Top Seven Figuarts Wishlist [2015 Edition]

Two years ago I wrote up a list of Figuarts that I wanted to see get a release. It's interesting to go back and check out that list since there have been some major surprises (Shin and ZO got a release! Not only that, ZO was a standard release). I figured it would be interesting to go back and revisit my list. Instead of making a list of infinite Figuarts wishes I think I'll limit it to a Top 7 this time.

Honorable Mention: Reissue of Trunks from Dragonball Z

I genuinely don't know why Bandai hasn't gotten around to reissuing Trunks. The list you are about to read is going to be full of characters of questionable profitability popularity. Not only would a reissue of Trunks sell well, it would probably sell out forcing yet another reissue. I don't even think the character is that great...but he did have one of my favorite moments from the entire series, which is enough for me to want the Figuarts of him.

07. Jinzoningen Hakaider (1995 Movie)

A carryover from my previous list, but I think it makes more sense now than it did back then. In the time since my previous list Bandai has gone Kikaider crazy with several Figuarts from both series. It would be a natural choice for them to move on to this version of Hakaider as well as capping the Ishinomori films of the 90s. More on that later...

06. Any Metal Hero

This is low on the list only because it's very likely to happen. Bandai has been previewing tons of future Metal Hero Figuarts. The only problem is that they haven't been offering any of them for sale. The only things we got recently of the tons of Figuarts they previewed were B-Fighter and the brilliant Juspion. Meanwhile Spielban, Metalder, Winspector, Janperson (yes!), and even Robotack have all just been previewed. As good as the B-Fighter and Juspion Figuarts have been...they really need to continue this line.

If I had to specific on this one I really wish they would continue on with Spielban (and hopefully Diana and Helen) and moving forward that way. Hopefully we also get renewals of the Space Sheriffs since they kinda sucked. But yes...Spielban first. Please don't screw up the Twin Blade.

05. City Hunter Characters

This one is a little bit more of a pipe dream since the franchise has been largely abandoned/forgotten as time goes on. The series seemed to peak between '88-'90 before really falling off the radar. Was City Hunter too 80s? Hot Toys didn't think so... Three years ago they released these awesome 1/6 scale figures of Ryo and Saeko. Obviously they sold well because Hot Toys collectors will buy anything. Maybe Figuarts City Hunter would be a harder sell?

There is a main cast of about four people so it wouldn't have to be a huge line. If it sold well maybe we could get different varieties of Ryo. Maybe even his Mini Cooper could get the Figuarts treatment since they're bringing back automobiles (the last one they made prior to the Kamen Rider Drive monstrosity was the equally horrifying Akibaranger Prius).

Mokkori Figuarts! (yeah...I have issues...)

04. Captain Eo

Figuarts Michael Jackson turned out much better than I think anyone was expecting. The preview shots weren't all that great as they usually aren't (seriously...use photos of the finished toy. The prototypes always look weird). Maybe the creepy smile face was a lame addition, but the main face looked spot on for 1988 Michael Jackson.

Captain Eo was a short film made for Disney Parks where Michael Jackson plays...well...himself, really, as Captain Eo. It's kinda corny, but fun. I always thought that Captain Eo was the demo version of what eventually became Moonwalker.

Anyhow, Captain Eo was the closest Michael came to playing a superhero. It would be a neat curveball for Bandai to throw if they were to make another Figuart of Michael. Smooth Criminal itself was a bit of a surprise since Bad, Dirty Diana, and Thriller would have been the more obvious choices. Captain Eo would take it a step further and be awesome at the same time.

03. Gunhed (S.H. Monsterarts perhaps?)

I revisited this movie earlier this year and really fell in love with it. It would be a complicated one to pull off, but I have faith that Bandai could make this happen. The only issue with Gunhed as a film is that it seems to have taken the same trajectory as the Hakaider movie. Small fanbase in Japan, smaller fanbase in the 'States (thanks to a video release), yet largely ignored.

It would probably fit in a little better as a SHMonsterart since it was a Toho film that was meant to be a Godzilla movie anyway. The only issue would have to be scale. Gunhed isn't nearly as large as a Daikaiju...so it might be more difficult to market as a Monsterart.

Sadly I think Pulgasari might be more likely than this one.

02. Dr. Slump Characters

This one has me a little confused. There isn't much in the way of decent Dr. Slump figures, but there are two ongoing toylines by Sentinel and Fewture Models. Why isn't Bandai in on the action? I mean there is the possibility of over-saturation, yes, but Figuarts are very different from the figures being put out by the others.

I would really like a decent Arale figure from Bandai that isn't 90s stoner Arale. There is a world of characters to choose from if it takes off (and why wouldn't it?). C'mon, Bandai!

01. Kamen Rider J

More than anything I want this Figuart to happen. Not only that, I really want it to happen soon. With the upcoming Figuarts Rideron and Renewal Agito Ground, J would be the last Rider Figuart for me to get. Remember, Hibiki is as recent as I'm going. I didn't even like J that much as a movie, but I'm dying to get his Figuart so I can end the misery.

I mean, I know there are rumors that some of the Heisei Riders will be getting renewals...well I had no problem telling renewal Shadow Moon to fuck off. The current Ryuki, Faiz, and Blade are fine.

Anyway...Figuarts Kamen Rider J. Please. I want to put this collection to bed.


So that is my top seven wishlist of Figuarts I'd really like. Notice anything? No Sentai. After the Goranger and Sun Vulcan ones came out and basically fell on their faces I don't think I would like to see any more. The new body type being a huge disappointment and their ignoring of the newer shows is basically killing off the line. My review of Kyoryured is coming up on my channel soon and...*SPOILER* I actually liked it quite a bit. They could do no wrong with the previous Sentai body type. Even a lousy show like Kyoryuger could get cool Figuarts.

You also have to consider the sheer volume of Sentai toys out there...especially in my collection. I would rather have Bandai go back and give us a decent Metal Hero figure since they certainly didn't the first time around. Same with Rider...even the current crop of shows have crappy figures. Figuarts definitely helps there. Sentai...I don't know--I think the world has enough Sentai toys. Figuarts of them just seem like they're a harder sell over every other franchise (including Ultra Act and Monsterarts).


I have a page set up with all of my other Top 7 lists. Head on over there is you feel the need to disagree with me.

Oh yes, if you have a Top 7 list of Figuarts you'd like to see...let me know! Leave a comment here or hit me up over Twitter.

See ya next time!



  1. That’s a nice wishlist you got there.
    I like that most of the characters you listed (Hakaider, City Hunter, and Gunhed), were mentioned in past blog posts.
    I’m really looking forward to see more Metal Hero lines, since they have very unique and distinguished design, compared to Sentai and Riders.
    Janperson is one I’m looking forward the most, to complete heroes of the ’93! (Dairanger, Kamen Rider ZO, Gridman (Ultra-Act), and Janperson!).

    Nice that you included anime characters as well. I can understand City Hunter, but I didn’t see Dr. Slump coming. lol
    Arale Figuart would be nice, but it would also be nice, if Bandai release Kid Goku as well, to reenact that in-famous crossover special.

    I’m still baffled that there hasn’t been announcement for Kamen Rider J.
    It’s been over 8 months since ZO was released, and still no news; IIRC, it wasn’t displaced at Tamashii Nation.
    I guess Shin and ZO didn’t sold well enough to justify the release, but that’s practically the ONLY one from Ishinomori Era that hasn’t released.

    Regarding Sentai, it such a shame they never finished every Red Rangers from each team. Then again, I wouldn’t want to see any more of them, with their current body types/molds. I can see Bandai would release 40th anniversary team next year; along with Mr. Jesus Christ-ex Machina of Sentai, AkaRed, is also getting release as well, since he’s so damn popular for some reason.

    Here’s my Top 7 Wishlist of Figuarts; that might never get release.
    7. Hanuman (aka “White Demon”, who appeared in infamous Hanuman vs. Ultra Brothers, and also had crossover with Kamen Rider (no joke). lol

    6. Beavis and Butthead (including Cornholio! lol)

    5. More Mario Characters (Peach, Toad, Bowser, Koopalings, etc.)

    4. Terminator 1+2 Characters (T-800, Damaged T-800, T-1000, Sarah Connor (2), etc.)

    3. AVGN Characters (Full Armored Nerds, Shit Pickles, Guitar Guy, Super Mecha Death Christ (Monster-Act), etc.)

    2. Pepsiman (I love Pepsi. lol)

    1. Segata Sanshiro (Best video game commercial mascot, EVER!)

    Take care!

    1. I'm pretty sure Shin sold very well for an exclusive figure. A lot of people seem to own it...I even ordered two for my collection (I usually order a spare exclusive and sell it on to cover the cost of itself and the one I'm keeping). ZO...I'm not so sure about. I wish he sold well enough since it's a fantastic figure. The heel-dragging on J might suggest otherwise. Since we're talking about Figuarts of '93 heroes we can't forget Ultraman Powered. Screw release dates...I refuse to accept him as being from '95. Powered was featured in TV magazine often during '93 anyway.

      Of your list I most would like some T2 figuarts (even if it goes against my why-are-they-wasting-their-resources-on-US-properties rule). Ofcourse Segata Sanshiro would be amazing too. I kinda like that statue I have of him. Even without movement he beat up my Rider 2 and V3 Figuarts in a Vine I made eons ago.

      Dead Sentai Figuarts mean no Akared. Thank god.....