Song Collection: Uchuu Keiji Shaider

Do I really need a theme for these posts?

I'm here once again to review a duo of Tokusatsu song collections. This time I'm getting around to a series that I've pretty much beaten around for awhile. First there was Machineman, then there was Bioman, and now we have Shaider.

So to answer the question I originally posed...what does Turboranger have to do with Shaider? Ummm...they were both popular overseas? Yeah...let's go with that!

For this review I'll be listening via my trusty Super Hero Chronicle Metal Hero Shudaika Sonyuuka Daizenshuu I. I previously took a look at the entire CD series in this woefully incomplete post.


01. Uchuu Keiji Shaider / Akira Kushida

I'm not sure how I would rank this song among other Uchuu Keiji theme songs, but I've always enjoyed it's attempts to be different from it's predecessors. While it isn't as catchy or peppy as the others, it makes up for it in personalty. That weird motorcycle interlude? Sure. Random reverb? Uncommon for a Tokusatsu theme song, but it works.

It's a great song, but it's definitely on the softer side for me.

02. Fushigi Song / Koorogi '73

If there was ever a song to live up to it's title.

This is the type of song that I think Koorogi' 73 is made for.

The chanting and unusual tone really make this a creepy affair. If you ever listen to the Shaider music collection, you'll no doubt notice the lashings of this theme throughout.

It's a fairly sparse and basic tune, but it works in it's creepiness.

03. Seigi no Hunter / Akira Kushida

This song was never really in my rotation. I can't really pinpoint my reservation. It's blandness? I don't think this one really warranted a fast-paced Kushida track. The guitar work is nice, but the Billie Jean-esque beat is pretty forgettable.

04. Annie ni Omakase / Naomi Morinaga

I alluded to this song in my review of Naomi Morinaga's song in the Spielban song collection. The short of it was that Morinaga's singing skills improved immensely between Shaider and Spielban.

Upon revisit, I feel confident in reinforcing my opinion. Crackly vocals aside, this song is pretty fun if not a little sparse.

05. Shaider Blue / Takayuki Miyauchi

Takayuki Miyauchi's lone contribution to this song collection. He was a busy dude in 1984 with Bioman and all that. I imagine he was walking through the halls and caught a sample of this intoxicating and whispy jam and couldn't help himself but to join in.

Unlike a lot of the Bioman songs, I think Miyauchi is perfect here. The song itself is very dreamy and cool. Bioman had Blue Togetherness, Shaider has Shaider Blue. I definitely appreciate this song more and more over time.

06. Shoketsu seyo! Shaider / Akira Kushida

I never really cared too much for this one. I like the frantic synth moments, but there is some severe lag for the majority of the song where it feels like we're just stuck alone with Kushida. It's not quite an action song, either. It's just kinda there.

07. Aoi Inazuma / Akira Kushida

This song is also kinda bland. It has some highlights like the "Shaider...Blue FLASH" but that's about it. It just needs a little bit more to make it memorable.

08. Babylos-go no uta / Akira Kushida

Ahh...the series Mecha theme song. It definitely has the feel of a mecha theme song, but isn't as epic as something like the Biorobo theme song.

Again, the bulk of Chumei Watanabe music is very samey. Good, but waaaaay too safe.

I don't dislike this song, but I wish it were just a little more special.

09. Ginga no hate made / Koorogi '73, Columbia Yurikago-kai, Japan Echo Singers

Now here is one that I *do* really like.

I normally can't stand brat-choir songs, but this one has always impressed me for it's tightness. The smooth and dreamy music track flows through nicely and is a perfect use of the oft maligned Koorogi '73. I especially love the outro for this song.

The tracklist for this song collection has morphed over time, but this song has always closed out the IN songs. It's perfect placement, really. I feel like saying "all sins forgiven" but it really isn't *that* great.

10. Hello! Shaider / Akira Kushida

The kinda janky series ending song. It's alright. The irony of the ending song being called Hello! Shaider isn't lost on me.

It does kinda fit in nicely with the opening theme song, but that's about all I can say.


In this series of reviews I think I've been nothing but polarized on my feelings toward song collections. Shaider falls into the nebulous bland zone. I don't think I've reviewed anything this shockingly average yet. Maybe THE⭐ULTRAMAN?

This is worth a listen for Shaider Blue and Ginga no hate made, but little else. The Bioman song collection was bad, this is boring, and the Machineman song collection is fantastic. That's 1984 in a nutshell.


Ever notice that I've been doing a lot of Metal Hero series in my Song Collection series? What's up with that. Check out my look at the Turboranger songs while you're here.

Thanks for dropping in. See ya.



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