....into the future!

I don't have much in the way of blog content this week...so I would just like to take some time to talk about 2014 videos.

Let's kick things off with a tentative schedule of upcoming videos...

#347 Dragonranger Figuarts [24.November.2013]
#348 Ryuuranger Figuarts [01.December.2013]
#349 Kibaranger Figuarts [08.December.2013]
#350 350th VIDEO [15.December.2013]
#351 Audi Quattro LWB [22.December.2013]
#352 Denkou Chojin Gridman ULTRA-ACT [22.December.2013]
#353 DX Daimugen (Dairanger) [29.December.2013]
#354 DX Change Sword Box (Changeman) [05.January.2014] %
#355 DX Ranger Stick Set (Zyuranger) [12.January.2014] %
#356 DX Auto Blaster (Carranger) [17.January.2014] %
#357 DX Carnavic Part 1* (Carranger) [17 January.2014] %
#358 DX Five Laser (GoGo Five) [26.January.2014] %
#359 Denpa Ningen Tackle Figuarts [02.February.2014]
#360 Kamen Rider ZX Figuarts [09.February.2014]
#361 Alfa Romeo Type 33 Stradale Prototype [16.February.2014]
#362 Sailormoon Figuarts [23.February.2014]
#363 Kankichi Ryotsu (Kochikame) Figuarts [23.February.2014]
#364 Godzilla 1964 (Mothra vs. Godzilla) Monster Arts [02.March.2014]
#365 Pteraranger Figuarts [09.March.2014]
#366 Armed Tyrannoranger Figuarts [16.March.2014]
#367 Mammothranger Figuarts [23.March.2014]
#368 Toyota 86 [30.March.2014]
-- April is Kyoryuger/Go-Buster catch-up --
-- May is 2014 Sentai stuff/misc things --
-- June is KAKURANGER MONTH 3 --
-- July is Kamen Rider BLACK Figuarts --

% Side-Arm Month
*I uploaded Part 2 of my Carnavic video back in 2011

A few notes on the above calendar and 2014 in general...

-Most of the videos listed are already finished. There are a few exceptions such as Kamen Rider ZX and Mammothranger...but that's only because they haven't been released as of this writing. Since the videos listed are pretty much done, expect this schedule to stand pretty firm unless there are some unforeseen problems. INFACT, I will probably upload a few short videos on 2014's Sentai in addition to the videos that are already scheduled. So the schedule above is correct in the dates, but the video numbers might be a bit off.

-A couple of weeks will be doubled up with videos. Since I'm not really an anime guy, I decided to put my two anime Figuarts videos out together on one week.

-DX Daimugen will juuuuuust make it in for the last minute of Dairanger's 20th anniversary. ^^

-2014 will be Kakuranger's 20th anniversary! My favorite 90s Sentai will be getting it's THIRD theme month. I'm not entirely certain that it will be April June, but expect four five weeks of new Kakuranger toy reviews including Kakulaser and Nekomaru.

-Kamen Rider BLACK Figuarts will be getting it's own month at some point. Kamen Rider BLACK, Shadowmoon, Battle Hopper, and Road Sector. A new BLACK RX and Acrobatter will be out in 2014...so expect them aswell...

-2014 Sentai toys, naturally. I also need to do some catch-up with Kyoryuger and Go-Busters.


So there you have it! I am...pretty much set for 2014. Hahaa. Check in next week for my 2015 schedule. My first review for January of 2015 BETTER be a hoverboard...

Let me know what you think of my schedule in the comments, Twitter, or...Skype...or wherever you like to talk to me.

See ya!


P.S. My first blog of December will be my continuation of my Forte Music Entertainment blog. Promise! It's been written already...I just need to re-rip the disc I wanted to share.


  1. Nice schedule for next year.
    I'm looking forward for Side-Arm Month.
    I've mentioned before that I may not be able to comment on first 3 weeks because of vacation. I might send PM for response.
    I'm also looking forward to more Figuart reviews (especially Kamen Rider BLACK).

    Kakuranger Month 3
    Perfect timing, since next year marks 20th anniversary.
    I'm especially looking forward to Nekomaru.(I loooove the theme songs)

    Speaking of catch-up of Kyoryuger and Go-busters, I can tell that you will be reviewing Custom Visor for Go-Busters (a year delay), but what toys are you going to review for Kyoryuger? Is it going to be Giga Gabrevolver and Gabutyra de Carnival?

    Hoverboard in 2015.... tell me about it. It's hard to believe that we're almost at the year where Back to the Future: Part II took place (future).
    Don't forget self-lacing Nike shoes. If 2015 comes and we don't have the shoes AND/OR hoverboard.... that's BS! LOL!

    Realistically, I just hope they release more 90's Figuarts (or 80's if possible) such as Kakuranger and Ohranger. But that just me.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      Side-arm month is shaping up nicely. The videos are done except for the Auto Blaster one. It's still in Japan at the moment... I was thinking about adding the Thunderslinger (kinda over-saturated with Zyuranger videos at the moment anyway), but I can always make another side-arm month if I really wanted to.

      Kakuranger month might be moving to June. Most because June has five Sundays. :D

      Haven't worked out the particulars of the Kyoryuger/Go-Busters month. It will most likely be April at this point. New Sentai will be getting May most likely. Kamen Rider BLACK for July? Hope so!

      I will be on vacation for awhile (2-3 weeks) in January. I'm working on getting a guest writer for the second blog of that month. I really need some time off. Heh. The videos will be uploaded, but I doubt I'll be making any. > <