The CD Collection--Gattai Tamashii ~Super Sentai Robot Song Perfect Collection~

Hello there. I'm CCLemon99 and I have too many Tokusatsu CDs. Way too many. FAR too many.

Today I'll be looking at something that's actually a new purchase...despite the set being around for nearly twenty years. This guy managed to elude me this entire time since I was waiting for used prices to happen. They didn't...until now. I finally managed to find this set in the right condition for the right price.

This is the Gattai Tamashii set from 2001. It has every Super Sentai Mecha theme song from Goranger to Gaoranger. You know, the GREAT Super Sentai Mecha theme songs. In addition to that, there are a few little extras sprinkled in at the very end.

A few times in this review I'll be copying what I have said in previous posts. I've been covering random song collections lately, so I can't imagine I would have much to add to things like the Biorobo theme song.

Anyway...let's take a closer look at this awesome CD set!


Gattai Tamashii ~Super Sentai Robot Song Perfect Collection~


01. Tobe! Variblune (Himitsu Sentai Goranger) / Isao Sasaki, Koorogi '73

I love the build up of this song.

While a lot of Goranger songs are character driven, the two mecha themes are quite decent. The Variblune theme in particular is a great tune. It may be a little bit repetitive, but it mostly just highlights it's strengths.

This is a great start for our set.

02. Varidorin no uta (Himitsu Sentai Goranger) / Isao Sasaki, Koorogi '73

I kinda prefer this song in it's Karaoke/Instrumental forms, but it's still a good song...if a little bit dull. Maybe this would be a little more tolerable if Koorogi '73 weren't involved.

03. Ike! Sky Ace (JAKQ Dengekitai) / Isao Sasaki, Koorogi '73

This is another song where Koorogi '73 is more irritating than useful. I like every bit of this song outside of the "Za-Za!" and "Doo-doo-doooo!" that Koorogi '73 provides. It's otherwise a harbinger of the type of mecha theme song we would see in the 80s.

04. Battle Fever Dai Sanka / Ichiro Mizuki, Koorogi '73, Columbia Yurikago-kai

Heh. This song is pretty funny. Given that the Battle Fever J song collection only has a handful of songs, it'd better well have at least one mecha theme song. Why did it have to be this weird??

This song is really in two parts. It starts off kinda slow and jazzy with Koorogi '73. Mizuki kinda slides in and soon the *real* part of the song picks up.

The part of the song that we're here for is...alright. It's a bit too cheery, but I guess that's a hard thing to skip in the disco age. I like this one, but...it could have been better.

05. Go Go Denjitiger (Denshi Sentai Denjiman) / Ken Narita, Koorogi '73, The Chirps

Alright, so this is where I think the mecha theme song *really* gets it's start. Not only is this majestic, but it's really catchy. The BGM version of this song might capture the tune a liiittle bit better, but it's hard to deny that this song is the beginning of something great.

I should also mention that Koorogi '73 and The Chirps were used perfectly here. Their harmony isn't at all invasive and only chimes in to emphasize existing lyrics.

06. Fight! Sunvulcanrobo (Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan) / Akira Kushida, Koorogi '73

This theme song seems to get a ton of love, but I think it's just pretty boring. Koorogi '73 is here with their "Oohh!" and "Aahh!" nonsense again. It's alright, but it just lacks a lot of energy and punch outside of it's brief moments of clarity.

07. Shutsugeki! Goggle Robo (Dai Sentai Goggle Five) / MoJo, Koorogi '73

By this point I think the Sentai mecha theme song was officially a thing. This one has an awesome and quite memorable intro, but it's a smidge flat throughout. It's a great theme, but I kinda prefer pretty much every mecha theme that followed this forever and ever.

I think my number one gripe with this one may be Koorogi '73. They're pretty unnecessary here... Maybe I'd like this one more if it were a solo MoJo effort. <From Song Collection: Dai Sentai Goggle Five>

08. Go Go Dynarobo (Kagaku Sentai Dynaman) / MoJo

I really think this theme song will go down as one of the greatest underrated mecha theme songs out there.

There are a lot of things to love here... The intro, for starters, is short, sweet, and epic. MoJo's incredible vocals and the lack of Koorogi '73 are also a big win. The music is also fantastic. The peaks and valleys are subtle, but present. Really, this is the one of the finest bricks in the foundation of this song genre.

09. Biorobo no uta (Chodenshi Bioman) / Takayuki Miyauchi

When your debut mecha theme song is this flippin' good it's no wonder Toei would call you back several times over. I'm willing to say this is the first major Sentai mecha theme song. The Dynarobo theme is *sooooo* close to this greatness, but Miyauchi's voice has finally met it's match with the music. Perfect. When the finisher BGM closes out this song...AH *chef's kiss*

Seriously... 03:08 to the end are just perfection. You can be excused for not buying the Bioman music collection, because the best bit is right here. <From Song Collection: Chodenshi Bioman>

10. Fight! Changerobo (Dengeki Sentai Changeman) / KAGE

Ehh...this one is just *good*.

Kageyama's vocals are just so drown out for some reason. The music is really good, but when it levels off for the vocals it just kinda sounds like Kageyama is like five meters away from the microphone. I guess if it didn't oscillate between bland and awesome I'd have more fond memories.

Maybe with some better mixing this one would have been better.

11. Kagayake! Flashking (Choshinsei Flashman) / Takayuki Miyauchi

The drumbeat sucks, but that's normal for Flashman songs.

Takayuki Miyauchi's second mecha theme song may not be as grand as his first, but it certainly makes up for it in energy and catchiness. Even with all of it's flaws, I really like this theme song a great deal.

Imagine if Taku Kitahara sang this one. Oof...it wouldn't have been half as good. That isn't a knock on Kitahara's singing, it's proof-positive that Miyauchi was the man for this job.

12. Aura ni kagayake! Great Five (Hikari Sentai Maskman) / Hironobu Kageyama

This is Hironobu Kageyama's second Sentai mecha theme song and probably his most forgettable. I know I said I wasn't very impressed by his Changerobo theme from Changeman, but this one is just bland. My criticisms with that one were only magnified with this one. Well, he does sound like he was just a little bit closer to the microphone, but it's still distracting how low his vocals sound versus the music.

13. Dash! Liverobo (Chojuu Sentai Liveman) / Koji Kaya

I don't remember what I ranked this on my list of Top Seven mecha songs, but I do know it was there and will have a permanent spot on the list. The intro? Perfect. The mood? Epic. It manages to be a favorite in a sea of mecha songs. For perspective, I think the Sentai Mecha song is the one they spend the second most amount of time on outside of the themes. This is the song that sells the toys between the theme songs. It *has* to be great...and this one is!

GATTAI! <From Song Collection: Chojuu Sentai Liveman>

14. Liveboxer no uta (Chojuu Sentai Liveman) / Koji Kaya

A mecha theme song that is *almost* as good as the other mecha song. Liveman? 2 for 2 on mecha theme songs. While it isn't too different from the Liverobo theme song, it is amazingly good. It didn't make the Top 7 list back in 2012 (yeah, I decided to check), but it definitely would have made a Top 10 I think. <From Song Collection: Chojuu Sentai Liveman>

15. Ashita ni Accel! Turborobo (Kosoku Sentai Turboranger) / Koji Kaya

Koji Kaya returns just to sing the Turborobo theme song. While Kenta Sato has done a great job thus far, it's great to have an expert in the driver's seat. Ugh...sorry.

As it shares a singer, this song is incredibly similar to the mecha songs of the previous year. It would have been nice if they splashed in some engine noises or something though to give it a little flavor with the mecha theme. <From Song Collection: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger>

16. Tackle! Turborugger (Kosoku Sentai Turboranger) / Shinichi Ishihara

Shinichi Ishihara was around prior to 1989, but I really feel like the year was his official debut. Not only did he provide a song for Ultraman USA in the same year, but he also provided songs for Kyoshoko Soko Guyver AND backed Akina Nakamori on stage. This guy really came out of nowhere!

This is his Tokusatsu debut right here, and I have to say it's one of the best debuts out there. I really hope I don't get any hate, but I loooove this song. More so than the Turborobo theme even. Sure the mecha it's based on is a dud, but damn...what a theme song.

It's always great to go back an see the start of a legend. Guys like Masato Shimon and Ichiro Mizuki had been there from the start, but it's the start of the middle generation that really interests me. <From Song Collection: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger>

17. Itsutsu no kokoro de Fiverobo (Chikyu Sentai Fiveman) / Hironobu Kageyama

The third Sentai mecha theme song from Hironobu Kageyama. They finally got it right this time. It's an energetic song for one. Kageyama is definitely on-point this time. Even if this isn't my favorite mecha theme song, it's certainly one of the best that Kageyama had to offer. Really, there aren't many flaws when you listen to it. The only thing that sucks is the mecha that it's based on. Heh.

18. Kyodai robo da ze! Star Five (Chikyu Sentai Fiveman) / Kei Takahara

The bland secondary mecha theme song from the series. I like the tempo and horns, but not much else. It's an otherwise bland song for a bland mecha. A match made in heaven!

19. Jet Icarus muteki robo! (Chojin Sentai Jetman) / Hironobu Kageyama

I'm trying my best to separate my dislike of the series and it's mecha, but having a lame theme song certainly doesn't help. Yeah, the Jet Icarus theme song gives us an underwhelming Kageyama performance (not his fault, this song just isn't his speed). Seriously, listen to this song and then go back and listen to his Fiverobo theme song. It's hard to call this one worthy.

20. Jet Garuda tori no robo (Chojin Sentai Jetman) / Hironobu Kageyama

I hate the mecha, but I kinda dig the song.

It may only be a smidge better, but I have to give this one props for not being as bland as the Icarus theme song. Really, they aren't that different...



01. Daizyujin no uta (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger) / Ju-Project

So... I'm going to try to defend this song.

Super Sentai Mecha theme songs are these action-packed songs to close out the big fight of each episode. They're the songs that you're humming to yourself as you march down the toy aisle to pick up that DX Bandai mecha.

So what the hell is with this one? It's the most the unmemorable snooze-fest. Worse...it's a *march* song. Those lame motivational songs that used to creep into song collections. I talked about this style of song in a previous song collection post, but this song has me so bored that I can't be bothered to remember which...

As plain-oatmeal-served-in-a-styrofoam-bowl bland as this song is, I don't mind it. The build-up to the "Gattai! Dino Mission!" is pretty cool. <From Song Collection: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger>

02. Dragon Caesar no uta (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger) / Funky Y.K. (Yasuo Kosugi)

The other mecha theme song from the series, and the vastly superior one. Now I never pinned Burai or Dragon Caesar as funky character...the opposite, in fact...they are both quite tragic. Who cares! Since we're in the land of mismatched character songs, why not go a little nutty for our final song?

If Burai could spend a little bit more time outside of his mood room, I'm sure he would be a fan of this kind of music. There. I made the song fit the character.

Love the song, though. It may have gone the polar opposite of the Daizyujin theme to the point of absurd levity, but it's certainly more enjoyable. <From Song Collection: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger>

03. Ryuseioh ~Dairenoh no theme~ (Gosei Sentai Dairanger) /  Funky Y.K. (Yasuo Kosugi)

While Funky Y.K. was a fun guy to listen to in Zyuranger's Dragon Caesar no uta, this song is just...dreck. The singing is just...bad. Or at least he was the wrong singer for the job. Not only that, but the music is pretty weak outside of the guitar work. How lazy is it that Ryuseioh and Dairenoh had to share a theme song?

There is so much wrong with this half-assed theme song that I really just never consider this to be a mecha theme song. Ryuseioh and Dairenoh deserve way better than this...

04. Won Tiger no uta (Gosei Sentai Dairanger) / Nobuhiko Kashihara

This is the Dairanger mecha theme worth listening to.

We have a better singer this time around...and even an up-beat song with some Won Tiger sound effects thrown in. It might not be the best mecha theme song, but it's certainly a nice return to form that had been lacking in some of the years prior to this.

05. Muteki Shogun, Tadaima Sanjo! (Ninja Sentai Kakuranger) / Takayuki Miyauchi

This one has kinda grown on me a little bit. It's still a really strange mecha theme song, but at least it has the kind of majestic stoicism that Muteki Shogun embodies. Honestly, I can't think of a better theme song for Muteki Shogun. The two theme songs on this single definitely fit the mecha that they represent perfectly...right down to the singers. <From Song Collection: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger>

06. Hissatsu Fighter Crash!! (Ninja Sentai Kakuranger) / Nobuhiko Kashihara

The title may be a little coy on the subject matter, but this is one of the forgotten Mecha theme songs. Yeah, for some reason the first set of mecha in the series to have a song released are the Jusho Fighters. This one swings from lame to great quite a bit. It's a tad on the jazzier side with the focus being the bass of all things. Of the three mecha themes (sorry Tsubasamaru, none for you) I would probably peg this as the weakest...but it's still decent! <From Song Collection: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger>

07. Detazo! Kakure Daishogun (Ninja Sentai Kakuranger) / Hironobu Kageyama

The theme song for Kakure Daishogun by Hironobu Kageyama is clearly the highlighted mecha theme of the series. I may have been kinda hard on it in the past, but I do enjoy it's overall energy and hype. It's a tad out of place here for Kakuranger, though. This could be the theme song to Ohrangerrobo if you reworked the lyrics.

Generic sound aside, having a mecha theme song by Hironobu Kageyama is like getting an anison stamp of approval in the 90s. <From Song Collection: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger>

08. Choriki Gattai!! Ohrangerrobo (Choriki Sentai Ohranger) / Kentaro Hayami, Mori no Kijidogasshodan

As mecha-heavy as Ohranger is, it only managed to have two mecha theme songs. This is one of the two themes...and something of a dud.

The thing is, I actually like Ohrangerrobo when they weren't doing those fever-dream training montages with Red Puncher. This song is the epitome of generic filler songs. It's peppy, but never really goes anywhere. Wasted potential, for sure. <From Song Collection: Choriki Sentai Ohranger>

09. Makkana tokkon! Red Puncher!! (Choriki Sentai Ohranger) / Hironobu Kageyama

Not only is this one of my favorite mecha songs, I think it may be my favorite Kageyama tokusatsu song. Yeah, even better than any of his series theme songs. This is when he was at his finest.

Kageyama isn't the sole thing great about this song, either. The music is wonderfully upbeat with it's horns and frantic energy. Nevermind the fact that this is the theme song for a robot that killed it's test pilot and later played hopscotch with Ohrangerrobo.

CHAMPION DA ZEEEeeee! <From Song Collection: Choriki Sentai Ohranger>

10. Gekisou Gattai!! RV Robo (Gekisou Sentai Carranger) / Naritaka Takayama

Carranger has a lot great songs. It has a lot of great songs with some great music. This one is...not one of them. I can only describe this as synth-barf. It's weird to hear Takayama sing his heart out over this entirely synthetic music track, but whatever. I will say that this has some nice frantic energy going for it, but not much else.

11. Shirobai yaro Signalman (Gekisou Sentai Carranger) / Naoki Takao

This is more Signalman's theme song, but it doubles as the Sirender theme song. I like this song quite a lot since it makes for some great BGM.

12. Victrailer kyodai naru Machine (Gekisou Sentai Carranger) / VRV Meister Singer

Awesome theme song. I can see how the singing would be a turn-off for some, but it's almost hilarious when you think about VRV Master while you listen to this. There is no denying that the music is fantastic, though. This song is definitely worth seeking out the CD Single for to get that amazing Karaoke version.

13. Zettai Shori da! VRV (Gekisou Sentai Carranger) / Norio Sakai

Amazing theme song for VRV Robo. I definitely give this one more love over the RV Robo theme song. Norio Sakai doesn't have the slickest voice, but it just works here. This one will definitely get stuck in your head for some time after listening...

14. Denji Gattai!! Galaxy Mega (Denji Sentai Megaranger) / Naoto Fuuga

My favorite Sentai mecha theme song of all time.

This song really has it all...it's catchy, it has amazing energy, and it just fits the mecha dead-on. It has the perfect amount of theme worked in. The "5-4-1! 5-4-1!!" is the perfect touch since that was the code for Galaxy Mega on the Degitizer.

This theme song is just perfection. I really adore it.

15. Saikyo! Super Galaxy Mega!! (Denji Sentai Megaranger) / Yukio Yamagata

The much-less-good follow-up to the Galaxy Mega theme song isn't bad. It just isn't a fun. This one covers both Delta Mega and Super Galaxy Mega.

Yukio Yamagata was a strange choice seeing as he is more at home with his songs in Gingaman and Gaoranger. It's a decent mecha theme song, at least...even if it's a tad on the generic side. It's also a really long song. It isn't bad at least!

16. Don't Stop! Megasilver (Denji Sentai Megaranger) / Naoki Takao

Like Signalman and Delta Mega, Megasilver's theme song doubles as his mecha theme song. This song may not be as carefree and fun as Yuusaku was, but it definitely makes a better mecha theme song. Yeah, oddly enough I lean more on the side of this being a mecha theme song than a character theme song.

17. Ginga o mamore! Mega Voyager!! (Denji Sentai Megaranger) / Norio Sakai

I think this song tries to re-capture the grandness of the Galaxy Mega theme song, but comes up pretty short to the point where it's pretty bland. Ehh and really long at 4:50 in length. I didn't care too much for Mega Voyager itself either. I guess this is a match made in heaven.



01. Misetsukero Seijuu tamashii! (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman) / Yukio Yamagata

If one thing can be said about Gingaman songs it's that it's 4/4 on mecha theme songs...

This is the first in the series of awesome and action-packed theme songs for the series mecha. Yukio Yamagata was a perfect choice of singer. The music is fast from beginning to end and has this awesome little break-down at the two-thirds mark.

02. Ginga no ohja Gingaioh (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman) / Takayuki Miyauchi

There is a very good reason why this song is a fan-favorite.

Takayuki Miyauchi returns after a four year absence to drop this legendary track. He was, again, the perfect choice of singer for this song. The really star of this one is the dreamy brass that floats along through the duration of the track. If you think of this song, you're thinking of the horn part.

Go ahead...whistle along to this one. It's almost like a challenge to see how loud you can whistle the bridge of the song.

I'll always maintain that Megaranger's Galaxy Mega theme is the best...but this one is always hot on it's heals to curry my favor.

03. Araburu! Gashin senshi Bull Taurus (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman) / Norio Sakai

Another great mecha theme song...this time for Go Taurus/Bull Taurus. In addition to being an action orchestra piece, it slides in little elements of Kuro Kishi's theme for good measure.

Norio Sakai is even here once again. He sounds a little bit different from his Gridman and even Carranger days. I can't put my finger on it, but he just sounds a little bit different.

Great theme song.

04. Giga Rhino! Giga Phoenix! Giga Bitus! (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman) / Takayuki Miyauchi

This is a great theme song for a set of mecha I definitely didn't give a crap about in the series. I would probably say that this is the weakest of the four, but Miyauchi still delivers his all to bring this one to life.

Maybe the thing that bugs me is that it covers too much in one song. Oh well.

05. Hashire Go Liner! Sukue 99 Machine! (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five) / Takayuki Miyauchi

Much like Gingaman, GoGo Five is 5/5 on mecha theme songs. So many 5's!!!!!

Takayuki Miyauchi's lone mecha song for this series is as excellent as you would imagine. It may not be the most action-packed, but it certainly has all the elements to bring GoGo Five's giant train set to life. This song has the same majestic flavor that Megaranger's Galaxy Mega theme song had, but for the oversized train mecha that GoGo Five initially used to transport their regular mecha around in.

Even at this song's slightly relaxed pace, this one is infinitely catchy...and makes great use of the train sounds.

06. Kinkyuu Gattai! Victory Robo (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five) / Yukio Yamagata

It's always a little bit weird to hear Yukio Yamagata in an over-tech series soundtrack, but I have to say that I really enjoy this song of his. His gravelly vocals are more focused into pure force this time around. Overall, this is a greatly packaged song. It follows the template to a "T", but not to the point where it sounds generic.

07. Chokyodai robo!! Grand Liner (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five) / Shinichi Ishihara

Is it weird that this series has a Go Liner AND Grand Liner theme song? They're the same damn thing...just we're talking about the combination this time around.

The thing that this song has is that undeniable beat. I can only imagine that this beat is being played out in real-time by someone hitting a speed bag. Shinichi Ishihara never disappoints on mecha themes either. Remember when he did the B-Fighter song collection? Yeah, one of the few bright spots was that mecha theme song.

This one may be a bit drab, but it's one of the best out there.

08. FASTEST & GREATEST (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five) / Shinichi Ishihara

Since the title is pretty vague...this is the theme song for Max Liner/Liner Boy/Max Victory Robo.

Again, this song kinda puts the Sentai mecha theme on it's head once again. The music is incredibly slick and Ishihara is just great. Just listen closely at how dense the music is. Now go back and listen to Carranger's RV Robo theme and understand why I had beef with that song.

09. Ryuusei Gattai!! Victory Mars (Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo Five) / Shinichi Ishihara

I didn't care much for the mecha in the series, but I definitely love this theme song. On top of the space-theme, it makes really good use of the background singing. It is definitely a GoGo Five mecha theme song, but it does enough to be unique.

10. OK! Timerobo!! (Mirai Sentai Timeranger) / Naoki Takao

In the past I didn't care too much for this song. Nowadays...I kinda dig it.

While this kinda feels like a leftover generic mecha theme song, I feel like this and a lot of other Timeranger theme songs could have done a little better to sound more futuristic. This sounds like a song from 2000. There really isn't anything remarkable about it.

It isn't bad though. I definitely don't hate it.

11. Timeshadow ~sugata naku, oto mo naku~ (Mirai Sentai Timeranger) / Yukio Yamagata

This is more along the lines of what you hope for from Timeranger. The gradual build-up to this smooth beat makes way more sense than what the Timerobo theme song was trying for.

Yukio Yamagata's loose vocals work surprisingly well to the smooth beat that this song has. It's very un-mechalike in it's flow, but somehow just works. I've always preferred this tune the most out of the three Timeranger mecha theme songs.

12. Kakusei! V-Rexrobo!! (Mirai Sentai Timeranger) / Yukio Yamagata

While I like the Timeshadow theme song the most, this is probably the best Timeranger mecha theme song if you're jonesing for just a slammin' mecha theme song. Yukio Yamagata is back once again...and he even yells "Gao!" That's a weird harbinger if I ever heard one...

Timeranger's off-beat mecha themes are definitely more fun than it's generic one (Timerobo).

13. Hyakujuu Gattai! Gaoking (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) / Ichiro Mizuki

It's been a looooong time since we've gotten a Super Sentai song from Ichiro Mizuki (Sunvulcan) and even longer since we've gotten a mecha theme (Battle Fever J). The return of the champ is nothing short of glorious.

Between the awesome music and Mizuki's perfectly-matured vocals, this is really a benchmark for all mecha theme songs to reach. Really...I have nothing bad to say. This song rocks.

14. HOT! HOT! Gaomuscle!! (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) / Yukio Yamagata

As much as I love the Gaoking theme song, this is the one to beat.

Gaomuscle is probably the most bizarre mecha theme song of all time. This is peak Yukio Yamagata. His gruff voice guides us on this light-hearted journey of old-man sounds and old-man song references. All of it laid on top of a slick bass line, random crashes, and spazzy horns.

This has to be the catchiest Sentai mecha theme song of all time. The first time you hear it, you'll be confused...but then you'll want to hear it again...and again... It's intoxicating in it's absurdity.

Gaomuscle! Do the Hustle!

15. I.D. ~Gaohunter Requiem~ (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) / Kiyotaka Imai

I could never get behind this one. It's just a little too...droney. It kinda reminds me of the Fushigi Song from Shaider during the slow bits. When it picks up...I don't think I can get into it. Kiyotaka Imai was a strange choice. This seems like a Takayuki Miyauchi song. Hell, even Ichiro Mizuki would have given this one a little more life.

16. EYES OF JUSTICE (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) / MoJo

We're ending the regular content with the guy who is responsible, in my mind, for establishing this genre. Like Ichiro Mizuki, MoJo had a prolonged absence from Super Sentai songs. Fresh off the heels of the Segata Sanshiro theme song, here he is to deliver a new jam.

Ugh. It's so hard to rank Gaoranger mecha theme songs. Gaomuscle has the best theme, Gaohunter has the least best. The fight for second place is difficult. Gaoking is awesome...and so is this, the Gaoicarus theme song.

MoJo's voice isn't as deep as it had been in the past (compare this with the Dynarobo theme song), but it is just as soulful. He sounds more like Ichiro Tomita than he does MoJo. That's alright, though.

As pumped as this song will get you, I feel like the Mizuki's Gaoking theme edges it out just by a smidge.

BONUS TRACKS [Kansei! Cho Gattai Tamashii!!]

17. Ginga Honey (Denshi Sentai Denjiman) / Ryusei Nakao

Oh wow...a song by Freeza himself!

This song is from episode 28 of Denjiman. The full-track was thought to have been lost but was discovered and subsequently released on this set. It may be something of a dummy jazz track, but it's actually a lot of fun. Especially if you picture this guy singing it.


This is one of the bonus tracks that sold this set. Certainly it's one of the reasons I bought this set...I own the previous tracks from other releases. As far as I can work out, this is the only time this song was released.

18. Taiyo Sentai Sunvulcan [Instumental Version]

The previous music collections for Sunvulcan neglected to provide the instrumental version of the theme song, so here it is. It's great! Honestly, this has to be one of the best instrumental version theme songs out there. Akira Kushida's vocals are replaced by a horn. It's all very slick...like it was meant to be.

19. Radietta Robo no theme [Instrumental Version] (Gekisou Sentai Carranger)

Am I the only one who hears a weird mash-up of the ending song from Uchuu Keiji Sharivan and the Grand Birth theme song from the same series? Maybe some other tunes as well?

This weird little ditty appeared in Carranger during the handful of times White Racer and her Radicar Robo showed up.

20. CM Song Seijuu Gattai Gingaioh ~Chogokin Version~ (Seijuu Sentai Gingaman)

This is a variation of the CM song that we all know and love for DX Chogokin Gingaioh. Literally the only difference is a single lyric. Instead of "Ginseijuu" it's "Chogokin". That's it.

The "Ginseijuu" version was released on Gingaman Music Collection 3.

21. Jingle Bell ~Full Accelerate Version~ [Instrumental] (Gekisou Sentai Carranger)

OK, this one I love. Carranger is the end-all Super Sentai music series. There was 87,352 CD releases for the series and there was *still* some unreleased music. This instrumental version of their Jingle Bells cover is actually really good. The vocals are replaced by a rockabilly guitar.

These bonus tracks are all a lot of fun. Haha.


OVERALL: Normally I bemoan the idea of a "Greatest Hits" or "Best of..." album with a few new scraps thrown in. This set really bucks the trend. Not only do you get a collection of some of the best songs from every series, but it's all presented in a well-presented package. The cover art is pretty damn awesome as well as the landscape version that is printed very tiny on the obi.

This would make a rad poster...

This set has always had it's popularity with fans, yet it's somewhat uncommon. Whenever I encountered this in the past I was either light on cash or it was overpriced. This time I finally found...the one. I love having hard copies of those bonus tracks at long last and I love just throwing this on in the background. Even the weak songs are great to hear!

Yeah, I totally recommend this set for even the most casual Sentai fan. Just make sure that you get this version and not the 4-Disc 2006 one. Not only is it missing the bonus songs that are here but that 2002-2006 period is pretty miserable for mecha theme songs...though they pick up again for Go-onger.


There it is! That was my look at the Super Sentai Robot Song Perfect Collection. I have a few other weird compilations that I could look at in the future, but this is the only one that I've been really wanting to scoop up and talk about.

Be sure to check out my horribly out of date CD Collection page for more articles...or just to use it as a database.

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  1. This post is what i wanted to see for ages

  2. It's been awhile since I put up a comment here.
    It took me way too long for each cause I'm not native and much fluent. I've been your only good reader ever since then.

    I don't want to miss a chance on this one though.
    This is more like a special treat for me, seeing you take on all the Sentai mecha theme in one package the same way this set offer.

    Long-winded aside, here are some of my thoughts:

    1. - I understand when you said Kageyama is too far from the mic in Changerobo song. I like the beat so much but it seems to have a bad mixing which is really unfortunate.

      - The secondary Mecha theme only start with Liveman and what a great start. Live Boxer no uta is one of my favorite. I know Liverobo theme is somewhat better in a way but I like both of them as much for different reason that I can't decide. Though I always wonder what would it be like if we got Titan Boy or Galaxy Robo theme.

      - I agree that Shinichi Ishihara skyrocketed with the Turborugger theme. And since you mentioned it, I love his Guyver theme so so much that I can't get enough of it.

      - I guess I'll never get behind the Daizyuzin or Victrailer theme, in the same way that you would never get along with Time Robo and Gao Hunter theme (Haha).

      - And as much as I enjoy Dragoncaesar theme, It's really way too funky for Burai. I agree that, as goofball and misfit it is, at least it's more enjoyable.

      - I hate Dairenoh theme. The vocal job on this one almost got me sleep. Really hate the fact they lazily bummed it as Ryuseioh theme as well. These two deserve better.

      - Grandiose Muteki Shogun theme may not be my cup of tea, but I agree
      there's no other way make it this fit. I've gotta admit I've never realize there's a theme for Jusho fighters until this point. When it's come to Kakuranger, Kakure Daishogun theme is my go to jam aside from the OP and ED.

      - It's kinda weird for Ohrangers to have only 2 Mecha songs out of 6 (Counting Gunmazin). At least shouldn't they have Ohblocker theme?

      - Since I don't mind it synthetic nature, I think RV Robo theme kinda fit with the energy and nature of Carranger. And with that said, It is quite funny to think a goofball like Signalman got this cool and smooth theme for himself and the mech.

      - Here I face the same situation on Liveman with Megaranger . I know Galaxy Mega theme is perfect and all that superior, but I can't help myself loving the intensified beat of Super Galaxy Mega.

      - "Don't stop Megasilver" is one of the best extra ranger theme IMO. Would be cool if you can cover those theme altogether one day.

      - Megaranger, Gingaman and Gogofive are really full on with their Mecha theme, both in numbers and quality. Half of my top 10 are from these three alone. What a period!

      - It is been nagging me like forever to know your opinion on Bulltaurus theme. It is my favorite Sentai Mecha theme of all time next to Gingaioh. It's perfect; the orchestra, the action beat, Norio Sakai voice and it's made for one cool BGM.

      - Seijuu theme is giving a blast as well while the last one is only less good than the others. Can't state enough how much I love Gingaman music.

      - Which made me realized that I really like most of Norio Sakai songs. Mighty Megaranger is one of my regular listening.

      - Go Liner theme has been growing on me since I read your opinion on it. It's a wonderful song but I still lean toward Shinichi Ishihara take though.

      - I never realized how weird it is to have Yukio Yamagata on Victory Robo theme until you mentioned it. Shinichi Ishihara would be a better fit but that would mean he has to take 4/5 Mecha theme for this series alone.

      - I love "Eyes of Justice" soo much. Nonetheless, I can't help but feels like Mojo Singing fell short along the way. Maybe it's not his fault but more of a choice for singer. Perhaps can try switching him with Ichiro Mizuki on Gaoking theme??

      Aside from sixth ranger theme, I would love to see your take on Sentai Henshin BGM as well. Both are two topics I've never seen anyone mention before.

      Hope you are staying safe and all. Peace

    2. Thanks! I entirely agree about 1997-1999 being the power years.

      Henshin BGM is kinda harder to pin down. I feel like a set like Gattai Tamashii or a stand-alone song collection is easier to write about because they'r at least accessible in case anybody wants to listen along. Henshin BGM...is a lot more complicated. It'd be awesome if they released a compilation of Henshin music BGM. I'd be down for a 5-disc set of that. :D

  3. You know that Goseiger is a "badly watered-down version" of Gingaman but do you like "Kourin! Gosei Great!!"? "Bakuhatsu Kiseki! TO-ME-RA-RE-NAI!! Sakuretsu Tsubasa! TSU-KI-NU-KE-TE-KU!!"
    It's a song composed by Kazunori Miyake and sang by Nobuo Yamada,
    For the Mr. Miyake's Mecha songs (Galaxy Mega,Senpuujin,Gosei Great), You said that you loved Galaxy Mega,liked the both of Senpuujin's songs (Senpuujin Suisan! & Wind & Thunder) But what's your opinion on the Gosei Great's song? Do you like it or not?