The SH Figuarts Wishlist

Everybody seems to have a Figuarts dream. As with everything in life, you can't always have it all. I feel that my wishlist hits the Eventually-Maybe-Never spectrum of chance pretty well.

Here is my ultimate Figuarts wishlist. I hope to revisit this post later on down the line to see what, if anything, gets released. Maybe they'll end up here, maybe not!

Kamen Rider

-Kamen Rider BLACK RX Updated Version (Eventually). It's only a matter of time before this happens. The 2009 version of this figure is abysmal. It isn't as bad as the 2009 version of BLACK, whose updated version will be out next month I believe, but it's pretty awful compared to the Figuarts of today--or even the Figuarts of 2011.

-Roborider (Maybe--Tamashii Exclusive?). Roborider is pretty awesome. It's definitely a suit worthy of the Figuarts treatment.

-Biorider (Maybe--Tamashii Exclusive?). Natually. All three of the BLACK RX suits + the updated version of BLACK. I want to live out my Kotaro fantasy. That sounded weird...

-Shin Kamen Rider (Maybe). I *really* want this to happen more than any other Rider. Shin Kamen Rider is easily my favorite Kamen Rider movie of the 90s and grossly underrated and ignored.  My original plea for the a ZX figure was "He was the 10th Rider!". Well...Shin is the 20th Anniversary Rider!

The movie seems to be gaining a following...so fingers crossed! Oh, and if it is released, it really needs to come with Goshima's head/spine.

-Kamen Rider ZO (Maybe). Excellent movie, excellent suit. I'd definitely like a ZO Figuarts.

-Kamen Rider J (Maybe). Only if the previous two movie figure come out. I really could take or leave a figure of J...but an effect hand where he has his hand in the "J" pose would be the coolest thing they could do for this figure.

Super Sentai

This list is surprisingly short. Sentai Figuarts don't seem to be massive sellers like the Rider ones are. I have picked up several of my Sentai Figuarts in the ¥1000 range. Not to mention, liking Sentai Figuarts is more difficult since there is a whole team to like versus the easier task of picking and choosing Riders.

I'm really not getting my hopes up for anything here...but if they continue to release great figures of characters like Ryuranger, I'll be there!

-Remaining Zyuranger (Eventually). They previewed them. Now...they just need to release them.

Metal Hero

Pipe dreams. All of them. The Uchuu Keiji ones that they are in the middle of releasing are all Tamashii Exclusives and, frankly, unappealing to me. I liked the Megahouse figures and don't really see the need for more Super-Articulated figures.

Given that all three of the figures on my list have been given the Ranger Key treatment for that lousy movie that they appear in, who knows...

-Jiraiya (Never)

-Kidou Keiji Jiban (Never)

-Janperson (Never)


I'm not big into Ultra-Act figures. As of right now, I only own Ultraman and the fan-flippin-tastic Gridman figure. Infact, I really can't think of any figures that I'd like to own. Maybe the anime colored Jonias figure that is going to be out soon.

Misc. Tokusatsu

Jinzoningen Hakaider '95 (Never). I'm sure you noticed by now that I am a fan of the Ishinomori movies of the 1990s. This one also has a cult following--even in the U.S. thanks to the 1970s airing of Kikaider in Hawaii and the 1995 Hakaider movie being licensed and sold in the 'States since late 90s. If you don't own the U.S. DVD of this movie...get it! It has both versions of the movie subbed plus a dub (IIRC).

Seiun Kamen Machineman (Never). For funsies, mostly. I always thought this was a suit that was so bad that it's good. Plus Bandai would be forced to make a clear plastic cape for it. Maybe if it comes with Ballboy all the Machiko Soga fanatics will demand it.

Kyodai Ken Bycrosser (Never). There is absolute potential for greatness if they release figures from this show. Too bad the world will never see them.


I have a whopping total of two Anime Figuarts figures. That could change if they meet my demands! Please! Hello? D:

-Trunks (Dragonball Z) Reissue (Maybe). For us slackers that missed out the first time. Given how much this figure goes for now and the fact that 17 and 18 are possible future releases, Bandai would be crazy to pass up a reissue!

-Go Mifune (Mach Go!Go!Go!) (Never). Dream on, CC... He might be an anime relic from another time, but he does make an appearance every now and then.


So there you have it. My wish list for S.H.Figuarts. I know that some of my choices are a bit off the wall...but a boy can dream!

In the mean time, here is a list of Figuarts that very much exist because I own them.



  1. Nice wishlist.
    Let me share my thoughts, by categorizing them in series.

    Kamen Rider
    I really hope Bandai release BLACK RX Updated Version (2014?). If BLACK got its Update, then there's no reason why they can't for RX.
    As for Robo and Bio, I hope they release them as standard than exclusive. I also hope they release them by sets.
    As for movie, I really hope Bandai would release them all. Then you can have "Movie Rider Figuarts" or something. But that's another topic.

    Metal Hero
    I agree that it's not as good or appealing as MegaHouse "Action Works" figures.
    Somethings just missing IMO.

    Super Sentai
    Looking forward to your entire collection of Zyuranger (if you get them all).
    Not a lot of people have ENTIRE collection of sentai team.

    Trunks is a nice possible choice.
    It matches well with 17 and 18.
    I also hope they would release "Alternate Future" Gohan with "removable" left arm, to complete "Alternate Future" warriors.
    Seriously, that Gohan looks soooooo badass IMO.

    Beside Dragon Ball, I also hope Bandai would release Ryo Saeba figure. I know you own Hot Toys figure, but it would be nice to get Figuart release as well. I would like to see comparison of those two.

    Misc. Tokusatsu
    I hate to say this.... I don't know any of those series unfortunately.

    Here's list of misc. tokusatsu that I hope to get release:
    Gekko Kamen/Moonlight Mask - Very old school. He is Japan's first live-action TV superhero, so why not?
    Spider-Man (1978) - I'm aware you are not too keen with this series, but it would be nice to get Marvel into the mix (yeah, I'm aware Iron Man figures exist). Hopefully, Bandai would release more Marvel heroes (Thor, Hulk, Captain America, etc.) to complete Avenger, but that's another topic.
    Gransazer - Very unlikely, because of the niche market and fanbase. I liked the series though, since it was my first non-Toei and Tsuburaya tokusatsu TV series I ever saw.
    Iron King and Gentaro - Probably weakest tokusatsu hero ever (Iron King) and strongest non-transforming hero (Gentaro). Hell yeah!
    Jet Jaguar (from Godzilla) - Love the theme song. It stuck on my head because it was so damn campy and catchy.

    1. Jet Jaguar and even Zone Fighter would be perfect for Monster Arts. Wouldn't be surprised if either made it out eventually.

      Spider-man would be a no brainer also. The only problem is that the Chogokin Leopardon that came out in the mid-00's didn't exactly set the world on fire saleswise. I know I said I didn't care for the show, but the suit is pretty damn cool.

      Not familiar with Machineman, Bycrosser, or the Hakaider movie? Heh. I love how Ishinomori could go into Toei and pitch any old idea he had and have them turn it into a show in no time. I find it really strange that the only thing he *didn't* create for them (Metal Hero) was the one that died off the same time he did.