Top Seven WORST Sentai Mecha Designs! [Updated!]

There are a lot of bad mecha out there. Whenever I see a terrible mecha, I can't help but wonder who thought it was a good idea and how it was approved. I felt that the worst mecha needed to be given the proper Top 7 list treatment.

I am going to leave out a few things such as Bases and Carriers. They're kinda low-hanging fruit. Also, apologies for the short blurbs on each one...the mecha kinda speak for themselves on how awful they are.

07. Ohblocker (Ohranger)

This is kind of setting the pace for this list. I don't like a lot of secondary mecha...

Ohblocker is like one of those oversized TV Remotes for the elderly. It takes the theme of detailed mecha like the others in the series and trades it in for a comical mishmash of the Ohranger character symbols. It's just stacked shapes. They tried to save it by giving it two swords.......but no. The helmet is ugly and the body is uglier. No no no.

Atleast it's made up of five humanoid components. That's some solace...

06. Galaxy Robo (Maskman)

This one disappointed me for a lot of reasons. The goofy face. The cartoon hands. The too-bright colors. The bland lines and minimal details...it's a bad mix.

The reason I really, really hate this mecha is that it was the mecha used in the final fight in Maskman. This hideous turd was the last thing we saw rather than the excellent Great Five.

But yeah... This largely unimaginative block of crap really shouldn't have existed.

05. Gogglerobo (Goggle Five)

The blandest of the 80s mecha.

It has a grand total of six colors despite made up of three vehicles. The lazy design goes from "meh" to "BLERG!" when you combine it with that horrible face.

Gogglerobo...the only mecha to have this face: -_-

04. Timerobo Beta (Timeranger)

Timerobo Alpha is pretty damn cool. Timerobo as a concept is actual brilliant with it's three different modes. The weakest link has to be the Beta mode. It's a top-heavy disaster.

Once again...this bad design is ruined by a face. OK, I mean...maybe the face itself isn't that bad, but the hatch hanging down in front of it is pretty stupid. It reminds me of those old-timey longjohns with the trapdoor.

To sum it up, it's all bad here. Stick with Alpha.

03. Jet Garuda (Jetman)

What the hell were they thinking with the Jetman mecha? Jet Icarus was weird looking, Tetra Boy had a funny face too. Jet Garuda was the worst. It's just...all over the place. Claws? Odd lines? A face that looks more like a squirrel rather than a bird? Yes.

It's the definition of unappealing. The details are all over the place with rounded cuff and shoulders with nothing but straight lines beyond that.

The only thing that saves Jet Garuda is Hyper Haken. That's pretty cool, I guess.

02. Daibouken (Boukenger)

All versions.

A lot of the stuff on this list ended up here for being bland or under designed. Daibouken has way too much going on for absolutely no reason. Wheels here, thrusters there, hooks for shoulders, a helmet that has rockets going through it's ears...

What a mess. I really don't give a crap about Boukenger...but what the hell was going on with their mecha? Wasn't their theme treasure hunting? Why is this all construction equipment? The bigger it got, the worse it got. Terrible, terrible mecha.

Also, you gotta love that area completely devoid of any kind of designs on the thighs.

Ugh. Get this thing out of my memory.

01. Gunbiroh (Go-onger)

This one is kind of a shame. I like the three mecha that make this up, but combined...yeah. What a terrible, terrible mess. It has no theme. It has no purpose. Mental Bleach, please!

In all honesty, it's easy to talk about how lousy the Go-onger clusterfuck combinations are...but this is the real shit. Unappealing and pointless.

The face of a church organ, a gun for the right arm, and fin for the left.


THE BEST EVER. Muteki Shogun (Kakuranger)

So I thought about making a complimentary Top 7 for the best Sentai mecha, but what's the point? Muteki Shogun is the best. I'll even go as far to say that the Top 7 best would be 1. Muteki Shogun 2. Super Muteki Shogun 3. Red Saruda 4. White Kark 5. Yellow Kumaad 6. Blue Rogan 7. Black Gamma

The design is borderline a work of art. It has a full design with lines and elements in all of the right places. There are no flat spots, there are no areas where it's too busy, it breaks down into five equally great looking mecha, and the sword is frickin amazing...enough said. Most of all, however, it is ON POINT. It looks like it belongs to the show probably more than any other mecha out there.

Muteki Shogun is the best of the mecha.


So there you go...the worst Super Sentai mecha.

Here is a handy link with my other Top 7 Lists!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to disagree with me/post your own list in the comments. If you have a Google account, you can comment.

See ya


UPDATE You wanted it, you got it. The Top 7 BEST Sentai Mecha Designs now has it's own official list.


  1. **Looks at #2**
    Bullshit! That mecha is awesome!
    In fact that's one of my favorites!
    What's next, Victory Mars, Daizyujin!?

    1. You're right. Daiblowken doesn't belong on number 2........it belongs on number 1! :p

      Victory Mars is alright, but the face is dumb.

      I like Daizyujin, who doesn't? It was a breath of fresh air after the Turboranger-Jetman mecha.

    2. Okay, now you're asking for it!
      Daibouken doesn't deserve to be ANYWHERE ON THIS LIST!!!
      He looks nowhere near as cartoonish as most of these entries!

      Oh, and the "Rainbow Train" gets away scott free!? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

    3. The only reason the trainwreck didn't make the list is because the show hasn't started yet. Ohblocker is days away from becoming an "honorable mention". Hahaa.

    4. To comment on"ToQOh", I don't hate as much as other people but granted there's things I like and things I don't like.
      The five line colour scheme is......odd but looking at the design more it doesn't really bother me a whole lot anymore. It does somewhat make sense since the show has tbe rainbow theme but its still odd.
      If there is something I like about it, well the head is nice but what I actually dolike are the high shoulders. That's not a design you see that much in sentai mechs so it does give him a somewhat unique profile.
      The one thing I really don't like are the "box hands". I mean seriously there's absolutely no visible fist of any kind on its arms and as a result it looks very akward whenever he holds his sword/gun.
      With all that with the recent scans showing the 2nd quarter toys I'm somewhat digging the combined mech.
      BTW yes Muteki Shogun is awesome.

    5. Yeah, I'm not liking this new mecha at all. It reminds me of color bars on a TV. I'm sure this thing is a nightmare if you're colorblind.

      I really don't like mecha that don't have hands. Even Gaoking kinda irked me with that.

    6. Honestly Gaoking and even GreatGosei somewhat had hands , it's just that the hands are the mouths of animals. Honestly mechas that don't have hands can kinda work, such as the case with Kakure Daishogun. Here however they are the just the fronts of train so it looks kinda ridiculous, which if it was intentional then Bandai you succeeded

    7. Maybe the idea was to make being punched by that thing like being hit by a train? Heh.

  2. What the hell man??? In AkaRed's Sentai Bible it clearly states the 11th Commandment; "THOU SHALT NOT SPEAK ILL OF THE DAIBOKEN!!!"...

    1. Say what you want about the Kaen Shogunken (Muteki Shogun's sword), but it's a million times cooler than your precious Gogoken. Yeah, the cross guard is designed after a fish. Lots of bad-ass stuff in Asian culture (usually Japan and China) seem to be designed after animals. But it's a flaming sword, a flaming sword that would still look bad-ass regardless if it lacks flames. It's probably one of the most bad-ass Sentai mecha weapons of all time. The Gogoken on the other hand looks like a glorified pooper-scooper that can't even cut bread.

    2. actually, not a simple fish, but a Shachihoko, a fish with a tiger head that is present on the roofs of the Japanese Castles

  3. Admittedly I really like Goggle Robo. It's probably the best mech to use the "cone-head" motif and I love the ease of the three-mecha system it has. Comparatively, I love seeing Change Robo but the "cone head" looks even more ridiculous. And don't get me started on Dyna Robo; that thing is a brick with sunglasses!

    1. Thanks for being respectful in your disagreeing. ^^

      Contrary to popular belief, I'm not crazy about Sentai mecha prior to Flashking. I like Battle Fever Robo and that's about it.

      Of the lot, Gogglerobo just never struck me as wildly interesting to look at. As for Dynarobo...like I said, not crazy about that one either, but I like the individual pieces.

  4. I like that you posted picture of ToQ-Oh BEFORE the series premiered.
    Since ToQger premiered this week, it’s safe to bet that you’re going to put it on this list in future. LOL.
    That mecha does look silly and lame.
    Even Travelion (Magiranger) looked better IMO.

    7. Ohblocker (Ohranger)
    For a series that has identity crisis of what the overall theme supposed to be, this is not surprise.
    At this time in the series, writers didn’t know what to do with the theme anymore, so they just shoved whatever the shape they represent and put it together to make it “cool” for kids.
    I don’t but it. Although, I do commend that this is only secondary mecha (as of this writing) to have sword (not one… but two!), whereas other uses fists, energy, guns, anchors, etc.

    6. Galaxy Robo (Maskman)
    I have yet to watch the entire series (which I’m planning to later this year), but design does look disappointing. Used only in final fight? Seriously? What a waste!

    5. Goggle Robo (Goggle Five)
    I do agree with blandness.
    For some reason, you seem to put Goggle Five in lot of WORST categories (suit design, sentai themes). Maybe I should take a look at the series sometime.

    4. Timerobo Beta (Timeranger)
    While I do like Alpha design, Beta is just lame.
    I hate the overly large shoulder, which doesn’t balance well with body.
    I’m glad this wasn’t the default mode.

    3. Jet Garuda (Jetman)
    I like this mecha. It has more bird like feature than Icarus. Claw on hands is unique.
    I do think it’s clunky and cartoonish though, especially when it combines with Icarus to form Great Icarus.
    Hyper Haken was pretty awesome.

    2. Daibouken (Boukenger)
    I did like this mecha, when I first saw it while back.
    I realized how lame and stupid this thing look later.
    Looks like something that belong on Tomica series.
    Hard to believe, black version of this came out.

    1. Gumbiroh (Go-onger)
    While most Go-onger combined mecha was descent, they dropped the ball on this one.
    It just really unappealing. I don’t like the color scheme of this thing.

    THE BEST EVER. Muteki Shogun (Kakuranger)
    No surprise there, since you love Kakuranger.
    Heh, I like that your Top 7 BEST is all Kakuranger and it’s all Muteki Shogun related.
    I guess this was DOUBLE Top 7 in 1.
    You sure like Top 7 list.
    Ever consider yourself renaming CCLemon77? lol j/k

    Great list BTW.
    I’m bit surprised you didn’t put any mechs from Shinkenger~Gokaiger though, consider that fact you criticized those mecha a lot. I could have sworn you would have put Gosei Great on this list.
    Oh well.

    Here’s my personal Top 7 BEST (not in particular order):

    7. Go-Buster Ace (Go-busters)
    6. Galaxymega (Megaranger)
    5. GaoKing (Gaoranger)
    4. Live Robo (Liveman)
    3. Red Puncher (Ohranger)
    2. Muteki Shogun (Kakuranger)
    1. RyuuseiOh (Dairanger)

    If you noticed, most of the mecha are red exclusive or few piecea.
    This is because I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to mecha.
    I just like them simple.
    Take care

    1. The Shinkenger~Gokaiger mecha are bland and awful, sure. For the most part, the toys are more guilty of being shit than their TV counterparts. Gosei Great in the show looked alright, while the toy is a collection of sexual devices. Meh.

      That's a pretty solid Top 7. I'm not too sure about Red Puncher, though. Swap that out with RV Robo and you'd have something pretty close to a real Top 7 list from me. Hahaa

  5. The pic of ToQ-Oh was deceptive. Yes it's easily one of the worst designs of the past 20 years? But worst of all? Not even close.

    1. The top picture is always something that never makes the list. I wrote this list before ToQger premiered, so it wasn't in the running. Why do you think this is number 1?

  6. I personally like daiboken. I don't hat Boukenger as much as you do. You haven't seen Power rangers operation overdrive. It's so bad. I don't mind the add ons. Thought I wish they weren't sold separately. So bandai Asia like.

    My top seven

    Giga bitus- it was a carrier I know but it didn't do jack most of the time. The steel star beasts weren't my favorite but this was the worst. The toy couldn't even hold the deluxe editions. For obvious reasons.

    Mega winger- Megaranger did a lot of things right but this naw. Its transformation on the toy was cool but overall really bland and really lame weapons that belonged more in mega voyager.

    Wolkaiser and Saint Kaiser- magi ranger fail again. These two just didn't fit the bill. So similar and so just not there. Fire Kaiser I could get behind but not its twins.

    Abarenoh- Hurricanger got it decent with senpuujin but abarenoh was bad. The armenants were okay but without them it sucks. One arm is a drill the other a triceratops. Bruh

    Shurikengen- shinobimaru piloting a dump truck, dragon, wolf, and train. Ugh plus the whole cluster that followed along with this stupid music discs yuck.

    Toquoh- train mecha not done right. Travelion had problems but this topped it. It looks like stiles held together by magnets. Ticket: " we apologize for the delay out combination was broken by a light breeze. It looks so flimsy.

    Zyuohking- so mine craft has invaded super sentai. I've lost all faith for a decent mecha for sentai. Looks like it won't be a great mecha battle for the 40th anniversary. Laziness to the max. Cubes into a smaller mech than dx victory robo. WOW

    1. The first fight with Zyuoh king was pretty detailed and destructive(dust was flying everywhere) Cube tiger and elephant also were also participating although i find him stupid too Zyuoh buster will aways be a utter failure for me

    2. at least Kyrenoh I think(the main mecha) is good it's Shape themed Mecha DONE RIGHT IMO

  7. I can see why you have daibouken. But remember, they are based on vehicle. If you look at the sentai itself. Each ranger have headlights on top of them. Funny, huh.

    1. I know...but construction equipment is the most unappealing form of vehicle in existence. Heh