Twin Top 7: The Best of 2015

Welcome to my final blog of 2015. Before I get into the meat of the post there are a couple of things I want to talk about.

As I'm sure you know I take pride in the videos I make and the poorly worded blog entries I write. Well...things are going to be a little different in the coming year.


Videos: They will be changing ever-so-slightly. The thing I always liked about my channel is how videos from 2007 aren't too much different from the videos of 2015. You can pick up anywhere and watch any of my videos while only encountering very subtle changes. I started tightening up editing in 2011. In 2012 I started using my current camera with more vibrant colors. In 2013 I dropped the bullet points and went straight to the rating.

The change I'm going for will just stream-line everything a little better. I've done a few test videos and still haven't really reached a decision on what style I will be going with. Expect some kind of change in January with some subtle tweaks from there.

Oh yes, and I know...I KNOW that HD is the number one thing I get grief over. Here's the thing. I've done a handful of HD videos with zero feedback or notice from anyone. Youtube also removes the HD option over time on videos that lose steam (let's face it, my videos either live out a comfortable existence or peter out until people with very specific tastes seek them out--I rarely have a true hit). It's not worth it to try to retrofit my tiny work area (I have to fit myself and backdrop inside a very small space...and then photoshop the times where I run out of backdrop). It's a pain in the ass. (Here comes the important part) Sorry, this is a hobby--not a job. Being able to do whatever I want with no financial recourse makes putting weekly content out possible--especially halfway into my ninth year doing this. Life is different in your 30s. I've always been more interested in editing and creativity. Making videos a little bit wider and a fraction sharper kinda goes to the wayside when I have limited space to work in.

tl;dr There will be subtle changes to videos in 2016. We'll see where that goes...but no HD yet. Youtube in general is becoming a wasteland...so why bother?


The Blog: Yes! In more uplifting news...here is the big announcement I hinted at in my last blog. I will be writing FOUR entries in January of 2016. What's the occasion, you ask? I started this blog way back in 2011--January to be specific. To mark five years of making barely cohesive posts I will be posting something new on the 1st, 9th, 17th, and 25th of January. You can expect to see a long form article, a CD Collection post, a super-obscure (and really friggin weird) Tokusatsu movie & soundtrack review, and a brand new Top 7 post covering my most requested topic.

A big "thank you" to everyone out there who has become a regular reader of my small blog. A lot of work goes into writing this blog and watching the favorites and retweets roll in after I post new entries makes it worthwhile. Whenever you're willing the give me the stamp of approval and pass it on to your followers, it gives me the motivation to carry on and put just a little more effort into making these posts what they are (review of five CDs suddenly becomes fifteen, etc.).

Thank you for your continued support! Keep the retweets/favs/tweets/comments/smoke signals coming! I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of for what's in store for January. See you there!


Top 7 Best CCLemon99 Blogs of 2015

Worst: Older...wiser...? [20.September]

I was pretty beat down when I wrote that. I typically don't like posting anything about the ongoing IRL problems...but I had absolutely nothing to say. The opening line in that entry pretty much says it all...

07. The Mystery Surrounding My 250th Video... [01.January]

I still haven't gotten to the bottom of what in the world happened, nor have I re-uploaded it. I am going to maybe do a re-edit and post it once more.

06. Gunhed... [16.January]

Please, please, please check this movie out if you haven't already. Or atleast read my entry on it. Gunhed on Blu Ray in 2016. Make. It. Happen!!

05. GUEST POST: D3rachi's Top 17 SNES Games! [01.July]

Big thanks to Andrew for filling in with his killer list. I was away at the time...plus a tree had fallen on my house the week before. Did I mention what a rotten summer I had?? To be honest, though, I did ask him way in advance to help me out. Then things got extra FML...and he delivered. Thanks again, sir!

04. Toy Story: Prism Flash! (Both Of Them!) [04.September

It was nice reliving a time when now expensive toys were super-cheap and when my wife tolerated my toy collection. I have my next story picked out. It's a great toy with a somewhat surprising story behind it. Expect that one sometime soon.

03. The CD Collection--Gridman, Changerion, Guyferd, Mikazuki & Evolver [04.December]

Yeah, so what if this was my previous entry. I got a ton of good feedback from this one. I had a blast revisiting the excellent CDs from these largely forgotten/ignored shows. It might not have been as crazy as my Metal Hero review, but this one was definitely my favorite CD Collection post of the year.

02. Zyuranger--The Completist Edition (w/Top Seven!) [01.April]

I had a lot of fun revisiting Zyuranger when the awesome Shout! Factory DVD set was released in North America earlier this year. This was a solid companion post to my previous entry. I've been asked if I'll be doing the same thing for Dairanger after my latest revisiting. Nope. My all-encompassing Dairanger post covered basically everything I've ever had to say about Dairanger.

01. The "English" Version [14.May]

This one was a surprise hit. I cannot stress this enough...I was not trying to be mean-spirited in any way. Except when it came to Mickey. Mickey is obnoxious on all of those English-version songs.


Top 7 Best CCLemon99 Videos of 2015

Worst: Denji Sentai Megaranger DX Mega Winger [17.May]

If I can be entirely honest...this was the year of me making videos that I wanted. This one happens to be the lone exception. I reaaaaally wanted to get to Mega Voyager, but that required me to make a video of Mega Winger first. It's not a bad video, but I made a video of a yellowing toy that I got for free. Definitely not ideal... A lot of people seemed to look past that and give the video positive feedback. This one bugged me, however. At least I was able to move on to Mega Voyager the week after.

07. S.H.Figuarts Uchuu Keiji [02.August]

I might not be a fan of these figures, but I still enjoy the video I put together to show off their blinding chromeness. I was able to get in some slick editing to one of my favorite portions of the Sharivan Synthesizer Fantasy. I even threw in a preview for the excellent Juspion Figuart at the end.

06. Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Nendora [21.June]

Let's make some Doramonsters! This was my eighth anniversary video...and things didn't really go to plan. I detailed what happened in this blog. Not only did this video have an interesting story behind it, but I was really happy with how it turned out. Who knew making little clay monsters and stabbing the hell out of them could be so fun? Even though I now have a broken toy, I'm glad that everything that happened happened.

05. S.H.Figuarts B-Fighter [27.September]

So many great B-Fighter videos in 2015. I had two months worth! I like this one the best, however. There is no denying the magnificence of having all of the B-Fighter Figuarts together in one video. An amazing set of toys in one tight little video.

04. DeLorean DMC-12 (AUTOart Model) [04.October]

I didn't get to do too many car reviews in 2015. What I reviewed was basically a ghost car. AUTOart planned to make 6000 of them but halted production with under 1000 models completed. The car's finish was too difficult to perfect, which lead to a high percentage of parts being scrapped. Luckily I preordered mine through a vendor who ended up with a few copies. The car was technically never widely released. If you didn't have a preorder, you didn't get one. If you lived in Europe, you didn't get one. DeLoreans are truly cursed.

The video itself turned out great, IMO. It was kind of a given seeing how photogenic DeLoreans are. I was able to add the perfect music to it and create a video that still gets quite a bit of play from me. It was a great way to ring in 100,000,000 views for my channel!

03. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider ZO [11.January]

Excitement was high for this one. The wait for this guy was tough. Making the video was a ton of fun. Editing it together was a breeze...everything was great. I love Kamen Rider ZO. I know the movie and music like the back of my hand, so I had a very clear picture of what I wanted going into it. It all came together perfectly.

02. Choriki Sentai Ohranger King Pyramider [27.December]

So this was my final video of the year. A big way to end it, no? This one was definitely a challenge to put together. I thought it turned out really nice. That King Pyramider theme music is pretty badass.

01. S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla Effects 2 [05.April]

This is an underrated little video IMO. Where else are you going to see Ultraman, Godzilla 1964, Daizyujin AND Dragonranger in one video? Nowhere, that's where. I kinda felt bad for this set since it's gotten some pretty lousy reviews on various websites. With a little creativity, you can really turn this set into something truly worth getting. I mean... I see that there was some missed potential, but you can really make all of the pieces work in your favor. Especially if you're an Ultra Act fan.


I can't thank you enough for reading my blog in 2015. I really look forward to all the happenings of 2016. See you then!


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