Off to a flying start I suppose.

I am extremely busy this month, so sadly I will not be able to post much in the way of blogs. However...my upload schedule remains on track, with the Z-Cune video and GB Custom Visor review flipped in order. This makes sense seeing as I've already uploaded the Z-Cune video. : p

My 300th video is around the corner. If you're reading this after it came out, go watch it/hope you enjoyed it! The toy is interesting, but the true winner is my new camera. It really took some wonderful pictures for this video. It helps that the toy is very bright. ; ]

I am off to go on some adventures. I will be taking pictures along the way. Expect a ton of photos from the Philadelphia Auto Show as well as the museum I plan to visit next week. Hopefully I run into that Lotus from "For Your Eyes Only*" again.


*One of my favorite James Bond movies

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