Top Seven BEST Sentai Mecha Designs!

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Top Seven BEST Sentai Mecha Designs

This is me finally caving to popular demand. No, I'm not going 60 frames per second on some junker toy I picked up for ¥400. This is me finally...FINALLY giving you, the reader, the Top 7 list that you've been demanding from me since I posted my opposing list two years ago. My Top 7 list of worst Super Sentai mecha list is easily my most popular list and one that has left a lot of people wondering what my best list would look like. Well wonder no more! This is the list Top 7 BEST Super Sentai mecha!

07. Engine Oh [Engine Sentai Go-Onger]

I've made no secret over the years that Engine Oh really grew on me. The initial reaction to early scans of Engine Oh really had people wondering what the hell Toei was smoking. Obviously their Pixar's Cars nightmare had become a horrible, horrible reality. The eyes.....there are so many of them.

Here is something you need to know about me...and probably something that you'll probably pick up as you continue reading this list. I love three-piece mecha. It's a perfect balance. Five piece mecha always fall into that thing where you can look at the pieces and say "Oh, that's an arm/leg". There is always some creative thinking in three-piece designs. I mean would you ever guess what the hell BeaRV was just by looking at it? Engine-oh is the best designed set of not only Go-Onger mecha, but of the entire miserable decade. Ouch.

Not only is it clever, but it somehow also manages to have a menacing yet cute look to it. There is a great deal of excitement in this design. It would've been nice if the rest of the Go-onger mecha carried on being this cool.

06. Flashking [Choshinsei Flashman]

Once again, this is a three-piece design that really grabbed me. Two jets and a tank somehow form this awesome looking mecha. Props for the incredibly inventive engineering that went into this one. There were probably a lot of long nights trying to figure out how to make each of the jets an arm AND a leg and then the task of making the otherwise unassuming tank bring it all together. I'm sure designing the toy version was an even bigger nightmare. Just thinking about how in the world they did it makes me dizzy.

On top of being one of the most over-engineered mecha of all time, this is the first one that I'm truly a fan of. I like Changerobo, Dynarobo, Daidenjin, and Battle Fever Robo...but this one has the tightest overall look.

05. Go-Buster Oh [Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters]

Another three-piecer? Shocking! Actually...what probably is shocking to a lot of people is how this one ended up on my list. I've always been a fan and it hasn't been a secret. I've liked this one from the start. This one feels like they tinkered with Engine Oh for about four years, giving each of the pieces a bunch of individual modes and features and adding a ton of details. Some people say that it is an over-designed clusterfuck...but I really disagree. This is what a mecha should look like in this decade. It should have some type of design. It should be over-engineered. They dropped the cuteness and went for full blown aggressive. I really like this one.

The toy also turned out to be really cool as well. If it were to be my favorite of the decade...I really wouldn't be shocked at this point.

04. Liverobo [Chojuu Sentai Liveman]

No surprises here. Liverobo has something that seems to be lacking from previous mecha. I wouldn't go as far to say it has personality...because it is just a robot, after all. Maybe because it's the first true animal-based mecha (nice try, Sun Vulcan...but no). I would factor the awesome design in with nostalgia on this one. It's also the first to get a "Super" version by combining with the secondary mecha--and the only one that doesn't look like a complete nightmare doing so.

03. Galaxymega [Denji Sentai Megaranger]

Mmm yes. This another one of those designs that must have been rattling around in someone's brain for some time. It's obviously a modernization of Denjiman's Daidenjin...but man, it really brings it to a whole new level. They could've used this design in 2016 and it would fit in just fine.

It's also worth noting that this is the probably the next best "Super" mode after Liveman. Galaxymega looks great next to Delta Mega and still manages to look great as Super Galaxymega. I love versatility.

02. RV Robo [Gekisou Sentai Carranger]

It's not the first or last time that cars made up a mecha, but it's certainly the best. RV Robo is the perfect combination of a perfectly diverse group of vehicles. You have the sports car, the pick-up truck, the minivan, the SUV, and the sporty coupé. They all come together to form what is easily the most solid tech-based mecha design ever. There is the perfect amount of detail with no dead spots to speak of. The sword is awesome, the finisher is awesome, and the lights everywhere are super-intimidating yet simple.

The toy version didn't exactly capture the magic of the actual designs, but it's still a wonderful toy. I sometimes wonder what an RV Robo toy would look like if it were done today.

01. Muteki Shogun [Ninja Sentai Kakuranger]

Well...this one is no surprise at all. If you read my list of worst mecha, then you probably noticed my joke list of best mecha at the end. This one was no joke. I absolutely love everything about Muteki Shogun. It didn't quite live up to it's name, but the name certainly fits the design like no other. Five awesome looking humanoid mecha combine to form just the most unstoppable looking

Again, the detailing on not only Muteki Shogun, but the individual Jusho is excellent and evenly spread out. The Kaen Shogun Ken is the last hurrah in impressive, yet extremely dangerous stunts.

Everything. Just all of it. I love everything about Muteki Shogun.


I may have angered some people with my opposing Top 7 list, but I can't see how talking about what I like would be a problem. If you disagree with it...fine. Just don't go off the chain and tell me I'm wrong. I'm not wrong, and your list isn't wrong either. *winky face*

Check out my other Top 7 lists here. Hit me up here, on Youtube or on Twitter if you have an idea for a list. I have ideas written down, but am always open to suggestion.

Thanks for reading! Swing by soon for my next post!


5 Year Anniversary Month

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  1. I vote for Time Robo because it can form to Alpha and Beta by using the same Time Jets. Sad you put Beta to worst design mecha, but yeah actually regarding to appearance, it doesn't look good. I just admire (and wonder till now) how magic they are, be able to combine the same fleets to 2 forms of mecha.

    1. Alpha is alright--Jikuken has to be the coolest part. I don't think there has been a sword as elaborate since.

      I just can't over how awkward Beta looks. Shoulders that are taller than the head? :-/

  2. Nice to see your Top 7 BEST list for Mecha Designs.
    Though, you did mentioned your Top 7 Best on worst list, which comprised entirely on Kakuranger; I guess you wanted to be more specific this time and not biased on Kakuranger.

    I really like the choices for the list, where majority comprised of very few pieces (1~3).
    Personally, when it comes to mecha, less is always the best; if you have too many, it tends to look like big mess.

    I knew Engine-Oh would be on the list, consider the fact Go-onger has been on your Top 7 in many categories. I really like the aesthetics and looks of it. Among the Go-onger mechs combination, this one is the best; such a shame Go-onger mechs gets messy as series progress, where we end up having colossal mess as G12 (seriously? What were they thinking?)

    While I haven’t seen too much Flashman, I really like the simplistic design. While I do like the mechs design for other 80’s series you’ve mentioned, this one has the best in terms of look and balance. Not to mention, Toei actually made a brand new suit and ranger key, just for brief appearance in Mecha Battle for Go-busters vs. Gokaiger, which was really nice.

    Go-busters have some of the most interesting and unique mecha design I’ve seen in 2010’s. I really like designs of individual mecha along with combined form. While I prefer Go-buster Ace over Go-buster Oh, similar to how I prefer Ryusei-Oh over Dairen-Oh, I still like the design of it. It may not be perfect, but it’s very good looking design. Not to mention, it’s nice to have rabbit mecha (RH-03) in combination, which was nice touch. Such an underrated mecha IMO.

    It’s interesting how 3-piece mecha comprised animal motif and not surprise that this got on the list.
    Best animal motif mecha PERIOD! I also like the combination with other 2 to form Super Live Robo, which is also fantastic.
    No way that upcoming series, Zyuohger, Zyuoh-King could ever top that; I have a feeling you have looooot to say when you review the toy.

    Galaxymega may be the most interesting looking mecha design, not only for 90’s… like EVER!
    It baffling how after many years of 5-pieces mecha, that they would come up with one of the most minimalistic mecha I’ve seen; Toei/Bandai in those days sure took a big risk for it. It has a very nice throwback to 80’s. I agree that this mecha would still age well even to this day. Such a shame there hasn’t been mecha like this for 5-men team ever since.

    I knew RV Robo would be on this list because of… car! It’s essentially a remake of TurboRobo of Turboranger, with massive improvement in design and aesthetic. It has one of the best mecha introductions I’ve seen in franchise. It also has one of the coolest finishing moves. Probably one of the best 5-piece mecha of the 90’s.

    For #1, I already knew it from Top 7 Worst list and this is no surprise. It’s still the best looking mecha for Japanese motif, while it makes later series (Senpuh-Jin, Shinken-Oh, and Shuriken-Jin) pale in comparison. I still don’t like how it was “killed-off” (27) and brought back randomly/out-of-nowhere (37), which was really awkward, but I digress. Still one of the best mecha though.

    I’ve already mentioned my favorite on Top 7 Worst, so I don’t have much to say.
    Great Top 7 list.

  3. My top seven:

    Muteki Shogun- the individual mechs are cool and when combined a powerhouse of awesomeness is formed. The blazing shogun Ken is cool to. I wish it wasn't so expensive to get.

    Senpuujin- a big push back what that the lion took up about 95% of the whole thing. But it's hurrier mode is cool, and I found the karakuri ball system clever. I'd own a deluxe of it wasn't so fragile.

    Grand liner, dekabase robo- put these two together cause they are so similar. Both huge, carry the individual mechs, both have awesome vehicle modes, grand liner is a big train, and dekabase robo is the dekabase. That's all. Would get these if not so expensive.

    Gekitouja- I love gekiranger, my favorite part is this mech. It's nimble, fast (the stunt hit inside deserves a raise this costumes are heavy) and is proportioned decently interns of the Geki beast positions. The wolf part is alright but doesn't work as well. I hated how Gou always used gekitouja and not the first Gekirangers. Want to get this so bad.

    Turbo robo- classic style cars with a shield, pistols, and a sword. Any questions. I actually have the deluxe version of this.

    Victory Robo- the combination uses actual physics to merge not just " magic" the individual vehicles are pretty cool, and the braver sword is decent just not my favorite design. I have this and boy do I love it.

    Dekaranger robo- first off dekaranger is one of my most favorite sentai ever. This mech out of the four is my favorite. Unlike most mechas before it's not a complicated gattai. Red in center, blue and green are the legs, yellow and pink are the arms, done. I don't mind a simple combination. I thought the weapons were cool too. My favorite part is when it would do the flying crash, the side dive and shoot, and it's rolling shoot. Not made me sad when it was destroyed in the finale. I would so buy this but locating a first edition of this is freaking hard thought. I see a bunch of third releases but no first. The first have the correct head. Overall my favorite.

    1. I wish I could share the same enthusiasm for Turborobo that everyone else seems to have. I was never a fan of it on the show or as a toy as it seemed like a step backwards from all of the Liveman mecha. Yet...it's one of my more popular videos *shrug*

      Victory Robo is a good one. It likely would've made my list if it were a Top 10.

  4. What would you say would be a reasonable price tag for a Legacy Turbo Megazord based on the vehicles and models used in the Turbo movie?

    Most of the detail missing from the original toy can be added with more complicated molding and the paint schemes are fairly basic - just add a greywash for weathering.

  5. Do you think Turbobuilder From Turboranger (1989) is a better design than Magma Base/Max Magma from Fiveman? (1990)

    P.S.: This is from Kazunori Miyake fan.

  6. They both feel too similar. I'm not really a fan of either. I picked up Max Magma because it was cheap and I decided at the time to finish my 90s Sentai Mecha collection.

    1. You are also not a fan of Dekaranger (2004) but you once said in the Dekaranger Robo review on your Youtube channel that you liked its design & functionalities, So do you like Dekabase Robo as a toy? (Base Mode,Crawler Mode,Robo Mode).

  7. *K.M. Kazunori Miyake* Do you dig the Ryusoulger mecha? (Kishiryuoh,Kishiryu Neptune,Yokuryuoh) Super Sentai Mecha have became more sleeker since Ryusoulger (2019)

    1. I really haven't paid attention to any recent Sentai mecha. Probably since the Zyuohger debacle.