CCLemon99 FAQ Vol.1

I get asked the same questions all the time. Often i'll give a brief (and obvious) answer to the question...but i'd like to dissect these questions and give REAL answers. Here we go...

How much did you pay?

This is a pretty rude question. Nobody needs to know that I paid $300 for my Masking Brace or $10 for my DX Gingaioh. What I pay for my toys is really no concern to anybody. Also, what I pay shouldn't be held to any kind of standard of value. For example, I paid $30 for my first Dyno Buckler in the 90s. Yeah...why do people need this information? This is beyond me...

Where did you get it?

Japan. Duh. What a fucking stupid question. I've been a high roller on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for a very long time. I also order through a myriad of webstores or just do my shopping the old fashioned way from another country... I'll ask a friend. There is no "secret" or hidden treasure trove at the bottom of the sea in a safe deep within the Titanic. > <

Can I buy it from you?/Sell it to me/SEND IT TO ME FOR FREE!

No. If it ain't on ebay, or if i'm not selling it elsewhere...no. Don't ask.

Where did your Shinkenoh video go? I remember it!

"Visual" Copyright claim by Toei Animation. I'm not sure why...since it's 100% made up from self-created photos/video. The music rights techincally belong to either JASRAC or Nippon Columbia. So i'm a little confused as to why Toei got involved. I'm not sure when the Shinkenoh video will return...

Why don't you talk in your videos?

I hate talking reviews. Talking reviews seem to be a western thing. People in North America and Europe really need someone to hold their hand and walk them through the toy review. Really? I prefer international appeal. My top five most popular countries among my viewers do not speak english as a primary language. Naturally, Japan is my top country. My channel is also big in Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia...THEN, the United States. 100% of the moaning about me not speaking in my reviews comes from North America, which is apparently the center of the universe.

What the...? Cut those nails!

A couple years back I was having some issues with my finger nails. They were growing in very uneven and almost brittle. I've taken the necessary steps and have since solved the problem, but back then I had to grow them out a little bit. That way, any cracks in the nails would've be as devastating (and painful). This might be too much information, but it is yet another thing that people ask about.

Where is the *insert new toy name* review/video?

I usually wait until the appropriate music is released for the toy. Makes sense, no? Sure it takes a little bit longer, but I feel it is well worth the wait to make the video that I want. I'd be very unhappy with a rushjob.

Will you make an unboxing video in the future?

No. I'd feel bad for wasting Youtube's bandwidth on an unboxing video.


I hope this answers some questions. If you've known me for awhile, you probably knew the answer. Still...it's nice to be able to elaborate. I have more Q's that I can give A's to, hence the "Vol.1" in the title. Stay tuned for that...

Take care!


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