The CD Collection -- Non-Soundtrack CDs Vol.2

Last time I named quite a few non-soundtrack songs that appeared in various Tokusatsu shows. I'm back again to name a few more! If you need a refresher on what this entry is going to be about, I highly recommend checking out my previous installment.

The gist of it goes something like this... Some Tokusatsu shows feature songs in them that aren't part of the series song collection. Since I am a crazy person, I hunt these songs down like the Terminator and purchase the CDs to complete the song collections. I usually go off of very little information, but sometimes I get an assist from a kind reader (thank you!). This is where I get to share my findings with you! In most cases you can snag these CDs for ¥1 on Amazon Japan...so be sure to throw a little bit of money toward CD collecting excellence.


Morning Musume "Love Machine"
Featured: Love Machine in GoGo Five 33

Might as well get this one off to a weird start...

Remember that montage in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai where it was showing the ability to quick change clothes? There was a small bit from GoGo Five in that... In the episode, Psyma-ju Thanatos has a catastrophic fear of women. So much so that he either imagines Matsuri quick changing through outfits, or he is assaulted through costume change. The very first costume features a small bit of Morning Musume's Love Machine playing. Naturally this bit was cut out of Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai...

I'd be lying if I said that this song wasn't a lot of fun. I like it, in fact. I generally despise Morning Musume and large singing groups in general (they're a cancer on Japanese music.....just sayin'), but this is a damn catchy piece of pop. The second track, 21 seiki, is terrible however. Track three ends it with the karaoke version of Love Machine (which doesn't have that weird yell at the beginning). Oh, and try not to watch the video. It's lousy.


The Waves "We Are The Champ"
Featured: We Are The Champ~The Name Of The Game~ in Dairanger 15

Ahhh yes. Who hasn't heard at least some version of this song in their life? This song was featured pretty prominently during Ryo's match against the Three Idiots. This would've been a very new song when the episode aired...which has me wondering if the episode was built around the song. Heh.

This version of the song was made for Japan as you can probably guess from the lyrics (NIPPON!). Track two is the original(ish) 80s version by The Fans. The guy singing sounds like he's struggling hard...not so much with his awful English, but just struggling in general. I *believe* an instrumental version of The Fans version of this song was used in Kakuranger as well. I'll have to work on that one for the future...

Just the two tracks for this one. The Japan version is better...even the English is way better...


Nanase Aikawa "BREAK OUT!"
Featured: BREAK OUT! in Carranger 23

There wasn't a whole lot of anything going on when this song was playing in Carranger 23. They were pretty much walking down a busy street discussing the plot threads of the episode so far before receiving an alert from Dappu.

Future Kamen Rider theme song singer Nanase Aikawa gets a song featured in Carranger for seriously no reason. I mean...the show already has 30+ songs. Nothing else fit? That said, BREAK OUT! is a cool song. It's a bit on the frantic side, but it suits the song well. The other song on this single, Ima demo... is alright I suppose. The singing is a little bit much for the music. Track three is the karaoke version of BREAK OUT!.


Namie Amuro "You're My Sunshine"
Featured: You're My Sunshine in Carranger 31

This song is playing during one of my many favorite visual moments in the series. VRV Master is playing Pachinko, which leads to him eating, which leads to his visit to his usually dour barber (something is off this time...).

I love me some Tetsuya Komuro! This, however, is Namie Amuro's song. Ah...but he produces it... Well, I guess that makes this song half-decent. Honestly, it isn't bad. It is a little bit disjointed, but once it gets going and past the lame rap it's a solid tune. During his boom years, TK seemed to give Amuro some of his more experimental tunes. It worked out quite well for both of them while it lasted. There are three versions of the song here--"Straight Run", "Eddie Delena Dance Mix", and "TV Mix". If I had to be entirely honest, I kinda like the dance mix best. It has this killer break-down about two-thirds of the way through. The "TV Mix" is basically the karaoke version, by the way.


Kenji Ozawa "Corolla II ni notte"
Featured: Corolla II ni notte in Carranger 02

Fitting that Carranger would feature a jingle from a car commercial. Well, kinda. Kyosuke is singing this song early in the episode as he's jogging along. The song itself isn't featured, but it clearly moved Kyosuke enough to sing it.

The actual song itself is somewhat popular. It's a well-produced slow jam. There isn't too much substance to it...and the same can be said for the Toyota Corolla itself. That said, I do enjoy this song quite a bit. It's no wonder Kyosuke was singing it, it's pretty catchy through repetition. The second track is the Karaoke version.


Seikima-II "Shiroi Kiseki"
Featured: Kairiki Kumao in Zyuranger 26

YES! I always look forward to writing about some Seikima-II! This song is playing after Dan and Mei are first shown in their thug clothes after being poisoned.

This song is kind of a deep pull. As far as I can work out, this song was only available as a B-Side on this single at the time. It's a fantastic song with a lot of variety to it (the video I linked is only a portion of the full song). I recommend trying to seek this one out if you can. I was able to snag this single for pretty much nothing, so it's not difficult. Nice to see Seikima-II representing once again. The title track, Shiroi Kiseki, is more of a ballad...but a damn good one. Just those two tracks on this disc. Early 8cm CDs were pretty bare...


Seikima-II "Pharoah no you ni"
Featured: Pharoah no you ni in Jetman 07

I may not like Jetman much...but any series to feature Seikima-II is alright with me. Maybe even Fiveman... This song was playing in the seventh episode of Jetman as the cool kid was styling his hair in the mirror before being abducted by said mirror.

Another great Seikima-II song. What else can be said about the band? I really love the "Hey! Hey! Hey!". It makes it a bit catchier than their average song. This song is also featured on their album "Yugai", which I kinda recommend getting over this single. Great album.

Something I noticed about Seikima-II B-Side songs. They tend to be a bit more ambitious than their standard stuff. Demon Kogure gives himself a vocal workout in Oda Nobubaga. I love this type of Seikima-II song, but they tend to get stuffed away... Two tracks only on this one.


PUFFY "Nagisa ni matsuwaru et cetera"
Featured: Nagisa ni matsuwaru et cetera in Kabutack 36

This one is a bit over my head since I haven't seen much of Kabutack. This song appears in episode 36 as Tonborg says he is a fan of PUFFY...a sentiment I wish I shared in this occasion.

Very similar to a lot of JPOP of the late 90s. It's alright, but I wouldn't go as far to say I've listened to this one with any regularity. It has a bit of a faux-TK Boom bassline compounded with some shouty vocals. Like I said, it's alright. The second and final track on this one is the karaoke version.


Featured: Young Man (Y.M.C.A.) in Moero!! Robocon 30

Again, I'm not too familiar with either Robocon series... Apparently the definitive Japanese version of the Village People's Y.M.C.A. was featured in the 30th episode of what Toei decided was a better idea than a new Metal Hero series.

Honestly this isn't a bad album. I like a good disco album to throw on in the background. This one has a good variety of softer and upbeat songs. Hideki Saijo is also a pretty decent singer. The stand out tracks to me (besides Young Man obviously) are I'm Champion and HIDEKI DISCO SPECIAL. Good and cheap album!


Akira Kobayashi "Best~Jidosha Show uta | Mukashi no namae de dete imasu"
Featured: Jidosha Show uta in Carranger 02

Carranger! Again! This one was even in episode 2 which, if you remember, Kyosuke was singing the Corolla II song. This time around Tenma was singing this while driving his car as the episode opened. Just like the Corolla II song, this one was only featured as the character was singing it rather than the actual song being featured.

I love the Auto Show song quite a bit. It's one of those songs that has very much outlived a lot of the manufacturers named in said song. It's an incredibly fun song. I listen to it often and probably sing it just like Tenma did without realizing it. The rest of the album is very good as well. It another one I love to put on in the background when I write my weekly video reviews. Very good if you want to take a look at an Enka singer of year's past.


Southern All Stars "Umi no Yeah!!"
Featured: Katte ni Sindbad, Itoshi no Ellie, Erotic Seven in Ohranger 23

This time around we have an episode that was pretty much based around a band. Three songs from Southern All Stars made an appearance throughout the beach episode of Ohranger. I would link videos, but I really couldn't find any on Youtube...sorry. To make matters easy, the song you're looking for if you saw the episode is Katte ni Sindbad. Yes, SinDbad. It's a typo that has carried over through the years. It should be Sinbad...but it's written as Sindbad. Heh.

Now...I don't really have a definitive beach band, but Southern All Stars isn't one of them. They're considered a beach band, though. I've seen quite a few shows that feature one of their songs (usually Katte ni Sindbad) when everyone is at the beach. This is a two-disc best-of set that is beach themed. Disc one is called Sea Side and disc two is called Sunny Side. There is no real reason for this seeing as the songs are presented chronologically.

I have to be in the mood for this one to be in my ears. Katte ni Sindbad...I can listen to that everyday. Great song. The rest of the album...once in awhile. If you're interested in collecting all of the songs featured in Ohranger, this set is probably the cheapest way to do it. All three of the songs are available as CD Singles, but you have to factor in shipping and what not. I just went for the collection.


Recommended Pick: This time around I would have to make my recommended pick Love Machine by Morning Musume. Just kidding. Seikima-II's Shiroi Kiseki would be the pick. Kairiki Kumao is a great song which never really got a wide release outside of this single. It's a cheap one to pick up.


Thanks for reading my latest non-soundtrack CD entry. I have another set of CDs ready to go with songs featured in Bycrosser, Turboranger, Jetman, Zyuranger and more. If you have any songs you think I should add to the list, please contact me on Twitter, Youtube, or just leave a comment below. Oh, and be sure to check out my critically out of date CD Collection page...

Thanks again for checking out my blog. See ya soon!



  1. Nice to see another post on non-soundtrack songs.

    I see you’re not a fan of Morning Musume (not surprising. lol).
    I’m not fan of singing groups; I especially despise AKB48, SKE48, and other 9,000s 48-groups that it’s getting really out of control (thanks a lot for that Akimoto!).
    Granted, very few songs from those group can be range from tolerable to decent, but most of them are dud and forgettable. lol
    Compared to later singing groups, I find Morning Musume to be tolerable; I do have some nostalgia as growing up as 90s kid.

    “We Are The Champ” is the song that I know the most among the list.
    It screams soccer and even for someone who doesn’t care about soccer like myself find it awesome!

    Carranger sure had a lot of songs indeed.

    For a moment, I thought that was Gorma XV on cover for "Shiroi Kiseki"; even though it came out before Dairanger. lol

    Bit surprised you remembered songs from Kabutack and Robocon, despite not getting official DVD release or available online.
    It’s still bizarre that robot is fan of PUFFY of all the singer; such a weird choice indeed. lol

    Didn’t know Japanese version of YMCA song existed. While I still prefer original Village People version, this one is quite decent.

    I’m still waiting for Kaburack, Robotack, and Robocon (1999) on DVD! lol

    Thanks for sharing links to videos!
    Another nice collection.

    1. I think my maximum is a trio when it comes to groups. Once you get to four, someone is usually an obvious weak link. Anything beyond that is just terrible.

      When it comes to Kabutack and Robocon...I never actually saw them. They were submissions. At this point...I'd be super surprised if those shows made it to DVD.