I've hit a snag...

Oops! Problem!

Well... I've been trying to post Part 2 of my little rant about Forte Music Entertainment. The trouble is...my computer basically. It is well past the five year mark and it's CD drive is officially kaput. If it does read a disc, it basically remixes the songs for me as I rip. My other laptop, which I use almost exclusively for ripping CDs, isn't ripping CDs anymore either.

I am currently in the market for a new computer so that issue should be resolved soon.

Usually I would take this opportunity to post an updated video schedule or something. The trouble with that is that I'm not exactly sure about what I will be doing at the end of the year. I have so many completed videos that I could basically not take a single photo until April and still have a new video every week.

I continue to add 2-3 new videos a week to the bank and, frankly, I'd like to go a little above and beyond at the end of the year. Here is what my upload page currently looks like...

I am thinking that maybe I should toss up a bunch of videos during the final week of the year. Maybe add a video on Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. That would be fun, no? Let me know if you think this is a good idea, or that videos might get lost in the shuffle (my biggest concern).

I won't give a solid schedule for February or March just yet, but I will say this much. Kamen Rider Figuarts will return in February, March will most likely be a grab bag.

That's it for now. I will definitely be back with the remainder of that Forte post as soon as I resolve my computer issues.


P.S. You guys are really going to want to watch my Zyuranger Figuarts videos. Especially Dragonranger...


  1. Nice little update.
    I'm looking forward to all those reviews on picture, especially Figuarts review of Sentai.
    I'm also curious to see DekaBright Brace Throttle, where it's custom made right?
    IIRC, Bandai never released that on retail, unless it's magazine giveaway exclusive (ex. Fire Wolzaphone).

    As for videos during the final week of the year, I'm perfectly welcome with that.
    I'm curious what video you are going to post. Looking forward to that.

    As for future schedule, please feel to take your time.
    I'm looking forward to see more Kamen Rider Figuarts in February (month of my birthday!). March "grab bag" sounds interesting too.

    BTW, I'm planning to reply those "Kakuranger Problems" and "Forte Music: Part 1" entry. I've been busy for last couple of weeks and didn't have much time to reply.
    I have few to say for Kakuranger and as for Forte Music, I might wait until part 2 (or whatever amount of parts) is posted.

    P.S. Nice picture at the top. LOL
    Megaranger vs. Carranger eh? Nice choice.

    1. The Dekabright Brace Throttle is a custom--a damn good one at that. King really did a better job than Toei's prop team did. That video also happens to be my 350th video. Wanted to do something special. ^^

      March will most likely be a mix of figures and things like DX Daimugen. Plus I'll probably have a quick video on the new Sentai CD Single since those typically come out in the middle of the month.

      You can go ahead and comment on it. Part 2 is going to be focused on the Hakaider movie but will tie in with Part 1. I just finished my annual Kakuranger marathon and agree with my list. I have a better memory than I thought. Would like to see what you have to say.


      Oh, and yes. Megaranger vs Carranger is my favorite VS movie. Hehe.