Charity auctions. Simple car repair made complicated.


It has been a week since the devistation in Japan. I still have a very difficult time putting my feelings into words on the matter, yet Japan consumes almost all of my thoughts during the day. Between the earthquake, subsequent tsunami and now nuclear crisis, I can do little but pray and try to comprehend everything that is happening to one of the greatest countries in the world.

Having recently become a broke fool (see images below), I am not able to donate as much cash as I feel I should. So...here is what I will be doing...

Starting this Sunday I will be listing charity auctions. I will be pulling out atleast three cool toys to sell from the depths of my collection. 100% of the proceeds will go to GlobalGiving's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. If the auctions are a hit, I will try to find more items to sell. The type of things I will be selling are stuff I normally wouldn't sell or hadn't really considered selling.

I hope to see some bids from some of my viewers. I will post more details once my auctions have been listed.


On to some other events....

As some of you might know, I purchased a new vehicle recently. My new vehicle is a 2002 Lexus IS300. I am learning very quickly that the smallest things are no simple task. So let's start with one of the first and most basic jobs I will be performing on the car: new marker lights.

I've decided to go with the clear marker lights for the sole reason that they were much cheaper for a SET than to replace the single light, which was broken prior to me purchasing the car. The clear marker lights also kinda match the taillights. So...Win-win.

The problem I first noticed was that the lights did not have simple screws going through them like every car i've owned in the past, no, these HAVE to be different. So I got to work:


Right. I had to remove the trim, mudflap, and layer of burnt rubber from the wheelwell. I also had to unbolt half of the bumper and caaaarefully remove the plastic support clips.


Then I had to snake my arm down the narrow gap between the body and half connected bumper. I blindly unbolted the remainder of the broken light housing and scratched the hell out of my arm in the process.

So I fiddled and fiddled and finally got it all squared away. The finished look...


Meh. It's alright I guess. :p It was easy, I guess. It should've been a two screw job, though...not a big dismantle. Hahaa.


So that's all for this week.

Take care.


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