Six Years!


Well...damn. I didn't think I would make it this far, yet here I am. On 25.June.2007 I uploaded my first video to my brand new CCLemon99 account on Youtube. Since then, I've uploaded 324 videos (my six year video is my 325th).

I've always had a unique passion for Tokusatsu and I think it shows in my videos. My goal has been to bring my eclectic collection out of it's tiny storage area and share it with the world. I might not use much more than Photoshop, Adobe, WMM, and Audacity (I spend the most time trimming-trimming-trimming away in Audacity, believe me) but I really think the toys speak for themselves. OK, well my CD based music collection is also a big part. Heh.

If you don't like my videos, I'm sorry you feel that way. You'll be hard-pressed to find others making videos of some of the obscure stuff I have. : p

Please take a gander at my six year video. It has a picture from every video from my first to latest.....and if you sit tight, you'll see a glimpse into the future.

As always--thanks for watching!



Some technical statistics...for those interested.

(As of 25.June.2013)

Camera 1: Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 [25.June.2007~28.October.2012]
Camera 2: Sony Cybershot DSC-W620 [04.November.2012~Present]
Computer: Toshiba Satellite Laptop [Bought in 2008 on a roadtrip]
Storage: WD 1TB External Harddrive [I hold on to every single image]
Audio: Music from my CD collection
Lighting: Sunlight

Number Dump

Number of Videos: 325
Subscribers: 14,351 [This is the total in Analytics--shrug--]
Total View Count: 56,776,364
Lifetime Minutes Watched: 32,620,207
Most Viewed Video: 3,144,939 [DX Engine-oh]
Most views in a single day: 97,058 [18.May.2013]
Gender: Male-63%, Female-37%
Top Demographic: Males Aged 35-44

Top Five Countries

1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Vietnam
4. United States of America
5. Thailand


Number of views from North Korea: 1 [DX G Phone, 27.December.2010]


Thanks for watching and reading! I will be back soon with new Rare CD Round-ups and more Top Seven Lists!



  1. Nice entry.
    I like your anniversary video as well.
    I made comment on it, so I don't have to discuss so much here. LOL

    I see you used Sony Cybershot series to take pictures and videos. Very nice selection.
    My family used to have similar models while back.
    Such a great camera.

    At least there's someone in North Korean likes your video. Better have someone than nothing I suppose.

    I'm looking forward to upcoming Rare CD Round-ups and Top Seven Lists.
    I wonder what's it going to be?
    Well I guess I should hold my hat and be patient to find out.

    Take care

    1. I get tons of free or near-free Sony stuff. Their Cybershot line of cameras are bulletproof. After six years of use (five and a half for Youtube) and over 30,000 pictures/videos I had to retire it. The colors were kind of washed out by the end. Plus it was having a hard time picking up sounds. Especially on quieter toys (Gokai Cellular...).

      My new one is great, cost me nothing, and takes some nice 720p video...but the sound quality leave a bit to be desired. I might go back to using an external microphone even though I really shouldn;t have to.

      If I had to guess...that lone NK view was from a foreigner with their priorities WAY out of wack. They'd also have to be exceedingly wealthy to have access to outside internet and using that time on Youtube. That's the conclusion that Mrs. CC and I came to atleast. Heh.

      Rare CD Round-up...so many to choose from! I'm not even sure yet. Hahaa.

      Top 7 lists, I have a lot of ideas floating around. I might go with anime themes. I'll be sure to exclude obvious hits like "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" and stick to moderate-rare tunes.

      Later :D