Tangled Up...


I've been very busy for quite some time now. In fact, remember that schedule I posted a couple of months ago? The dates are going to remain the same, but here is an update on to what upcoming videos are completed [AND pre-uploaded] as of the 20th of July...

[X] #330 DX Gaburichanger [28.July.2013] @
[X] #331 DX Kyoryujin [04.August.2013] @
[X] #332 DX Zakutor [11.August.2013] @
[X] #333 DX Parasagun [18.August.2013] @
[X] #334 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 16v Evolution II [25.August.2013]
[X] #335 Kamen Rider X Figuarts [01.September.2013]
[X] #336 Amazon Rider Figuarts (Amazon.co.jp Edition) [08.September.2013]
[X] #337 Kamen Rider Stronger Figuarts [15.September.2013]
[X] #338 DX Won Tiger/Kibadaioh [22.September.2013]
[X] #339 DX Gao Lion [29.September.2013] *
[X] #340 DX Gao Kentaurus [06.October.2013] *
[X] #341 Power Animal Round-up [13.October.2013] *
[X] #342 Skyrider Figuarts [20.October.2013]
[X] #343 Kamen Rider Super-1 Figuarts [27.October.2013]
[  ] #344 Red Hawk Figuarts [03.November.2013]
[  ] #345 Black Condor Figuarts [10.November.2013]
[  ] #346 Tyrannoranger Figuarts [17.November.2013]
[  ] #347 Dragonranger Figuarts [24.November.2013]
[  ] #348 Ryuuranger Figuarts [01.December.2013]
[  ] #349 Audi Quattro LWB [08.December.2013]
[  ] #350 350th VIDEO [15.December.2013]
[  ] #351 Kibaranger Figuarts [22.December.2013]
[  ] #352 Tackle Figuarts [29.December.2013]
[  ] #353 DX Kakulaser Set (Kakuranger) [05.January.2014] %
[  ] #354 DX Change Sword Box (Changeman) [12.January.2014] %
[  ] #355 DX Ranger Stick Set (Zyuranger) [19.January.2014] %
[  ] #356 DX Five Laser (GoGo Five) [26.January.2014] %

@ Kyoryuger Month
* Gaoranger Month 2
% Side-arm Month

As you can see, I have added videos for the last two weeks of 2013 and covered January 2014. I have been working pretty hard to get these videos done since I don't have a whole lot going on this Summer. I might spend a weekend doing track days (and casino for the Mrs.), but I have the time to knock out photo-taking for four videos in a good seven-nine hour block. Yes, this sounds crazy--but when the Winter rolls in and my videos still have the bright Summer sunlight, I think it will be worth it.

I'd like to cover a few more topics since I feel like I have a lot of loose ends to tie up.


Figuarts. I have them. Quite a few of them. In my earlier post I mused how I would be buying a Kamen Rider BLACK Figuarts if they made an updated version. SURPRISE! It happened. Also, I pondered where the hell Kamen Rider ZX was. BINGO! I just hope they fix his helmet (The picture of the prototype looks more like Meatwad with that too-wide head) before it is released.

Well, I ended up buying a lot of the three BLACK Figuarts. I kind of look forward to comparing the 2009 BLACK to the fantastic looking 2013 version coming up. Since Shadowmoon is only a re-issue, there is no sense making that purchase again (the intial figure came out in 2011 and looks quite good). Now...we can just wait on a new version of BLACK RX.

Check out my list of Figuarts figures.

OH. Also, I haven't been too keen on Sentai Figuarts until Tyrannoranger came out. Seriously good figure. Much better than Dragonranger.


Twitter. Fuck Twitter. I'm very sick of that service. These days I find that it's only value to me is to notify a portion of my followers of new videos that follow me for that reason.

I know there are a great deal of good people on Twitter, but this is what runs through my head whenever I look at my timeline recently. I know the simple solution is to just unfollow a ton of people until I'm left with (the inactive) @BeastieBoys and @BreakingNews, but I think walking away without threatening to leave (as this seems to be the cool thing to do...) is my best option.

Of course, if you need to get a hold of me...there are other places. I also read mentions. I'm just done with the feed. I'm fairly certain I follow adults, yet all I see is incessant bitching about the quality of the subbed DVD-rips that they downloaded or "why me!?" bullshit. Feh. To those I say...grow up. You'll never find yourself if you are a chronic victim.

To the cool people on Twitter...sorry. Chances are I know you from other places, so I'll see you there.

Maybe I'll be back, but this is just out of control.


That's all for now. I'll be back next month with a brand new Rare CD Round-up featuring......Shinichi Ishihara.




  1. Nice schedule for future reviews.
    I'm looking forward for "Side-arm Month" in January. I might not be able to post comments during that period since I might go on vacation that month. Probably PM my response.

    I'm also looking forward to more Figuarts review. I have enjoyed Kamen Rider ones so far, and looking forward to Sentai one as well.

    I know how you feel
    I use it as my mini-journal to write what happened daily, but it has been waste of time and life, and just as bad as Facebook.
    I'm planning to delete my account in near future. I'm not a huge fan of social network in general.

    Looking forward for next Rare CD Round-Up featuring Shinichi Ishihara. Great choice.

    See ya.

    1. Side-arm month miiight have something to replace the Ranger Stick set. I recently bought my third off of YJ and got burned pretty bad by the seller (they used a photo of a different toy, the one I got had MAJOR box damage and had the Toei sticker on it, which was missing in the auction pic).

      If I find something more interesting, that will replace the Ranger Stick set. I wish I did a review of previous sets I owned. > <

      I should be on my annual 2-3 week vacation in January also. Can't wait!

      Yeah, social media is just a waste of energy. I think most of my followers already subscribe to me on Youtube...if not, I mean I upload new videos at the same time every week. Heh. No need to get the word out.

      Still deciding *which* Shinichi Ishihara discs to do. I might go full speed and do his first two albums in one shot. *shrug*