The Return of BSTTF!

It's back! BSTTF!

For those of you who aren't in the loop, BSTTF stands for Blue Swat To The Future. It is based on the events in this video. If you want to learn more about BSTTF, check out my previous blog entry about it...

Episode 4: Star Trek: TNG/Janperson. This one is pretty good. The Janperson Music Collection is loaded with ripped off music. This is the funniest of the bunch, but the others are also pretty hilarious. Expect to see more from this CD in the future.

Episode 5: Magnum, P.I./Liveman Someone suggested this one to me awhile back. I kinda say it's a stretch, but I also hear the similarities loud and clear. Oh, and this isn't the last time Liveman stole music...

Episode 6: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?/Moero!! Robocon. What an odd mix! The Robocon song is actually one of the ending theme songs (The...third, I think?) Points for being entirely inappropriate!

That does it for this round of ripped off music from Toei. I have plenty more to share... Heh heh heh.



  1. Aw, did YouTube take these all down?

    1. I had them Unlisted, but Youtube recently set all pre-2018 unlisted videos to private to close a security loophole.