The Mystery Surrounding My 250th Video...

If you would like to watch my 250th video, I'm sorry...you can't. Sure, I have gone on to bigger and better things with my 350th and 400th videos, but it kinda sucks that one of my milestone videos was silenced on Youtube.....and I have no idea why that was. Go and grab your conspiracy theory hat (or just go hatless if you're out of tin foil) and let's try to figure this one out.

A few years ago my very, very, VERY good friend Kingranger gave me a very generous gift of one of the rarest and most Tokusatsu Henshin toys ever. I was given a warning not to bid on anything on Yahoo Japan Auctions for awhile (since if I spotted this auction, I would have effectively been bidding against myself). Luckily I didn't spot it, because he bid on it and won! Wanna see what he got for me?

So what? It's an SP License...I mean, they're kinda rare, right? Well...look a little closer...

Wow! This was a very limited edition hand out from TV-kun Magazine of Dekagold's SP License! It was part of a contest to promote Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger The Movie: Full Blast. I can't say a whole lot about the magazine or Dekaranger in general, but I am eternally grateful to Kingranger for such an amazing gift since Henshin Items are my absolute favorite thing to collect.

Normal SP License on the left, Deka Gold's on the right.

An awesome gift such as this deserves to be not only a centerpiece of my collection, but also serve as a major milestone on my channel. So it became my 250th video. I took the photos on the fourth of February 2012 and uploaded the video that same night (sheesh, remember when I did that instead of doing like two months worth of videos in a weekend?). The video enjoyed some moderate views without incident for nearly two years.

I don't remember who it was (it might have been Kingranger himself) that initially pointed out that my video had vanished, but it was a shock for one very big reason... I had no idea that it was removed. If you've ever had the priviledge of getting a copyright strike from Youtube they let you know, OH do they let you know. Even on videos where there is an audio match, you will atleast get an email where it is explained what audio is infringing and the title of the track that is believed to have been used in your video. I'm no stranger to these notes...but as I always say, I don't care. I am not out to make money off of my videos, but I would welcome any label to put ads on my videos so long as I get to continue making the videos I like.

Here is where the plot thickens.

The video was not removed, it was merely blocked worldwide. It wasn't blocked by the label, but Bandai... Yes, Bandai blocked my video.

This is what the page looks like...

There are a few interesting things to point out here.

For one, there is no mention of title of the music infringed upon. This is the only notification I've ever gotten where this information is missing. Even so, the first thirty or so seconds of the video did contain music from Kamen Rider ZO, which was, in fact, a production of Bandai Visual/Toei with Apollon (and now Columbia) handling the music rights. The notice is for the music after the thirty-seven second mark, however, is from Dekaranger...which is administered by Toei and Columbia...with Bandai once again having nothing to do with music...which brings me to my next point.

Bandai is a toy manufacturer, or atleast it is in it's presented form. Bandai Visual would definitely be the only branch of Bandai to be interested in making claims. I've seen other videos get claimed by Bandai Visual, which is identified as such. This whole "BANDAI_Co_Ltd" is a tad nebulous...

The removal was also done very stealthily for some strange reason. I just double-checked my email from the 8th of December 2013 and sure enough, no email from Youtube mentioning a worldwide block on one of my videos.

As I tend to do with this type of blog, I did a little bit of research. SHOCK! There are a couple of posts that came up that sound pretty familiar to my situation. One in particular actually contained an email from an employee of Bandai in response to someone's inquiry over a claim...


It seems that whenever someone counterclaims against "BANDAI_Co_Ltd" the video continues to be kept off of Youtube by Bandai.

The real mystery here is...what interest does Bandai have in keeping my video from being seen on Youtube? It's clearly not a music thing...so maybe the Deka Gold SP License is supposed to be for my eyes only? What gives?

I feel kinda bummed about this whole thing. A good friend went out of his way to get me something awesome for my collection and I can't share it with the world.

In the meantime...

See you guys next time...


P.S. Yes, this was overly dramatized in the style of my Abandoned Ohranger Themes blog. Speaking of which...an update to that blog is coming soon!


  1. That is pretty damn strange. I don't understand why they would block it -- did the plans to offer this SP License fall through, so you have a very rare, only-a-couple-were-even-made prototype kind of thing?

    1. As far as I can tell this was the first prize Henshin Item, so who knows what the real story is behind it. I have seen two others for sale before. The only other prize changer was the Fire Wolzaphone. OH, and they did give out Black Bison and Green Sai tiles for the Twin Brace to anyone who wrote in an asked for them back when Liveman was on.

      Other prize toys were pretty stupid. Red Byakkoshinken, Red Zyusouken, Gold Muteki Shogun...feh. It was nice to get something real with this Dekagold SP License.

  2. Happy New Year!
    What a good place to start a year... by complaining about deleted video and copyright. lol

    IIRC, I believe that was me who pointed out that video was vanished.
    I mentioned something about having a Dekaranger changers marathon, where I noticed that video was blocked, which was really upsetting.
    While I didn't like Dekaranger I really enjoyed your review.
    It is such a shame that review of one of the most rarest changer ever made was removed.
    It shows how YouTube copyright (or YouTube in general) is getting worse every year, especially since Google bought it (Seriously? Who cares about Google+?).

    Thanks for sharing the link to "OH do they let you know" video.
    Very hilarious.

    BTW, have you ever consider about uploading videos on different sites?
    Are you planning to re-upload it on your other account (CCShinken)?
    IIRC, I remember you uploaded few videos on Myspace (remember that? such an ancient history. lol).
    My recommendation of alternative site is blip, which was been around long as YouTube.

    Bandai? More like BANNEDAI.
    I like your "BANNED" logo at beginning and end.
    Pretty much sums up my feeling as well.
    Great job.

    Anyway, looking forward to see upcoming video this year!

    P.S. I'm still disappointed that we don't have hoverboard or Nike's self-lacing shoes.
    Oh well. At least we still have 9 months (Back to the Future Part II takes place) to look forward to.

    1. I understand if someone wants to make a claim against me and 99% of the time it makes sense, but this one is a total mystery as to why. Is a rouge weirdo in Japan masquerading as Bandai on Youtube for some reason?

      I might bring the video back on one of my many other accounts. I have a few that should come back...including my Honda ASIMO video. That was one of my earliest figure reviews.

      I think someone mentioned it to me earlier, but you telling me is what made me investigate and realize that it really was gone. I didn't bother the first time since, like I said, they usually let you know via email for minor infringements like this one.

      That video shall rise again. Atleast so I can put it in my playlist.