Yes, this is the same picture you see at the end of all most of my videos.

Flash forward a few months. I am listing some auctions on ebay. I decided to set up a Rangerboard account to pimp my auctions, but also had the folder open with all of my pictures (this is before I set up new folders for individual photosets). The case of CC Lemon always was at the top of the page. So when I needed to come up with a handle, CC Lemon came to mind. Two months after registering at RB as "CC Lemon", I started a brand new Youtube channel. "CC Lemon" was taken, naturally, so "CCLemon99" came to mind. I liked the way it looked. Kinda like ((Lemon)). The 9's bookend the name nicely. I kinda regret not having a less brand-oriented name, but I like CCLemon99 for it's catchiness.

Is it a real drink? Very.

Fun fact: In my title card with the case of CC Lemon...if you look veeeeeery closely, you can see a Futurama DVD in the top right corner of the picture. It's dark, but you can make out some of the letters. I see what you did there...

What do you do for a living?

I am asked this question a lot, so I feel I should atleast acknowledge it. I do not want to answer. Fill in the blanks.

What is with all the Kamen Rider hate?

For the record, I looooove Kamen Rider. You know, the property closely supervised by Shotaro Ishinomori. In the past ten years, the series has gone from a "man on a mission" to "boy models in leather". I don't find the appeal in watching year after year of rail thin guys with hair styles previously seen on certain breeds of dog, fighting vague enemies with LIMITLESS EGO. An enormous ego is almost certainly interchangeable with any other serious character flaw if one isn't present.

I just don't understand the appeal.

It could also be that i'm not a Sci-Fi fan. At all. Super Sentai is a story of team-work, to me. Showa Riders is about revenge, adaptation, and cool-ass bike stunts. Metal Hero is about...well anything--just look at the variety! Heisei Riders, and to a lesser extent 00/10's Sentai, are about... bitching, moaning, and haircuts. You know, nerd stuff.

Will you review any more Rider toys?

I think that ship has sailed. I have a few belts (Kuuga, Agito, Skyrider), figures (random), and other stuff (Henshin Onsa) that probably won't be reviewed. Is it necessary?

Will we ever see your face?

No. You can see my reflection in some car reviews (look in windshields/windscreens). You saw half of my face in the Aura Changer Trailer. That's all you're getting.

What is your first name?

I don't like to say. Isn't it better to keep identities a mystery? I kinda have to divulge the name when I sell stuff..but otherwise, nope--not saying.

How do you watch tokusatsu shows?

I have scores of VHS that I like to watch. Most stuff can be seen online, but a lot of my tapes are either first generation copies from TV, or are original rental tapes (better quality than some rips online). TV recordings have the added bonus of commercials. You know I love toys, so naturally I love the commercials!

What are your thoughts on Power Rangers*insert name*?

Haven't seen any Power Rangers since the 90s. Not for me.

Are you willing to lend me/us/them a hand on a project that is in the works?

Whether it be me actually doing work, or simply lending permission to use photos I took, the answer is no. It'd have to be a truly epic project to get any kind of involvement from me. It isn't laziness, it's just that I barely have time to cover my own ass. I manage to upload a new video every week and still have a full time job, a neverending continuing college career, wonderful wife, and copy of Gran Turismo 5 to worry about. I spend a lot of time banking videos, but there are times when I rush to get something out on Sundays (every Sunday!).


That is it for now. I wrote waaaaay too much in this entry. Yet, I probably have some more FAQs I should probably give an answer to. I've been doing this almost four years now, you should see the crazy messages in my inbox. > <


Take care! See ya next time!


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